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Are you Fed-up with hectic mornings and bad-hair days?

Then you've got to try a Flexi Clip!


I am so confident that once you try a Flexi Clip in your hair, that you will become a raving lifelong fan, so that is why I am giving a $17 Shopping Credit to 10 winners. To enter the giveaway, just complete the 5-question quiz below!  

With 10 winners, your odds of winning are excellent!
When you try one, you will wonder where this has been your whole life!

Before I found the Flexi, I had never been able to find anything that would work in my heavy, thick hair!  And, as a busy homeschooling mom of 7, I didn’t have time to mess with it! I was thrilled to find this amazing hair clip that not only held, but was super-comfortable and took only seconds to use!

Paula Ramm- Mom & Grandma

Are you Tired of hectic mornings and frustrating bad-hair days?

(Or are you shopping for your wife who has frustrating hair days... 😄)

The Flexi is for YOU!!!

It will change your life...seriously!

Before I found the Flexi, I had never been able to find anything that would work in my heavy, thick hair!

And as a busy homeschooling mom of 7, I didn’t have time to mess with it! I was thrilled to find this amazing hair clip that not only held, but was super-comfortable and took only seconds to use!

When you wear a Flexi-Clip, you get…

  • A hair clip that works in all types of hair, from baby fine to super long and thick... it will work in YOUR hair!

  • Comfortably holds thick hair with ease

  • Securely holds baby fine or thin hair without slipping out

  • A hair clip that is so comfortable, you forget it is even there! (No more headaches!)

  • Confidence that your hair will stay put. All. Day. Long!

  • Dozens of gorgeous hairstyles that you can whip up in no time!

  • A hair clip that will last you for years, and get you beautiful hair each and every time

  • More peaceful mornings, since you can easily do your hair beautifully in just seconds!


They get the job done!

"We wear the few Flexi clips we have all the time and have given them, I think, the ultimate test. We live on a farm. Our chores are anything but light duty. These clips keep our hair up and out of our faces while working in the garden or rounding up the animals. Some might think they're too fancy for that kind of work but who says you have to be frumpy for that? They get the job done with our hair so we can get our work done and look pretty to boot! "~Donna K.

What Customers Say

Paula has given me so much information on how to best use my Flexi clips!

This product has made all the difference in my hair styling. I no longer get headaches when my hair is up, and I can finally look stylish at the same time!

Aimee L.

I have a disability and my hands aren't very dexterous. I have a tough time styling my hair but these were SO easy to put in! I'm absolutely thrilled!

I also have super thick, curly hair and most barrettes break or pop off my head, or cause me pain because they feel tight. Not these! They stayed secure, yet felt like I had nothing on my head.

I'm 38 years old and have never had any hair accessory work so well. I'm in love!!

Tara B.

My hair life changed when I started using Flexi Clips. No more ponytail headaches and boring "mom" buns. I can put my hair up (attractively) one time and it literally will stay all day.

Ingrid J.

The Flexi Will Work In ANY Type Of Hair!

From super-thick to baby fine!

Find your perfect size by watching my sizing video on the right.

But no worries if you still end up with the wrong size, as Lilla Rose has a 90-day sizing guarantee for free exchanges in the U.S!

Yes, we ship worldwide to over 80 countries! See our FAQ for your sizing guarantee and warranty details.

We also have a one-year warranty against any breakage or defects.

Ready to try a Lilla Rose hair clip for yourself? Just click the button below to shop all our beautiful styles, including other gorgeous hair accessories, including headbands, bobby pins, hair sticks, U-pins and more!

We also have "Essentials" such as rose water, detangler, hair masques, bamboo hair towels and more!

Thank you for helping support the new "parallel economy"!

My family and I greatly appreciate you! 💜

Have more questions? You can read our Lilla Rose FAQ (frequently asked questions) or contact me HERE. I am here to help!

Start your own family business you can build from home

We are a homeschooling family of 7, plus 6 grandchildren! We live in southwest Florida where I love growing pineapples, bananas, and coconuts! 🍍🍌🥥

My family and I run "Beautiful Life by Paula" as independent consultants with Lilla Rose as a family home business. It started out with just little 'ol me back in 2010, but soon grew and expanded into a family business, with all 7 kids helping or having helped out at some time.

We expanded into a site for family business, family discipleship, and home education at Coastal Conservatory, then added PaulaRamm.com to teach online marketing to entrepreneurs and network marketers.

The entrepreneurship skills our kids have learned have been invaluable, as some have gone on to start ventures of their own, such as Kingdom Pen for Christian teen writers and  Orpheus Audio Academy for home recording musicians.

If you have been looking for a business opportunity for you and/or your family, then I highly recommend joining us in Lilla Rose! Click the button below to learn more about this remarkable opportunity to earn an income from home with your family!

Paula Ramm
Paula Ramm

I am a homeschooling mom of 7 (and grandma of 6!), who fell in love with the Flexi, started sharing them online with others in 2010, and never looked back!

This is now our family's full-time home business, and we are so blessed to be able to work together as a family.

I love bringing joy to ladies as they FINALLY find something beautiful that actually works in THEIR hair. I would love to see this be you as well!

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