29 Absolutely Beautiful Braid Styles for Gray Hair

Over 50 and think that braids are too young for you?

Think again!

Gray hair braids are absolutely stunning (especially braided hairstyles for gray hair over 50!) and help you stay young! Long hair is beautiful at any age, and gray and silver hair is a mark of wisdom (yes, I'll take that any day!)

If you are ready to embrace your long natural gray hair, then keep reading to see absolutely beautiful braid styles for gray hair!

braid styles gray hair

Silver Hair Side Braid with Bangs

I love this cute look of a fun side braid in silver hair with bangs. If you are wondering how not to look old in gray hair, try some face-framing bangs to give you a beautiful youthful look (oh, and smile...it makes all the difference!)

Dutch Braids in Growing out Gray Hair

I love this crown Dutch Braid in this lovely hair transitioning to gray/salt-n-pepper hair. What a beautiful way to grow out your gray hair! 

Side French Braid in Silver Hair

This silver side French braid is another youthful look. It also adds a fun dimension to hair that is transitioning to gray.

Silver Gray Box Braids

I love the sparkly look of these gorgeous ombre silver gray box braids.

Gray French Braid in a sparkly snowflake hair clip

How pretty is this snowflake hair clip in this going-gray blonde hair French braid? You can learn more about these beautiful Lilla Rose hair clips HERE.

gray French braid winter wonder

Salt and Pepper Braided Pigtails

Claudia calls these her "Pocahontas Braids." How fun! You are never too old to wear braids, especially paired with bright pink lipstick and a smile!

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mariposa butterfly hair clip short white hair

Silver Dutch Crown Braid 

Want to feel like a queen? Try this elegant Dutch braid wrapped like a crown around the back of your head...a fun variation of the top crown braid.

Going Gray French Braid

A French braid is a great way to wear your hair when you are active outdoors and want it out of your way, yet still feel pretty. I love how this grey hair French braid showcases all the different hues of silver, gray, and her original hair color.

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gray hair transition tips

Gray Braided Bun in a jeweled hair pin

I love braided buns, and in gray or silver hair, they are even prettier. Joan's hair below is secured with a comfortable Lilla Rose jeweled Swerve U-pin that holds her braided bun securely all day. To learn more about the Swerve U-pins and how to use them, see my post How to use a Large U-Shaped Hair Pin

gray hair braided bun

Ombre Silver Gray Box Braids

Love Amanda's long grombre silver gray box braids! (And the snow is a fun touch!)

Silver Braided Half-up Half Down Hairstyle

This silver gray hair is so pretty in this simple braided half-up half down hairstyle, secured with a bright pink hair clip that pops in silver hair. To learn more about the Lilla Rose hair clips, click HERE.

silver braided half up

Long Gray Hair Braid

A long loose braid in gray hair gives you a lovely youthful look. Long hair is always pretty, even when you are over 50 and sporting gray tresses.

Salt and Pepper French Braid in a big Messy Bun

How fun is this hairstyle when you are transitioning to gray? The silver French braid in the front gives a dramatic look when exploding into a big, beautiful messy bun on top!

Lovely Transitioning-to-Gray Dutch Braid

Oh, I can't love this "grombre" hairstyle enough! So pretty and feminine. What a lovely way to transition to gray hair! Some ladies are wanting to know how to cover gray hair with braids, but I say, "Why would you want to?" Natural gray hair is so lovely on its own. If you'd like to hear my story, see my post Live Free or Dye (How to Embrace Gray Hair and Go Gray Gracefully!)

Folded Gray Hair Braid

This folded gray hair braid is a beautiful yet simple way to put your hair up! Make a simple long braid, fold it up, then secure with hair pins. This lovely gray hair braid updo by my friend Deb is secured with a pair of pretty Lilla Rose pink Dogwood flower U-pins. Just two is all you need to hold up your braided updo!

To learn more about these u-shaped hair pins that hold your hair comfortably all day, see my post How to use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time!

folded gray hair braid

Transitioning-to-Silver Pull-Through Bubble Braid

I love this beautiful Pull-through-Braid by Missy of Chronicles of Gray Transformation. She says, "I do it because I can. I do it because I want to. I do it because you said I couldn’t." 

Ha. Love it! Gray is beautiful, indeed!

Long Gray Hair Braid

A long braid in gray hair is super simple with a Lilla Rose Flexi clip! The one shown below is actually a Flexi FLIP, which has a reversible attached pin that will give you up to three sizes with just ONE clip! 

To learn more about the Flexi FLIP made with a variety of colors of semi-precious stones, see my post What is a Flexi FLIP? [Flexi FLIP vs. Flexi CLIP]

long gray hair braid clip

Long Silver Box Braids

Love these stunning long silver box braids. Over 50 is looking pretty good!

Gray Hair Tucked French Braid

How pretty is this lovely gray Mother-of-the-Bride hairstyle? A tucked French braid adorned with a Lilla Rose jeweled hair clip and jeweled bobby pins in rose gold is perfect for an elegant hairstyle, whether you are a mother-of-the-bride or mother-of-the-groom!

To learn more about the Lilla Rose hair clips, click HERE.

To see more lovely Lilla Rose decorative bobby pins, see my post 21 Best Bobby Pins.

gray hair French braid Bobby Pins hair clip

Gray Hair Upside-Down French Braid and Bun

You've got to love the "upside-down" French Braid! This is a hairstyle that you can only do, well, upside-down! This hairstyle really showcases the gray hair variations in hair that is transitioning to grey.

Silver and Purple French Braid

Want to have a little fun with your hair, even if you are over 50? Then consider adding a pop of  purple! So cute in this gray and purple French braid. Why leave all the fun to younger people? 

Not ready to permanently dye your hair purple? Then use temporary hair mascara to add that fun purple streak. You can apply it at home in minutes, and will wash out after a couple shampoos, so you are not committed to it forever! To learn more about temporary hair mascara and all the fun colors you can get, see my post 15 Genius Ways to use Hair Mascara: Easily Cover Grey Hair and Roots, add Highlights, Tame Flyaways, and More!

(This gray hair French twist braid is secured with a Lilla Rose Flexi clip. Learn more HERE.)

gray hair French braid ponytail

Long Silver Hair Side French Braid

Okay, how awesome is this pic? I love how this long French braid looks in her hair that is transitioning to gray. You can't go wrong with braids when you are growing out gray hair! (And I may be a broken record, but we are ALWAYS much more beautiful when we SMILE!)

Silver Braided Bun with U-Shaped Hair Pins

Why settle for just an ordinary silver hair bun when you can have a silver braided bun! This braided bun hairstyle by my friend Joan is secured with just a couple Lilla Rose U-pins. The classic ones are practically invisible in your hair.

If you'd like a little more bling, then check out the decorative U-pins! Both will securely and comfortably hold your braided bun or any updo all day.

Learn more at my blog post How to use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time!

silver hair braided bun hair pins

Grey Braids in Side Cornrows

I love these 3 rows of side cornrows in this beautiful grey hair! What a stylish way to wear your grombre hair while transitioning to grey!

Grey Hair French Braid

You can't go wrong with a gray French Braid! Easy to do, and so pretty in a bright turquoise hair clip!

Learn more about the Lilla Rose Flexi hair clips HERE

gray French braid

Long Black and Grey Braid

Love this long jumbo black and gray braid in a top ponytail. So simple yet beautiful.

Gray Front Cornrows in a Bun

Love the details of these front gray hair cornrow Dutch braids that lead into a gray hair bun, secured with Lilla Rose U-pins.

gray hair cornrows

Gray Dutch Braid

Show off all of the colors of your gray and silver hair with a Dutch braid!

French Braid in Hair that is Going Gray

Why cover up your gray hair when you can show it off? I love this blonde hair that is going gray. So many hues and shades that are showcased in this lovely French Braid that is tucked in and secured by a Lilla Rose Flexi hair clip. 

Learn more about Lilla Rose hair clips HERE.

Not sure if you are ready to go gray? Check out my post Live Free or Dye! (How to Embrace Gray Hair and Go Gray Gracefully!) or my friend Katie's post Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Go Gray

gray French braid

More Gray Hair Ideas

Love these gray braids ideas, and want to see more hairstyles for gray hair? Click the button below to read my blog post 12 Best Hairstyles for Gray Hair!

gray hair French twist u pin

12 Best Hairstyles for Gray Hair

To see more gray hair ideas, check out my post by clicking the button below!

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