How To Cut Your Own Hair: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide [DIY Layered Ponytail Haircut]

I am so excited to share with you an ultra-simple, super-quick way to cut your hair in beautiful layers!

You can easily cut your daughter’s or even your own hair in only 5 minutes!

You may never go to the salon again!

“I just did this - LOVE the results! I was just thinking this past week I need my hair re-layered!” -Lea H

How to Cut your own Hair in Layers, using the Ponytail Method:

This simple DIY hair trick is sometimes called the "Ponytail Haircut" or the "Unicorn Haircut." Either way, it is amazingly easy! You can cut your own hair in layers, or your daughter's hair, in just 3 simple steps!

Yes, you can do it!

DIY hair ponytail haircut method


My daughter's pre-cut hair

how to cut your own hair

Meet my daughter! As you can see from the photo, her hair is thick with a slight wave. Hair with waves is easier to cut, since imperfections are less noticeable. However, with care this method will work on very straight hair as well!

“Just tried this on myself. So simple! I can’t believe I’d never heard of this before. So glad to have found this!!” -MrsMcAteer

Step 1. COMB: Smooth all your hair forward

how to cut your own hair

Here is how to cut your own hair in five minutes:

First, wash and condition the hair, then comb it all from underneath, smoothing everything to the front.

“This is brilliant. I just tried it and am really pleased with the result. I’d been wanting to get my hair cut again, but couldn’t afford to. I don’t think I’ll ever need to pay a hair-dresser again. Thank you.” -Shelley

Step 2. PONYTAIL: Secure at the front

how to cut your own hair

Next, gather it all into a ponytail on the forehead, securing with a ponytail holder.

If you usually wear your hair parted to one side, then position the ponytail on that side, directly in front of where your part would be.


The more you pull the hair forward, the more layers you will have. The pony at the top of the head would give you longer layers, and not as many.

Step 3. CUT: Straight across the end

how to cut your own hair

Then, making sure the hair is all combed out as smoothly as possible, and using your fingers as a guide, either just cut straight across the ends, or use little vertical snips to cut across the ends.


Simple, right?

Comb out, and you're done!* That's it!

  • Easy!
  • Five minutes! 
  • Incredibly beautiful results!

*The “after” photo was color edited, but the curls are all natural. The new layers brought out the curls, with a little spray gel and light scrunching.

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For more helpful tips & details on how to do this DIY layered ponytail haircut, along with more testimonials from ladies with different types of hair, as well as a FAQ with answers to the most frequently-asked questions, be sure to download the full guide below!

I'll also throw in a free guide on how to cut your own bangs using a clever, yet simple, trick!

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ponytail haircut unicorn haircut

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