The Lilla Rose Business Opportunity (A Remarkable Way to Earn an Income from Home!)

My Story: Why I joined Lilla Rose

Lilla Rose was really the business that showed us the beauty and potential of running a family home business.

I first saw the flexi clip at a homeschool convention almost ten years ago, and was very intrigued!

I tried one on and was immediately hooked!

I had never before been able to find anything that would hold up all my thick hair, or look good doing so…barrettes would either not fit, or pop out at inopportune times, and the claw was just this big, gaudy piece of cheap plastic.

So I was amazed at how this simple hairclip could be so beautiful and classy, yet work so well!

That summer, I lost my flexi clip when I went camping, and I was devastated!

I couldn’t live without it!

So I searched online to find a replacement…when talking with the company, I found that I could sell them, and I thought, “Why not?...If I love them so much, surely other ladies will as well!” It seemed like a no-brainer!

Around the same time, I found out that friends of ours were adopting!

I was so excited for them, and wanted to help them…Lilla Rose seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so!

I had also read that a favorite blog of mine was going to start accepting advertisers, so it seemed like a perfect combination...a Lilla Rose adoption fundraiser on a lovely blog!

I think I stayed up pretty late that night, waiting for the post to go live.

That was the first time that Lilla Rose had been featured online, and it has ended up being a great way to spread the word about an amazing product that helps so many busy moms and their daughters save time on their hair without looking frumpy…they can finally have beautiful hair in seconds! (And I was right…other ladies DO love the flexi, just as much as I!)

Lilla Rose has become an amazing gift to our family, not only in providing a full-time income and means of working together (my husband and all of our children help out in the business as well!) but in all the wonderful people we have met along the journey! There is no other business out there that can compare to the camaraderie of the lovely Lilla Rose consultants!

A Great product to build a family business around or to just Earn Extra Income from Home

The flexi is a great product to sell, as not only is it beautiful, durable, and practical, but there is no other product out there like it.

It is one-of-a-kind, so you can only buy it through Lilla Rose stylists…you can’t get anything even remotely similar at Walmart, Amazon, or anywhere else.

There is still very little competition, with literally millions of ladies out there who’ve never even heard of a flexi clip!

Not quite sure what a flexi clip is? Click here to find out why so many ladies can't live without it!

The Lilla Rose consultant opportunity is extremely flexible with absolutely no pressure-- since there are no monthly or quarterly minimums or quotas to meet, you can do as little or as much with your business as you’d like.  Currently this opportunity is available to U.S. residents only.

We all go through different seasons in life where we can do more or less, and with Lilla Rose, you have the flexibility to work with how it fits you and your family in the season you are in.

Reasons to Join Lilla Rose:

1. Unique Product

Lilla Rose is known as the creator of the Flexi hair clip, which is still our most popular product. Not only is it extremely comfortable, and works in ALL types of hair, from baby fine to super long and thick, but it can't be found anywhere else. Unlike other direct sales products, you can't find anything even remotely similar at Target or on Amazon.

Many people join Lilla Rose for this one reason alone.

2. Quality Products

The Lilla Rose products are made to the highest of quality standards. The Flexi clip, for example, will last you for years. I still have my original Flexi clip I bought in 2010! My kids even ran a Flexi clip over with a car multiple times in a funny video, to prove this point.

Every Lilla Rose hair accessory comes with a one-year guarantee against defects or breakage, so you can buy with confidence that your items will last. Can you say the same about your elastic hair tie or plastic claw?

Lilla Rose is also continually adding new products as well, so that your customers always have something new to try! We have headbands, bobby pins, U-pins, hair sticks, the no-slip Sport, and more.

Our growing "Essentials" line include consumable products such as hair detangler, hair masque, hair mascara, rose water and more. These are the products that keep customers returning and buying from you again and again.

3. Very Low Competition

Lilla Rose is still a very small company, so competition from other stylists is almost non-existent. Most ladies have never even heard of Lilla Rose. This is a great time to get in! 

4. Start your own business for less than $100

The Lilla Rose Ready, Set, Style Enrollment kit is only $89 and comes with over $300 worth of beautiful hair accessories and marketing supplies to get your new business off to a great start. How many other businesses can you start for less than $100?

5. No Annual Fees or Monthly Quotas

Lilla Rose has no annual fees or monthly quotas to stay active. Just $200 in personal or customer sales a year will keep you active.

6. Generous Commission Plan

Lilla Rose has one of the best commission plans in direct sales. Earn 30-50% commission on your personal sales and a percentage of your team's sales as well. You can see detailed info on the Lilla Rose compensation plan HERE.

7. Flexible and No-Pressure

One of my favorite things about Lilla Rose is the flexibility it offers. You can sell when and where you want. You can do as little or as much with your business as you a casual consultant and sell to friends, or go all-in and earn a full-time income. There is never any pressure. We all go through different seasons in life...times when we need to pull back, times when we can go full force, and times when it is somewhere in between! You are independent and free to run your business the way that suits YOU!

8. Step-by-Step Business Training and Support

We have so many great training resources to help you have a successful Lilla Rose business. Lilla Rose offers training in your back office, as well as regular live trainings. We have various stylist support and training groups both on Facebook and off of Facebook.

As a direct sales online marketing trainer, I also have many step-by-step training resources available to you if you join my team!

How to Sell Lilla Rose

1. Craft Shows and Vendor Events

Many ladies love sharing Lilla Rose in person at craft shows and vendor events. There is nothing like seeing the look on someone's face when they try a Flexi clip or Swerve U-pin in their hair for the first time.

Many ladies who swore that NOTHING worked in their hair or could ever work in their hair become instant believers!

Most ladies who try one in their hair will fall in love and buy!

To learn more about selling Lilla Rose at vendor events and craft fairs, see my post Best Products to Sell at Farmer's Markets, Craft Fairs, and Vendor Events.

2. Home Parties

Invite your friends over to try on the hair accessories themselves at a fun, no-pressure home "Style-Up" to learn new hairstyles. Who doesn't love getting together to play with hair? Again, once someone actually tries a Flexi in their hair, they are fans for life! Then they will want to introduce THEIR friends to Lilla Rose by hosting a party at their home!

3. Social Media

The opportunities to sell on social media are endless...from YouTube, to TikTok, to Instagram, to Facebook, to MeWe, to Pinterest and more! You are only limited by your imagination!

4. Email and Text Parties

Fun variations of the Facebook party are email parties and text parties! These are great ways to sell Lilla Rose!

You can learn more about email parties in my blog post HERE. As a Lilla Rose stylist, you will get access to my 5-Day Email Treasure Hunt course for free.

You will also get access to my brand new training on selling through email.

5. Collaborating with Influencers

The main way I built my Lilla Rose business was by collaborating with influencers. It is simpler than it sounds...just reach out to people with large online followings and ask them to try, review, and run a giveaway for your product. Can you imagine the number of people you'd get interested in your product if someone they followed and trusted recommended it them? Yep. Tons. 

You can learn more about collaborating with influencers in my free Influencer Marketing Quickstart guide HERE. As a Lilla Rose stylist, you will have free access to my training and my mentorship group on how to build your business this proven and effective way.

6. Blogging

Lilla Rose is a great affiliate product for bloggers, as it has been proven so easy to sell on blogs. Lilla Rose grew on the backs of bloggers, and blogs continue to be a great place to promote our unique product that so many women love. It is a great fit for so many different niches, from homeschooling blogs, to lifestyle blogs, to mommy blogs and more. At a 30-50% commission rate, this blows all other traditional affiliate opportunities out of the water.

As a Lilla Rose stylist, you will have access to my brand new training on how to get sales with a blog, even if it is small!

7. Online Marketing

Online marketing includes many of the above selling methods, plus many more, such as text marketing, ads, and email marketing. (See my post How to Sell and Recruit through Email.) I love to teach stylists how to build their businesses this way.

As technology continues to explode, so do the opportunities to sell online.

 Lilla Rose Enrollment Starter Kit Options:

The Ready, Set, Style Kit is our basic starter kit, and includes all you need to run a successful business online. It includes a variety of our most popular items ($315 value), so that you can give them all a try and show to others. It also comes with marketing supplies and a free website.

The Fast Start Kit is perfect for those who plan to sell at craft shows and vendor events, and includes everything in the Ready, Set, Style kit above, plus an additional $1,110 worth of product, for a total value of $1435 in product, plus marketing supplies and a free website.

This is an amazing deal, and gives you other benefits as well. To learn more about all of the benefits of enrolling with the Fast Start kit, click HERE. 

2022 Lilla Rose Fast start kit contents
Lilla Rose Fast Start enrollment kit 2022

Bonuses you get when you enroll with Paula

As well as being a full-time Lilla Rose stylist, I also am a direct sales trainer and coach. If you enroll with me, you will have access to step-by-step business training, courses, and mentorship so you can grow a successful business that will last.  These are optional resources for those of you who are seriously working at building a business.  If you are looking to just sell casually, that is perfectly fine too.  All are welcome and you can do as little or as much as you like.  No Pressure Ever!

I'm sure you still have many questions regarding this opportunity, so below I have collected some frequently asked questions and their answers:

How to Join Lilla Rose

1. Click the "I'm Ready to Join" button below

2. Click on the link to "Become a Stylist"

how to join Lilla Rose

3. Choose the Lilla Rose Starter Kit you want

You can join with the $89 "Ready, Set, Style" kit that comes with $315 worth of products and marketing supplies, or the $589 "Fast Start" kit that comes with $1425 worth of products and marketing supplies. The Fast Start has other awesome benefits as well, that you can learn about in my video here: Fast Start your Lilla Rose Business.

enroll with Lilla Rose

4. Make sure that you see my photo and "Coastal Conservatory"  in the "Referred By" section, then enter your personal info

To be sure you are enrolled with me, be sure you see my photo and "Coastal Conservatory" (which is my family's business name) in the "referred by" section. Then enter your personal info and social security number, which is required for tax purposes. Enrollment as a Lilla Rose consultant is only open to U.S. residents and its territories at this time.

how to enroll with Lilla Rose

5. Click the drop-down arrow to choose your starter kit

join Lilla Rose kit

You will see everything listed that you will receive in the Lilla Rose starter kit you chose.

Lilla Rose ready set win starter kit contents
Lilla Rose fast start enrollment kit contents

6. Enter your shipping and payment info

Lilla Rose enrollment

7. Choose your website name and password

You will have your very own free replicated Lilla Rose website that you can share with friends, family, on social media, with influencers, or wherever you want! Any orders through your site will be credited to you! Lilla Rose will ship the orders and even handle exchanges and returns all for you!

The name you put in the "Website Name" section is the part that is unique to you, and added at the end of You can choose a clever or unique name that represents your new biz or just use your own name. I recommend using your own name, which is easy to remember and for friends to recognize that they are on YOUR site!

how to become a Lilla Rose stylist

8. Submit Enrollment

Click the box to say you've read the terms and conditions (if you have any questions when reading through those, just ask!) then click "Complete My Enrollment." 

Lilla Rose terms and conditions

9. Congratulations! You are now a Lilla Rose Stylist! 🌹

Time to celebrate! Treat yourself to some chocolate or something good! 🍫 Then watch your inbox for a welcome email from me with info on how to get your new business off to a great start!

Welcome! I am thrilled you've joined us! 😊

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