Head Covering Styles: 25 Beautiful Ideas For Head Coverings

There are so many ways to beautifully and modestly wear your hair up even while wearing a head covering!

The traditional way to secure updos under head scarves has been with a multitude of uncomfortable bobby pins, but there are now so many better options, that are not only beautiful and feminine, but stay securely all day with no headache!

So no matter if you are Mennonite, Amish, conservative Christian, Jewish Orthodox, or just love the beauty and simplicity of wearing your hair covered, you will find a modest head covering style that is perfect for you!

low messy bun in head covering

Low messy bun in black lace head covering

This low messy bun is a very classy head covering style, under a black lace head covering secured with a Lilla Rose Knot Flexi clip.

This is a beautiful Christian head covering for church.

To learn how to do this hairstyle, see my post How to do a Low Bun (Step-by-Step)

modest headscarf with flexi

Long soft lilac headscarf in Lilla Rose Flexi

The Lovely Circle Flexi clip adds a touch of sparkle while gathering this soft lilac head scarf at the nape of the neck.

turquoise head covering fishtail braid

Tucked fishtail braid in peacock Flexi and turquoise head covering

I love the vibrant colors in this stunning peacock Flexi clip! So pretty in this tucked fishtail braid under a summery turquoise, cute head covering.

long loose braid headcovering

Loose long braid in head covering

The long, loose braid is a very feminine, romantic look. 

So pretty cascading out from under this aqua blue hair scarf, secured with a Plumeria flower Flexi at the end. (And isn't that little puppy just adorable?)

To learn how to do a long braid with a Flexi clip, click HERE.

Christian head covering headband

Christian head covering with headband

Adorn and secure your scarf head covering with an adjustable elastic Lilla Rose headband.

They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you are sure to find one you love! 

This one is called Enchanting Medley with purple iris, copper, and wood beads.

This turns a plain and simple head covering into a stylish head covering!

To see my top headband recommendations, click here: 27 Gorgeous Headbands Women Love

mennonite head covering

Mennonite head covering

Almost hidden...can you see it?

A sweet Lilla Rose Flower Flexi under a feminine black  lace Mennonite head covering.

This is a very pretty Christian head covering for church.

7. Plum Corduroy turban

corduroy head covering turban tichel jewish orthodox

Plum corduroy turban Tichel 

Love the texture of this royal purple corduroy religious head covering secured with Lilla Rose bobby pins, which are super strong and secure...they will keep your head covering on all day and will NOT slip out!

The updo is secured with a matching Lilla Rose Flexi Clip. You can learn more and find your perfect size HERE.

This Flexi style is called "Ruby Bouquet" and is retired, but you can find a couple sizes on my Exclusives Page for retired and vintage Lilla Rose styles.

Love how this sparkly North Star Flexi hair clip peaks out of this Amish Cap! So pretty!

Lilla Rose hair clips are great for holding up buns with no headaches. You can learn how to use a Flexi hair clip in a bun HERE.

Now, this jeweled hair clip style would likely be too fancy for most Amish ladies' hairstyles. Thankfully, Lilla Rose has many plain and simple hair clip styles, like the Simple Band. It comes in 7 finishes so you can find one to match and blend in your hair.

The most popular color among the Amish and Mennonites is the Black Nickel as it is the most inconspicuous in dark hair. 

9. Elegant metallic Headscarf

jewish orthodox tichel mitpachat turban

Jewish orthodox headscarf

So elegant, this black headscarf with metallic accents, is stunning.

It is gathered in the back with a dangle Flexi Clip.

Such an elegant head covering!

jewish orthodox tichel mitpachat head covering

Coral tichel/Mitpachat head covering/turban

This coral tichel  is such a fun, happy color!

This pretty mitpachat head covering is secured with a plum Flexi clip from Lilla Rose.

11. Simple hair scarf

(Aww...sweet baby alert!)

Simple hair scarf with Flexi clip

Love the soft femininity of this simple hair scarf. Perfect for busy moms and a beautiful Christian head covering style.

Secured with the Lovely Circle Flexi clip

Maria Stutzman

 "I'm a conservative Mennonite follower of Jesus and in our church we ladies wear our hair up every day. Normally we use a hairnet and hairpins, and I had headaches a lot. When I read about flexi-clips, I thought their comfort was probably over-rated (everyone says you can't even feel it's up there), but thought I'd try one anyway. 

 I bought one with Christmas money. It took some experimenting to find a way that worked, but I figured it out. I was surprised to discover you really can't feel a flexi when it's in right. 

After a week and a half, I tried wearing my hair up for church using a hairnet and hairpins . . . and I rushed home as soon as church was over and ripped the pins out. I had forgotten just how badly my head used to ache. 

 That was a year and a half ago and I've never worn a hairnet and hairpins since. I use my flexi-clip every day--it's comfortable and it's so much quicker than the old way of doing my hair.

 And now I talk other people into getting flexi-clips!"

12. Twisted bun in a

melon head covering

bun hairstyle headcovering

twisted bun in a coral head covering

How cute is this twisted bun with the melon-colored, cute head covering!

The bun is securely and comfortably held with a Lilla Rose hair stick, and the scarf is secured with  Tidepool Treasures starfish bobby pins.

Such a cute head covering!

To learn how to do a bun with a hair stick, click here: Bun Hair Stick Tutorial

head covering bun hairstyle

updo in a white head covering

Fresh white is perfect for a light and airy spring head covering!

So pretty in a bun hairstyle secured with a comfy Dogwood Flexi clip.

The scarf is secured with Tidepool Treasures starfish bobby pins.

Christian headcovering hairband

white head covering with hair band

Fresh white head scarf adorned with the beautiful turquoise Tranquility headband and secured with super-strong Lilla Rose Hawaiian flower bobby pins.

Such a lovely Christian head covering.

To see my favorite headbands, click here: 27 Gorgeous Headbands Women Love

French braid mennonite head covering

French braid in a mennonite veil

Keep a little hidden beauty under your modest head covering by doing a simple French Braid with the ends tucked under and secured with a Copper Rose Flexi.  

To learn how to do an easy French Braid step-by-step, click here: French Braid Tutorial

tichel mitpachat

lavender tichel mitpachat

Oh, I just love this lavender tichel!

This Jewish head covering, or Jewish turban, Twisted and secured with a Winter Wonder Flexi.

Wear your mitpachat with style and grace!

vintage lace head covering

This dainty vintage white head covering is so feminine over a low bun twisted updo secured with Dogwood Upins and  Flower bobby pins.

Such a beautiful Christian head covering style!

To learn how to do a Low Bun step-by-step with pictures, click here: Easy Low Bun Tutorial

Hairband with black lace head covering

This dainty vintage black head covering is so lovely paired with a Gold Etched Cluster headband.

Such a beautiful head covering for women.

To see my top headband recommendations, click here: 27 Gorgeous Headbands Women Love

Lovely North Star Bobby pins securing a bun hairstyle underneath an Amish bonnet head covering.

Unlike regular bobby pins, the Lilla Rose bobby pins are extra strong and secure enough to hold up a bun! 

Love the sparkle of the North Star bobby pins peaking through this Amish cap.

Now, these jeweled bobby pins may be too fancy for most Amish ladies. There are many simple and plain bobby pins on the Lilla Rose website as well. The Classic Bobby Pins are very popular among the Amish. Not only are they great for holding up buns, but they are great for securing Amish caps onto the hair.

bun hairstyle in headcovering

Turquoise Tranquility Flexi in a bun hairstyle

Thick, long hair is not match for a Flexi clip! It comes in 7 sizes, for baby fine hair to super long and thick!

This is a mega, the largest size for super-thick bun hairstyles.

So pretty in turquoise Tranquility hair clip peeking out from underneath a headcovering.

To learn more about the Lilla Rose hair clip, click HERE.

Gibson tuck hairstyle in a Flexi and black lace head covering

The Simple Band Flexi is a minimalist hair clip, perfect for plain, modest hairstyles. It comes in 7 finishes, such as gold, rose gold, silver, black nickel, leather and burnished copper.

The most popular fish among Mennonite ladies is the Black Nickel as it is the most inconspicuous in dark hair, and it also matches black head coverings.

So elegant in this Gibson Tuck under a black lace Mennonite head covering.

(To learn how to do a Gibson Tuck, watch my daughter's video tutorial: How to do a Gibson Tuck hairstyle!)

This is a beautiful head covering for women...a simple lace headcovering.

This is a handmade headcovering...let me know if you'd like to learn how to make a head covering, and I'll see what I can do!

This cute head covering is paired with a low braided bun hairstyle in a pretty sunflower hair clip

Click HERE to buy the hair clip shown above, or check out my post to see more sunflower hair accessories at 7 Beautiful Sunflower Hair Accessories

To learn how to do a Braided Bun, click here: Braided Bun Tutorial. This video was done by my daughter using a hair stick, but the concept is the same. You can see how to do a bun with a hair clip here: Easy Low Bun Tutorial

I love the burnished copper Flexi in size mega (XXL) in Susie's beautiful thick, long hair bun. Susie did a wonderful and very helpful review and tutorial on her YouTube channel, which also includes her Mennonite morning routine.  You can watch it HERE.

If you'd like to shop for the Flexi Clip that Susie is wearing, click here: Burnished Copper Band. The simple "Band" Flexi also comes in gold, silver, rose gold, leather, and metallic finishes.

The most popular color among Mennonites is the Black Nickel as it is the most inconspicuous in dark hair, and also matches/blends in with black religious head coverings.

Sweet modest Amish bonnet with a bun hairstyle held up with Lilla Rose Copper Rose U pins

I like the U pins for holding up buns, as they can hold up much more weight than bobby pins. Only two u pins are needed to hold up a full Amish bun!

I love the Rose U pin style, as they are simple, yet feminine!

To learn more about U-pins, and how to use them in buns and other updo hairstyles, see my post How to use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time!

leather hair barrette Headcoverings
brown Headcovering leather hair slide stick

I love the natural, earthy look of this brown headcovering over a twisted updo bun secured with a genuine leather hair barrette with a lovely dark walnut wood stick.

This leather hair slide is very lightweight and comfortable. To learn more about them and how to use them in quick and easy hairstyles, see my video How to use the Leather 8 Hair Clips with Sticks.

26. Low Bun in a White Lace Head covering

white lace mennonite head covering

I love Doris' handmade lace head covering over her classic low bun.

Doris makes these for purchase at very affordable prices. Yay! Join her Women of Grace Facebook group where she posts her current head coverings for sale. Let her know I sent you!

Flexi in updo with hair doilie

French twist hairstyle in a Flexi and Black lace doilies Christian head covering

I just had to end with a bonus photo of another cute baby! 🙂

Such a cute Christian head covering.

The French Twist is a beautiful, but actually very quick and easy, hairstyle that you can wear for every day, as it can be done in just seconds with a Flexi clip!

It is definitely my daily go-to hairstyle.

Check out my video How to Easily do a Simple French Twist to learn how!

If you have extra-long hair, check out my daughter's tutorial How to do a French Twist (Step-By-Step with Pictures & Videos!)

To learn more about the Flexi clip and find your perfect size, click HERE.

Where to buy Cute
Head Coverings

Check out my post 27 Cute Christian Head Coverings to see stylish head coverings and where you can buy them affordably!

cute Christian head coverings

Reasons to wear a Head Covering

Most of you reading this post to get Christian head covering style ideas, may already cover your head, also known as Christian veiling. Some ladies cover only when attending church or praying, and others veil all the time. Most have come to the personal conviction to cover from the scripture passage in 1 Corinthians 11.

To learn more about the practice of head covering, and why ladies cover their heads, I recommend the Head Covering Movement website. The entire site is dedicated to teaching others about the reasons for head coverings, including many head covering testimonials from ladies about "Why I Wear a Headcovering."

A great place to start is the article, "The Case For Christian Head Covering: A Guided Study of 1 Corinthians 11."

Why I Started Head Covering

Check out this guest post by Jessica Roldan, on why she started covering. She also gives great tips on how to start head covering, including practical tips on how to wear your head covering: Why I Started Christian Head Covering (& Tips on How to Wear a Head Covering)

why i started christian headcovering

I would love to hear your story!

I would also like to write a follow-up post to this with your personal stories about why you started head covering. If you are interested in writing your brief head covering testimonial, please fill out this interest form HERE.

Thanks so much for reading this post on Head Covering Styles! 

I hope you found one with the beauty and simplicity that you love!

To find your perfect Flexi size, watch my video What's my Flexi Size?

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the hairstyles or products in this post.

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