The Lilla Rose Business Opportunity

My Story: Why I joined Lilla Rose

Lilla Rose was really the business that showed us the beauty and potential of running a family home business.

I first saw the flexi clip at a homeschool convention almost ten years ago, and was very intrigued!

I tried one on and was immediately hooked!

I had never before been able to find anything that would hold up all my thick hair, or look good doing so…barrettes would either not fit, or pop out at inopportune times, and the claw was just this big, gaudy piece of cheap plastic.

So I was amazed at how this simple hairclip could be so beautiful and classy, yet work so well!

That summer, I lost my flexi clip when I went camping, and I was devastated!

I couldn’t live without it!

So I searched online to find a replacement…when talking with the company, I found that I could sell them, and I thought, “Why not?...If I love them so much, surely other ladies will as well!” It seemed like a no-brainer!

Around the same time, I found out that friends of ours were adopting!

I was so excited for them, and wanted to help them…Lilla Rose seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so!

I had also read that a favorite blog of mine was going to start accepting advertisers, so it seemed like a perfect combination...a Lilla Rose adoption fundraiser on a lovely blog!

I think I stayed up pretty late that night, waiting for the post to go live.

That was the first time that Lilla Rose had been featured online, and it has ended up being a great way to spread the word about an amazing product that helps so many busy moms and their daughters save time on their hair without looking frumpy…they can finally have beautiful hair in seconds! (And I was right…other ladies DO love the flexi, just as much as I!)

Lilla Rose has become an amazing gift to our family, not only in providing a full-time income and means of working together (my husband and all of our children help out in the business as well!) but in all the wonderful people we have met along the journey! There is no other business out there that can compare to the camaraderie of the lovely Lilla Rose consultants!

About the Author

I'm a homeschooling mom of 7 & grandma of 7, and I help ladies create the beautiful life they were made for! I want to help you learn to create peace, joy, and purpose in your life and family!

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