41 Funny Gardening Puns (Laugh Now or Forever Hold your Peas!)

by Jackie Masek

Many of our readers are gardeners with a green thumb. They have a natural talent for growing things and making the world a more beautiful place. This may be you! ☺️

It’s the middle of summer and we bet your garden crop is looking bountiful. But it is hard work. We thought it would be fun to make you some printable posters with funny garden and vegetable plant puns to hang up to keep you motivated. 

They’re formatted to print 8x10”. The perfect size for a regular frame. They are also great for sharing with your gardening friends!

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1. Smile when asked if you botany plants. 

smile when asked if you botany plants gardening pun

The average American family spends at least $200 or more a year on a backyard garden. Mini Urban Farm shows how to start a garden from scratch. 

2. I love you from my head tomatoes

I love you from my head tomatoes pun

Tomatoes are great in salad, soups, stews, and sauces. Bonnie Plants has a tomato chooser to help you pick the best for your garden. You can filter for heirloom or not, plant type, plant height, tomato type, and/or garden environment. 

3. What’s tomato with you?

what's tomato with you?  pun

Not all tomatoes need the same things. The climate, intended use, and even soil can determine how healthy your tomato plants end up producing. Good Housekeeping has a “Tomatoes 101” article on how to a healthy and fruitful plant. 

4. Good chives, good life

good chives good life pun

Chives are kind of a cousin of onions and garlic but look more like grass. They’re mostly used as garnish yet are very tasty to eat. 

5. Good chives only 

good chives only pun

You might be surprised to know that chives and green onions are two completely different species. While green onions and scallions are considered vegetables, chives are grouped with herbs like parsley and basil.

6. Just romaine calm 

just romaine calm pun

Romaine is the darker green lettuce. Whereas regular lettuce is ball-shaped, romaine has elongated leaves. To store the surplus of romaine after eating all the summer salads you can imagine, I like to blend the freshly washed leaves in the blender with a bit of water. Pour into ice cube molds to freeze. Once frozen, put into Ziploc freezer bags. They will last for up to 6 months and are amazing to drop a few into a smoothie. 

I like to buy a box of Spring mix and do this, too. There’s a bag of frozen “salad cubes” in my freezer right now! 

7. Lettuce romaine calm 

lettuce romaine calm pun

8. Lettuce romaine friends

lettuce romaine friends pun

Your friends might love you but they may not want all your surplus vegetables. Some ways of sharing your bounty is by donating to a food pantry, selling it by putting in a box with a sign “Take what you want, donate what you can” on your front lawn.

9. I’m rooting for you 

I'm rooting of you gardening pun

One way to share your gardening love is to gift a small cutting, or a sucker, from a plant in a coffee mug.   

10. Blame it on my roots

blame it on my roots pun

Caring for a plant doesn’t just involve knowing when to water it. It’s also important to know what’s going on underground. Fine Gardening explains the different types of roots and how to care for each one.

11. I don’t carrot all

I don't carrot all pun

Carrots are truly versatile. Use them in a cake, in a stock, or as a side dish. Here are 20 easy recipes using carrots that your family is sure to love.

12. You’re one in a melon

you're one in a melon pun

How many summer birthdays are there in your family? This would make for a great birthday card for that special melon in your life.

13. Don’t kale my vibe

don't kale my vibe gardening pun

The Mayo Clinic tells us, “Kale holds its texture well in cooking, and it can be steamed, stir fried, roasted, or eaten raw. You can turn it into smoothies, kale chips, wilt it into soup, mash it with potatoes or turn it into pesto.” How do you like your kale? 

14. Drop a beet and dance!

drop a beet and dance pun

What music do you like to listen to while you are outside enjoying your garden? Is it smooth jazz or uptown funk? Did you know that Amazon has Music Unlimited? You get the first 3 months free. 

15. My heart beets for you

my heart beets for you pun

And only you, my dear lovelies! Then there’s the distinct taste of beets. The trick to pair them with sweet and savory ingredients. Insanely Good Recipes has 25 beet recipes for you to find the best way you like to eat them. 

16. You make my heart skip a beet

you made my heart skip a beet pun

I see a pattern here. But tell me, do you prefer your beets in a stew or a salad?

17. Don’t disturb the peas

don't disturb the peas gardening pun

Shhh! That means to put the fireworks away already and just enjoy the birds singing. 

If that doesn’t work to help calm and relax you why not try a calm sticker? These stickers have a texture that you rub your fingers on. The sensation keeps your mind focused on that and not the aphids in your garden. 

18. Speak now or forever hold your peas

speak now or forever hold your peas

How many weddings have you been to this summer? How formal were they? 

Did you know that you can search for “cool wedding presents” on Amazon and get a curated list of best selling gifts based on what others have purchased for that purpose? 

19. You are totally rad

you are totally rad radish pun

All the things you do as a wife and mother simply blow us away. So we thought we would tell you.

20. You are absolutely radishing

you are absolutely radishing pun

Your face is glowing from being in the sun. What moisturizer are you using anyway? Share the secret. 

Did you know that rose water can help your skin, too?

Click HERE to see my post on the best super-grip, no-slip, easy-clean  hair clip for gardening!

gardening hair clip

21. Turnip the volume

turnip the volume gardening pun

Speaking of sound, what festivals will you be attending this summer? My favorite is always the local Irish festival. Did you know we sell Celtic hair accessories?

22. Lettuce be thankful

lettuce be thankful pun

There’s always a good time to ask for God’s providence. Here are 4 prayers to pray over your vegetable garden. 

23. Time to celery-brate

time to celery-brate pun

Because this plant grows like crazy and you have a ton of it. You can only make so many peanut butter and raisin boats. The BBC offers up 10 ways to use leftover celery.

24. Squash the blues away

squash the blues away funny gardening pun

Scott Head is a suburban backyard gardener from Texas. He has a great video that shows how to grow squash from seed to harvest.

25. I yam what I yam

I yam what I yam Popeye pun

Who else watched Popeye when you were a kid? 😉 He was a fan of funny gardening puns without even knowing it! Now to figure out a pun for spinach...hmm...

We here in the states call a sweet potato a yam, and vice versa, yet they are completely different vegetables. Most of the world grows yams, the starch and long vegetable. Sweet potatoes were discovered in the New World and are creamier. Does it really matter, though? We are still going to dump mini marshmallows and pecans on it anyway. Why not try a healthier version by using your air fryer?

26. Herb your enthusiasm

herb your enthusiasm gardening pun

Herbs take an ordinary meal and elevate it to extraordinary. But use fresh, homegrown herbs and then we are talking about giving Gordon Ramsey some competition. 

Learn how to start a kitchen herb garden, inside or outside.

27. Make some thyme for me

make some thyme for me

Rosemary is a common herb in any kitchen, but don’t forget about its cousin, thyme. Both are from the mint family. Rosemary is a small evergreen and thyme is a low-growing aromatic plant. Rosemary has a stronger flavor than thyme. It’s used in beef based dishes. If that’s not your favorite flavor then try some thyme the next time. (See what I did there?)

28. It takes a long thyme to make a good friend

it takes a long thyme to make a good friend

My friend, Lynnette, has one of these AeroGarden Harvest indoor garden thingamabobs. It came with basil, parsley, dill, thyme, basil, and mint seeds. She loves this thing because it’s easy to use and there’s always some fresh herbs she can add to her food. Give it a try, let us know what you think in the comments.

29. You parsley the test

you parsley the test

When I worked for Denney’s we were always told to put a sprig of parsley on every single dish. The manager was so adamant about it, we were putting it on plates of pie and in bowls of ice cream. But there are other things you can do with the herb besides make a plate look pretty. Taste of Home has 40 ways to use up a bunch of parsley - all equally delicious. 

30. My garden is in mint condition

my garden is in mint condition

Even the garden should have a place for everything, and everything should be in its place. This garden tool storage cart has wheels to make it easy to move around with you, too. 

31. Never a dill moment

never a dill moment pun

Maybe my most favorite herb is dill. My uncle grew a large patch of it every summer. My aunts then used it for dill pickles or this amazingly delicious veggie dip. It’s much better than Ranch, in my humble opinion. My sister and I would add it to freshly cooked egg noodles for a quick lunch. Try it, let me know what you think.

32. Fennel I see you again

fennel I see you again?

Did you know that fennel comes from the carrot family? It’s a hardy herb and you can eat both the flowers and the leaves. You’ll find it in recipes from the Mediterranean region. 

You can shave it into salads or roast in the oven for a side dish.

33. Bay Leaf in yourself

bay leaf in yourself gardening inspiration

I love this pun for gardening inspiration and motivation! 😀

Your gramma put a bay leaf in every pot of soup she was making. It’s thought to convert the triglycerides to monounsaturated fats in meat or poultry. What is certain is that it adds a tea-like aroma to a hearty dish, making it less likely to bog you down after eating it.  Simply Recipes gives you everything you ever needed to know about bay leaves but were afraid to ask.

34. I’m kind of a big dill

I'm kin of a  big dill pun

I’m just going to leave this here. My oldest is in love with these things. The plus is that they’re Keto friendly.

35. You make me wanna sprout

you make me wanna sprout pun

You know you make me wanna (shout)
Kick my heels up and (shout)
Throw my hands up and (shout)
Throw my hands back and (shout)
Come on now (shout)

Sprouts are the germinated seed of a vegetable. They can be used for salads, soups, and even in sandwiches. “Sprouts carry essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and are a great source of antioxidants,” according to Cleveland Clinic registered dietician, MIra Illic.

Sprouts are the germinated seed of a vegetable. They can be used for salads, soups, and even in sandwiches. “Sprouts carry essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and are a great source of antioxidants,” according to Cleveland Clinic registered dietician, MIra Illic.

It is easier to grow sprouts than you think! Teach your kids how to grow them easily with this fun starter sprouter kit by Hamama. I love this one and have gotten so many yummy sprouts from it! If you use this link, you can get $10 off your first order!

36. All you seed is love

all you seed is love

If you don’t have time to get to the lawn and garden store you can buy your seeds online. Choose from selected varieties, heirloom seeds, or seed mixes.

37. You have ex-seeded my expectations

you have ex-seeded my expectations

38. Aloe you very much

aloe you very much pun

Aloe vera has been around since Noah left the ark and is one of the most widely used medicinal plants on this planet. Gardening Know How teaches how to grow your very own aloe vera plant.

39. Thistle be a great day

thistle be a great day

Milk thistle can be found around the world and is also known as “silymarin”. It’s been used for liver disorders and gall bladder problems. But studies are still out. You can try foraging for this plant and see if it works for you.

40. I’m very frond of you

I'm very frond of you

Did I ever tell you the time I bought a $2 plant from the superstore, grew it to be 5’, and sold it for $100? You can do that, too!

41. I will never leaf you

I'll never leaf you

I love this gardening pun because it reminds me of God's promise to us in Hebrews 13:5, ...For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” 

I have to leaf you now, but hope you got a good laugh from these awesomely funny gardening puns! Please share and pin so you can brighten someone else's day as well. Thank you! 🪴💗🌱

about the author, Jackie Masek

Jackie lives in the city of Pittsburgh, PA, with her husband of 20 some years and her dog. Their two boys flew the nest to make their own way in the world after graduating from Masek School for Wayward Boys. So now she has the entire 3 floors of a hundred-year-old house to herself. To this day, people still show her their wrists with rubber bands on them.

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