29 Made in the USA Gifts for Christmas We Absolutely Love!

Looking for unique "Made in the USA" gifts for Christmas that would help support American family and small businesses as well?

Then check out the best "Made in the USA" gift ideas for Christmas from small American businesses that I highly recommend. Most of these I've used myself or purchased myself to give as gifts for others.

I've organized them by Made in the USA Gifts for Her, for Him, for Anyone, for Kids, for Babies, as well as Made in the USA Gifts for Stocking Stuffers, so that you will be sure to find the perfect gift for anyone on your list for the holidays or any time of year!

Note: This post may include affiliate links, which help our family with no extra cost to you, but are all products I can highly recommend. Thank you for your support! 💙

Made in USA gifts

Made in the USA Gifts for Her

Handmade Beach Shells Coasters

I am in love with these gorgeous resin beach coasters handmade by Cristan from her shop Treasures by Cristan. They make a great gift for beach lovers!

Last year I got a set of the colorful "Art Galaxy" ones, and this year, I am going to have to get these beach-themed ones!

beach resin coaster shells
beach shells coaster

Here are the "Art Galaxy" resin coasters I got from Cristan last year. Not only do I think they are absolutely gorgeous, but my toddler grandkids are fascinated with them, and love to stack them, play with them, and just carry them around.

A bonus is that I don't have to worry about them breaking!

resin colorful coasters

Seaglass Jewelry

I love my beautiful seagrass necklace and bracelet I got from Sea Stamped. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. I got one as a gift for my daughter and one as a gift for me! 😉

These are handmade by Ann Ligon in her coastal North Carolina home.

Seaglass necklace bracelet jewelry

Tropical Mango Body Butter

This mango whipped body butter by The Goat Farm is my new absolute favorite lotion. It is thick and very moisturizing, and smells absolutely delicious! You will feel like you are on a tropical vacation!

Family owned and operated by goat-loving homesteaders in the USA. A big thank you to Daisy, who started it all with her sweet goat's milk!

Use coupon code THEGOATFARM12 to get 12% OFF your order!

mango body butter goats milk

Hand Stamped Silver 1776 Necklace

I love this patriotic "1776" stamped Argentium silver necklace handmade in San Diego, California by Liberty Cottage Design. It not only makes a great gift for her, but for him as well.

Check out all of Liberty Cottage Design's patriotic, faith, and family styles for anyone on your gift list while you are visiting.

1776 silver necklace

Personalized Engraved Wood Bookmarks

I absolutely adore these engraved wooden bookmarks handmade by Olive Press Co in Jacksonville, Florida.

I got ones for my daughters personalized with their names and a special verse. I also got several of the sparrow verse bookmarks to have on hand for friends and family who need hope and encouragement.

These are great meaningful gifts for book lovers as well anyone on your list. 

Olive Press wood bookmarks

Floral "Blessed Mom" T-shirt

I love this floral "Blessed Mom" shirt that my daughter designed! It comes in 16 pretty colors and would make the perfect gift for any mom or mom-to-be on your list!

Designed in Florida, and printed in Chatsworth, California.

floral blessed mom t-shirt

Monstera Abalone Earrings

These monstera leaf earrings are absolutely gorgeous! They are handcrafted out of mother of pearl and abalone shell by Ocean Jewels by CG in California. Ocean Jewels is known for her quality jewelry handcrafted from authentic Hawaiian shells from the forbidden island of Niihau.

These would definitely made a treasured heirloom gift for her.

monstera abalone earrings

Luxurious Deep Conditioning

 Hair Masque

This super moisturizing hair masque made in the USA by Lilla Rose is my absolute favorite deep conditioner. Made with natural ingredients like shea butter and argan oil,  it is incredibly hydrating and healing for damaged hair. A little of this super luxurious conditioner goes a long way.

Trust me, the lady in your life will appreciate this gift!

hair masque

Faith, Family, America Necklace

212 West was created by Claire when she was just 13 years old. She designs interchangeable word pendants like this "Faith Family America" necklace that I absolutely love.

Choose this one as a gift or create your own custom jewelry using her large variety of meaningful patriotic, family, motivational, and faith pendants that are individualized and made in America for the special person in your life.

faith family America necklace

Organic Natural Perfume in Sea Shell Trinket

What a unique gift for your wife, mother, or any special lady in your life!  Organic natural perfume in a one-of-a-kind sea shell trinket. So cute!

Made in the USA by Malina New York, a Christian family-owned small business founded in New York by a proud wife of a US Marine.

Organic Natural Perfume in Sea Shell Trinket

Patriotic & DIY Hair Clips

These now-retired custom-made patriotic hair clips & "DIY" hair clips by Lilla Rose were assembled in southern California. There are only a few left, so grab 'em while you can!

(There are also other custom hair clips on that page that were made in the USA, so be sure to check them all out!)

patriotic USA hair clips

Patriotic hair clips

made in the USA Flexi clips DIY

DIY hair clips

Personalized Wooden Flower Press

I love this personalized wooden flower press

Each press is handcrafted in the USA from high-quality wood, so you can carefully press and preserve flowers, leaves, and other botanical specimens, keeping their vibrant colors intact. 

Engraved with the name of your choice, this makes a very thoughtful gift!

Use coupon code PAULA to get 10% OFF your purchase!

personalized wood flower press

Good Night Magnesium Lotion

Give the gift of a good night's sleep! The "Good Night" Magnesium Lotion by Earthley helps with relaxation and an easier time falling and staying asleep. 

If you are a first-time customer, use coupon code FIRSTTIME to get 10% off your first order. If you are a returning customer, use coupon code COMEBACK to get 10% off an additional order (one-time use only.)

earthley magnesium lotion sleep

Wooden Essential Oil Roller Bottle Organizer 

I love this wooden organizer for all your essential oil roller bottles. Goodbye to messy drawers or shelves with essential oil bottles scattered everywhere!

What a great gift for anyone who loves natural health!

Use coupon code PAULA to get 10% OFF your purchase!

wooden essential oil roller bottle holder organizer

Note: If you are looking for an honest, high-quality essential oil company that aligns with your Christian values, without any new age-y stuff, I highly recommend Emerald Glory Wellness. Use coupon code PAULAR to get 10% OFF your order.

Made in the USA Gifts for Him

Deron's Miracle Meat Dust

If you haven't tried Deron's Miracle Meat Dust™ yet, RUN, don't walk, and get some now! It transforms an ordinary pot roast into a delicious steak! It is my family's favorite, and we use it on everything! I may have to start buying it by the case! 

Made in San Antonio, Texas, it makes the perfect gift for your hubby, or any grill-loving guy on your list! I got the gift sets for my husband and son-in-law for Christmas last year, and they were a huge hit!

Use coupon code PAULA to get 10% off your order! 

Deron meat dust post roast seasonings

Woodcarving Set

This woodcarving set made by Excel Blades of New Jersey, and sold by Meadow Home Country Store, would make the perfect ditch-the-electronics gift for your son or husband. 

wood carving kit made in USA

Custom Engraved Hatchet

I love this engraved hickory wood hatchet that can be customized with the text and/or logo of your choice! What a unique gift for him!

Made in the USA by 85th & Pine, a small, family-owned business.

engraved hatchet

Men's Athletic Collection

This Men's Athletic Skincare Gift Set is perfect for pampering your man. It contains Bee Cool for after-workout muscle soreness, soothing Foot Rub, and Bee Silk for cracked and chapped hands.

All packaged neatly in a cotton gift bag.

mens skincare collection

Personalized Wooden Hat Holder

Too many hats? Check out this high-quality wooden hat holder that can be personalized with the name or initials of your choice!
This hat organizer also comes in the finish of your choice and is proudly made in the USA!

Use coupon code PAULA to get 10% OFF your purchase!

personalized wooden hat cap holder organizer

Made in the USA Gifts for Christmas for Anyone

Wood Engraved Hymn Home Decor

I love this wood home decor engraved with your favorite hymn! If you are looking for that unique, one-of-a-kind gift, then look no farther! These handcrafted gifts are made by Happy's Gifts and Apparel, a small family business in North Dakota.

Use coupon code PAULA to get 10% OFF your purchase!

wood engraved hymn decor

Natural Non-Toxic Deodorant

If you are looking for natural deodorant that works, and made by a company that shares your values, then check out Midwest Naturals handcrafted natural deodorant!

It is made in small batches with quality natural ingredients such as unrefined shea butter, unrefined jojoba oil, cold-pressed sunflower oil, baking soda, arrowroot, bentonite clay, zinc oxide, essential oils. 

This is a great gift for both men and women that keeps on giving!

midwest naturals deodorant

For more natural deodorants from American small businesses, see my post Stay Fresh with These Natural Deodorants from American Family-Owned Small Businesses That Support Your Values

Personalized Wooden Paw Print Ornaments

These wooden laser-cut paw print ornaments are the perfect gift for pet lovers! They are personalized with the name of their pet for a gift they will treasure for years.

Handmade in the USA by 85th & Pine, a small, husband-and-wife-owned family business.

paw print ornaments

Jubilee Jars

These custom-made glass Jeep tumblers are the perfect gift for Jeep lovers! Choose the color of your 3d printed Jeep and the material that you'd like to have included, from stones to beach sand and shells, to bolts, to roses!  You can also have additional special items included.

Made in Tennessee by Lisa of Gatewood's Jubilee. You can learn more about Lisa in her guest post Jeep Hair Don’t Care (How to Keep your Hair out of your Face in your Jeep!)

jeep jars stones rocks

Cross Made with Nails Home Decor

I love this home decor with a cross made with rustic nails and the scripture "But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." ~ Joshua 24:15

It is handmade by Nails and Cross and also is available with other scripture verses.

Every Christian home needs one of these!

cross made with nails wall hanging

Handcrafted Wooden Kitchen Utensils

These absolutely beautiful wooden kitchen spoons and utensils are handcrafted by local artist Sarah Ruganis in SW Florida. All of her 100% natural items are finished and sealed with food-safe, Florida-harvested beeswax and mineral oil. These are truly works of art.

You can find Sarah's creations at her shop Woodland Treasures.

handcrafted wood kitchen spoons utensils

Made in the USA Gifts for Kids

Wooden Train Cars & Vehicles

My grandsons love these magnetic wooden train cars and vehicles! I had gotten them last Christmas, but one of my grandsons found them beforehand, where I'd wrapped and hidden them in my bedroom. While he was supposed to be taking a nap in my room, he was extra quiet, as he was busily unwrapping and playing happily with his new finds. I found bits of wrapping paper for weeks, stashed under my bed.

These are seriously cute and will keep your little ones entertained for hours. They come in not only train cars, but other vehicles as well, like a tow truck, Noah's ark, fire truck, and even a cute camper van and camper trailer. They are compatible with Brio wooden train sets and tracks.

"NameTrains" are made by Maple Landmark of Vermont and sold by Meadow Home Country Store in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains of rural Oregon.

wooden train cars

Child's Personalized Save, Spend, Save Bank

I love these handcrafted wooden "Save, Spend, Give" Banks for kids! What a great way to teach wise money management to your kids from a young age.

They can be personalized with your child's name, for a gift they will treasure for years.

These heirloom-quality wooden banks are handmade by Happy's Gifts and Apparel,  a family home business in South Dakota.

Use coupon code 'PAULA' to get 10% OFF your purchase!

child save spend save bank

Colorful Fish Beanbags

How cute are these colorful handmade fish beanbags with their own drawstring bag? These will make the perfect gift for toddlers, as they provide hours of open-ended imaginative play.

Hand sewn by Handiworkin' Girls in Kansas City, Missouri.

fish beanbags

Hand Sewn Baby Doll Dress

How adorable is this lavender dress for your daughter or granddaughter's 14-16" baby doll? Custom sewn by Handiworkin' Girls in Missouri. Many styles available...go check them all out!

handmade lavender doll dress

Made in the USA Gifts for Babies

Made On Natural Baby Skincare Gift Set

I love all the products made by Made On Skincare. My friend Renee and her family of 11 live in northern California, and make skincare products you will love as well.

This baby gift set comes in a nice muslin pouch, and includes:

Beesilk Jr.:  Beesilk Jr. is an amazing lotion made of only 3 ingredients (coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter) for baby's dry skin or cradle cap. The original Beesilk lotion bar was the only thing I found that helped my daughter's red, dry, chapped winter hands. The Beesilk Jr. lotion is a smoother version that is easier to apply.

Simply Soothing tin and Simply Soothing stick: Okay, I love this stuff for my grandbabies! I especially like the diaper rash stick, as it goes on smoothly and is easy to throw in your diaper bag with no mess. And yes, it actually does work as well as Desitin, but without the extra additives for fillers. It simply includes 3 natural ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, and zinc oxide.  

You can get this baby gift set HERE.

Use Coupon Code 'beautifullife' to get 15% off your order!

Made in the USA Stocking Stuffers 

"Rejoice in the Lord" Stickers

My daughter designed these "Rejoice in the Lord" reusable stickers. I got some for myself and put them on my water tumbler as a beautiful reminder to rejoice always!

Designed in Florida and printed in San Francisco, California.

rejoice in the lord stickers
rejoice in the lord water bottle

"Don't Ask Me, I'm Offline in Bulgaria" Stickers

My daughter also designed these "Don't Ask Me; I'm Offline in Bulgaria" reusable stickers. As soon as I saw these, I laughed. Oh, how many times I wished I could say that in real life! Now I can just display them in a conspicuous place to get my message kindly across. 😉

Designed in southwest Florida and printed in San Francisco, California.

don't ask me I'm offline in Bulgaria stickers
don't ask me I'm offline in Bulgaria stickers

Adorable Wooden Cat Magnets

How can any cat lover not love finding these adorable wooden cat magnets in their stocking?

These stocking stuffers for cat lovers are made by Happy's Gifts and Apparel, a Christian family-owned business in the USA.

Use coupon code 'PAULA' to get 10% OFF your purchase!

wooden cat magnets

Thanks for checking out this Made in the USA Gift Guide with my favorite Made in the USA Christmas Gifts! I hope you found the perfect gifts for everyone on your list!

If you've tried any of these gifts above, please let us know in the comments below how you or your gift recipient liked it!

Or if you have a favorite American small business you'd like to shout-out, post it in the comments as well!

And please share and pin this post to help support American small family businesses this holiday season and all year-round. Thank you! 💜

Made in USA gifts

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