How to Join Farmasi (The Unbeatable Farmasi Opportunity)

Are you looking for one of the best direct sales companies to join? Then you will definitely want to check out Farmasi!

It is one of the highest paying direct sales companies I have found, and as a direct sales trainer, believe me, I've seen a lot!

Honestly, if you are going to put a lot of time and effort into building a successful business from home, you want to choose a network marketing company that has the best compensation plan and gives you the highest profits from your personal sales. 

(Check out my list of Top 10 Direct Sales Companies to Join in 2022 for more of my favorite direct sales companies!)

As a Farmasi Consultant (or Beauty Influencer, which is the fancy name for a Farmasi consultant, rep, or distributor) you make...get this...a whopping 50% on all your personal sales!!!

Say WHAT?! 😮

50% is a crazy-good commission!

And not only do you get 50% on all you sell, but a 50% discount on all your personal goodies as well. How awesome is that?!

But first of all, you may be asking...

What is Farmasi?

Farmasi is a health and beauty company that has been around for 70 years, and opened up the direct sales opportunity to independent consultants, or beauty influencers, in Turkey in 2010. They have since expanded to over 125 countries where they've experienced triple-digit growth the past seven years.

Did you hear that?

Triple-digit growth.

And get this...they are BRAND NEW in the U.S. and Canada! They've only just opened up the direct selling opportunity to beauty influencers in the United States in 2019, and in Canada in 2021.

That means opportunity for YOU, if you get in now! 😃

McKinzie Bean Farmasi beauty influencer

Reasons to Join Farmasi (The Unbeatable Farmasi Opportunity)

There are so many awesome reasons to join Farmasi as a beauty influencer!

1. Only $19.99 to join

I already told you how crazy low that is, right? See if you can find another business opportunity that you can start for under $20!

2. 50% commission

Say what?! 50% commission, even if you are just starting out and only sell one item? Yep! 

3. 50% discount on your own personal purchases

Sweet! Where else can you save half on your makeup and beauty products?

4. No inventory

Forget the typical MLM quotas where you have to buy endless amounts of product to sell that just ends up languishing in your garage! 

5. High quality products

Farmasi has a 71-year-long reputation for quality products.
They hold to European manufacturing standards, which are MUCH higher than those in the U.S. 
That means that they do NOT include more than 1,300 toxic chemicals that are slipped into U.S. cosmetic products.

To learn more about the quality of Farmasi beauty products, including what toxins they do NOT include, read my blog post Is Farmasi Makeup Worth It?

Learn more about their popular foundations at Ultimate Guide to Farmasi Foundations (VFX Pro, CC Cream, Primer, Concealers & More!)

Learn more about their incredible mascaras at Ultimate Guide to Farmasi Mascaras

6. Affordable products

If you love high-end makeup and beauty products, but just can't fit them into your budget, you will love Farmasi! Their products compare to those super-pricey ones in the department stores, but with Target prices!

And if you become a Farmasi consultant, you will get even lower prices with your 50% beauty influencer discount!

Now THAT is hard to beat!

How to Sell Farmasi

There are many ways to sell Farmasi! You can sell Farmasi on social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Pinterest, or through text or messenger parties, collaborating with influencersemail treasure hunts, home parties, blogging and more!

🌸 Learn more about collaborating with influencers HERE.
🌸Learn more about running fun 5-day Email Treasure Hunts HERE.
🌸 Learn more about starting a blog HERE.

Is Farmasi MLM?

Yes, Farmasi is an MLM company in the sense that you can earn income from not only your personal sales, but from those of your team as well.

Your team consists of those you refer to join as Farmasi consultants, those they sign up as Farmasi consultants, and so on. Recruiting people to join your Farmasi team is totally optional, as you can make a great income from your own sales alone (you are getting 50% commission, after all!)

But building a team will "leverage" your efforts, as you are only one person and can only sell so much...think of the potential if you earned off of the sales of others as well!

With a sign up fee of only $19.99 and a 50% discount on their beauty purchases, ladies will be coming to YOU to join!

Best Affiliate Program for Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers

With its 50% commission, Farmasi is the best affiliate program for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers.

This topic deserves a whole 'nother post on its own (so stay tuned), but really, there is no beating 50%  commission on affiliate products.

Just try looking.

Believe me, I did. Once my blog started growing, I began looking for affiliate products that I could promote to add additional streams of income.  The average affiliate commission is about 10-15%. Amazon pays a measly 3-4%. You have to sell. LOT of products to make a decent income from that!

Farmasi is not only a high-paying affiliate program for beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers and influencers, but for almost any niche, if you get creative enough! 

How much does it cost to join Farmasi?

You can join Farmasi for just $19.99+ shipping.

This is a one-time fee. Many companies require an annual fee to stay active, but not Farmasi!

So, with your 50% discount, if you plan to purchase $40 retail in makeup and beauty products anyway within the next several months, it is well worth it, since half of $40 is $20, the cost of the kit.

How much does it cost for a Farmasi website?

The replicated website you will get as a beauty influencer is absolutely FREE! Unlike many direct sales companies, there is no charge for your website, so you can be open for business to all of your online customers 24/7.

Farmasi Starter Kits 2022

What comes in the $19.99 Farmasi starter kit?

The Farmasi starter kit contains a variety of makeup and beauty samples, catalogs, and cute gift bags. These will give you some products to try and fall in love with!

Here is what all came in my $19.99 Farmasi Starter Kit in September, 2021. Contents will vary, so use this photo just to get an idea of what might come in your kit!

$19.99 Farmasi Starter Kit 2021

$19.99 Farmasi Starter Kit 2021

What comes in the Farmasi Starter Packs?

When joining Farmasi, you will have the option to add on $125 Starter Packs for product at an amazing discount. This is a great way to try a wide variety of the Farmasi products, so you know which ones are your favorites and which ones to recommend to others. 

You will only be able to get these great starter packs at the time of enrollment. 

2022 Farmasi Enrollment Kits

2022 Farmasi enrollment kits

Beauty Kit

2022 Beauty kit farmasi
Insert Image

Better You Kit

2022 better you kit farmasi
Farmasi better you kit contents

All-In Favorites Kit

2022 all in favorites kit farmasi
Farmasi all-in starter pack contents

Forever Young Kit

2022 forever young kit farmasi

Beauty + Beyond Kit

2022 beauty and beyond kit farmasi

Ignite Kit

2022 ignite kit farmasi

Can I join Farmasi just for the Discount?

Yes, you absolutely can join Farmasi just for the discount. It IS 50% off, after all! Where else can you get half-off your makeup and beauty products?!

To learn more about Farmasi cosmetics makeup products, read my blog post Is Faramasi Makeup Worth It?

Farmasi Beauty Influencer Requirements 2022

The Farmasi beauty influencer requirements for 2022 is that you need to sell or purchase $125 wholesale in 6 months to stay active. 

This is only a little over $20 a month in beauty products, which I am sure you are already buying anyway.

How much do you have to sell with Farmasi to stay active?

To stay active with Farmasi, you have to sell (or purchase) $125 PV (wholesale) in each 6-month period. This comes out to only a little over $20 a month! Easy-peasy! You will probably easily meet that with your own beauty purchases alone.

Is Selling Farmasi worth it?

Selling Farmasi is pretty much a no-brainer if you are buying makeup and beauty products anyway. Instead of buying lower-quality (and potentially toxic) products from Walmart or Target, why not buy them from yourself instead?

You get a much higher quality product at the same price!

To learn more about the Farmasi products, and what all they include (and most importantly, DON'T include) check out my blog post Is Farmasi Makeup Worth It? Why All the Hype?

How much do you make selling Farmasi?

This totally depends on you and your efforts! Buy just for the discount, sell to others for a generous 50% commission, or build a team for a full-time income!

The sky is the limit with the Farmasi Opportunity!

To take advantage of this great window of time to get in on the Farmasi Opportunity, just follow the steps below to become a Faramsi consultant!

Step 1: Click the Button below to go to the Farmasi U.S. Website

Step 2: Click on the little person profile icon at the top right, then "Create an Account"

create account Farmasi

Step 3: Click on "Become a Beauty Influencer"

To become a Beauty Influencer with Farmasi, and get 50% off your products, click "Become a Beauty Influencer." 

If you'd prefer to just be a happy customer, that is fine, too! Just click the "continue as a customer" button.

become a Farmasi beauty influencer

Step 4: Fill out your personal information to create an account

For most people, you put your social security number in the "SSN/EIN/TIN" box.

Create a password with a minimum of 8 characters and max of 15 and contain a capital letter, a lower case letter, and a number. Phew! You know the drill!

Farmasi create account

Step 5: Put 0122394

in the "Your Sponsor's Code" box 

This will make sure that you are enrolled with McKinzie (MMC Media), so you can be in her wonderfully supportive team and get access to all her best marketing training! 😊

Step 6: Put what you want the end of your website url to be in the "Nickname" box. 

This is what will show at the end of your Farmasi website url. This can be a fun business name or simply your own name.

Step 7: Check the little box to show you've read all the fine print, then click the "CREATE" button.

Step 8: Choose your starter kit and optional starter product packs

Farmasi starter kits packs

Step 9: Enter your payment information, then CONGRATULATIONS, you are now a Farmasi Beauty Influencer! 🌷

Insert Image

How to Join Farmasi Canada

In September 2021, Farmasi is was opened to Canadian beautiful influencers. To join Farmasi in Canada, simply follow the same instructions above or go to

How much does it cost to join Farmasi in Canada?

For a limited time, Canadians can join Farmasi for FREE! 

Yes, FREE, zip, zero, nada. Absolutely no charge for the Farmasi starter kit.

Is that awesome or what?! I can't tell you how long that will last, however, so if you are even remotely interested in the Farmasi opportunity and becoming a Farmasi beauty influencer in Canada (or even just getting your makeup and beauty products at half off) I'd join now!

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