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becoming a Lilla Rose stylist faq

Answers to your most frequently-asked questions about becoming a Lilla Rose Stylist!

If you are considering joining Lilla Rose as a stylist, you may have a lot of questions! This post should answer all of the questions you may have about becoming a Lilla Rose consultant, and if it doesn't, just let me know!

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What will I receive in my Lilla Rose enrollment kit?

Lilla Rose enrollment kit

What comes in the Lilla Rose Fast Start Enrollment Kit in 2023?

2022 Lilla Rose Fast start kit contents
Lilla Rose Fast Start enrollment kit 2022

Where is Lilla Rose located?

Lilla Rose headquarters is located in LaHabra, California.

Who founded Lilla Rose?

John Dorsey is the owner and founder of Lilla Rose.

He was also the one who invented and patented the amazing Flexi Clip.

How fast is Lilla Rose shipping?

Lilla Rose shipping is very fast! Most U.S. customers receive their orders within a week.

Do Lilla Rose products come with a guarantee?

Yes, there is a one-year company guarantee on all Lilla Rose products against breakage or defects.

What if my Lilla Rose customer orders the wrong size?

Your Lilla Rose customers can easily have their Flexi clip exchanged for the correct size for free within 90 days by contacting customer service.

Is there a monthly or yearly fee to remain a Lilla Rose consultant?

There is no monthly or annual fee to remain a Lilla Rose consultant. The only "sales quota" is $200 per year, which works out to selling or buying just one $17 item a month. This includes any that you purchase for yourself or as gifts, so it is very easy to meet! In fact, many people sign up just to be able to buy Flexi’s for themselves or as gifts at a discount. There’s never any pressure to “sell.”

Is there a minimum amount you need to sell in Lilla Rose in order to be eligible for the 30% discount, or the 30% commission on your sales?

The only minimum you need to sell in Lilla Rose is $200 per year. This includes any that you purchase for yourself or as gifts, and works out to less than $17 a month, so it is very easy to meet! In fact, many people sign up just to be able to buy Flexi’s for themselves or as gifts at a discount. There’s never any pressure to “sell.”

Do I have to carry inventory and ship product in Lilla Rose?

No, you do not have to carry inventory or ship product in Lilla Rose! You will receive your own FREE replicated website, to take online orders, which are fulfilled by Lilla Rose. However, if you are planning to sell at shows and in person, you would need inventory.

Can I join Lilla Rose if I'm already in another direct sales company?

Absolutely! Lilla Rose has no restrictions against being an independent consultant or distributor for other direct sales or network marketing companies*, so you don't have to choose just one!

(*Some other direct sales companies may have that restriction, however, so be sure to check with your other company to see if they are okay with it as well.)

Is there a lot of competition in Lilla Rose?

No, there is very little competition in Lilla Rose.

We are small family business based out of southern California, with only around 5300 active consultants in the U.S. at the time of this writing. Most direct sales companies, in comparison, have tens or hundreds of thousands of consultants.

Lilla Rose has a unique product that sells very well, yet most people have never even heard of it yet! The opportunity is huge!

How many Lilla Rose consultants are there?

In January of 2022, there are approximately 5300 active Lilla Rose consultants (stylists) in the U.S.  

Is Lilla Rose the same product as the Flexi 8?

Lilla Rose is the same product as Flexi 8 with the same owner. Flexi8 was invented and patented by John Dorsey in1992, but was opened up to marketing by independent consultants Dec.8, 2008 and rebranded as Lilla Rose.

Is Lilla Rose an MLM?

Yes, Lilla Rose is an MLM in the sense that not only do you earn off of your own personal sales, but you also have the opportunity to earn off of your team, or downline's, sales.

This is also called direct sales, or network marketing, and is a proven and effective business model. Every company is different, however, so you need to do your homework. Some companies may  pressure you to recruit people to join your team, or have a compensation plan where recruiting people is the only way you make money.

Lilla Rose is completely different than most typical "MLM's", however. There is never any pressure to recruit or prospect, and you can make a good income on personal sales alone, the same as if you were running a retail store.

If you'd like to learn more about how to evaluate network marketing companies, the red flags you should look out for, and how Lilla Rose stacks up with the signs of a healthy direct sales business, click HERE.

Is there a fee for my Lilla Rose personal website?

No, the Lilla Rose website is absolutely FREE!

How soon will my Lilla Rose website be ready for business?

Your Lilla Rose website will be ready for business immediately after signing up.

How long will it take to receive my Lilla Rose enrollment kit?

It will take about one week to receive your Lilla Rose enrollment kit. (Expect possible shipping delays with CoVid, however.)

What is the Lilla Rose commission plan?

As a Lilla Rose stylist, you will always receive at least 30% commission on every single order, even if it is just one item.

You also receive an automatic 30% discount on your own personal orders or inventory orders made through your Lilla Rose back office.

Your discount or commission will go up from there, depending on your amount of sales/purchases that month:

Lilla Rose commission and discount:

$0-$199 30%

$200-$500 35%

$501-$999 40%

$1000+ 45%

There are also opportunities to get "Bundles" of inventory items, at 50% off! This is a great profit on your sales!

How much do I earn on the orders of people I enroll in Lilla Rose?

You earn 10% on the orders, sales, and purchases of people you personally enroll in Lilla Rose.

Do I need to sell a minimum in Lilla Rose per month to receive bonuses off my downline*?

Yes, you need to sell or purchase $200 wholesale each month in order to receive bonuses off of your Lilla Rose downline (team.)

*Your downline is the people that you enroll, and that they enroll, etc. It is also referred to as your team. To receive a percentage bonus of THEIR sales, you must meet the $200 minimum that month. If you do not have a downline, then this minimum does not apply to you. You do NOT ever need to sell a monthly minimum to receive your 30% commission on YOUR sales, no matter how small!

When do I get paid from Lilla Rose?

If you place an order yourself on your own Lilla Rose website (after logging in--called your back office) your 30% discount will automatically be reflected, so you will receive that right away.

If a customer places an order on your Lilla Rose website, then your earnings are calculated at the end of the month, and you will receive your commission on the 5th of the following month.

Which Lilla Rose enrollment kit should I buy?

The Lilla Rose Ready, Set, Style kit is a $315.00 value for only $89, so is an amazing deal! You will receive over 16 Lilla Rose products, plus a business marketing kit, which will give you all you need to get your business off to a great start!

If you plan on doing shows, you will also benefit most from the incredible add-on Fast Start Pack, which includes $1,110 worth of product for only $500. This will give you the best discount, at 55%, so you can begin making a great profit right away.

The Fast Start Pack also qualifies you to receive 40% of the first order of those you enroll (rather than 10%.) This means if you sign up someone who also buys the Fast Start Pack, then you will receive $200 from them! Sign up three friends, and your kit is paid for!

Another great benefit of the Fast Start Pack is that you will be able to purchase additional inventory at the highest discount for at least the next 30 days. This also means that if your customers buy through your website within your first month, you will receive the highest commission rate, 45%, from their orders!

I highly recommend the Fast Start…I can’t tell you how many ladies kicked themselves later for not enrolling with that option! To learn more, check out my video here: Fast Start your Lilla Rose Business!

Can I sell Lilla Rose products at craft fairs, vendor events, or farmer's markets?

Yes, you can most certainly sell Lilla Rose hair accessories at craft shows, vendor events, and farmer's markets. They actually are one of the best-selling products to sell at events like those, and do very well! 

To learn more about selling Lilla Rose at vendor events and craft fairs, see my post Best Products to Sell at Farmer's Markets, Craft Fairs, and Vendor Events.

Can I choose which Flexi's come in my Lilla Rose enrollment Kit?

No, you cannot choose which items come in your Lilla Rose enrollment kit. A beautiful mix is chosen for you to give you the best-selling items that coordinate perfectly so you can have a lovely, well-rounded display to demonstrate.

What if I am unable to sell all my Lilla Rose inventory?

You can buy with confidence, because Lilla Rose will buy back all your unsold inventory within a year, minus a 10% restocking fee, if by some chance you decide not to continue with Lilla Rose.

What type of consultant support does Lilla Rose offer?

Lilla Rose offers many helpful online/virtual training meetings to get you off to a great start and keep you going. You can also access training videos and the consultant manual in your back office.

I'm super-excited about our newest resource, a self-paced  comprehensive business training course  that has everything you need to build a successful business with Lilla Rose!

You will know exactly what to do, step-by-step in whatever area you are interested in, whether that is shows, home parties, Facebook parties, online marketing, email parties, branding yourself with your own blog, collaborating with influencers, email marketing, or social media!

The social media training includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

So whatever way you are interested in selling Lilla Rose, we have training for you!

I am also here for any help you may need!

We also have incredible groups on Facebook for the ladies on our team!

They are great places to meet other consultants, and share advice, pics, tips, and encouragement, so you are never doing this alone!

John Dorsey, the founder of Lilla Rose and inventor of the flexi clip, has a very helpful video introduction to the business opportunity.

Have more questions about becoming a Lilla Rose consultant or how to join? Please contact me with any at all that you might have!

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