Exclusive, Vintage, & Retired Flexi  Styles!

Exclusive, Vintage, Discontinued, Out-of-Stock, Rare, and Retired Flexi 8 and Lilla Rose Styles!

Choose from any of the styles pictured below. These hard-to-find Lilla Rose styles and Flexi 8 hair clips for women are in very limited quantities, so if you see one you love, you'd better grab it before it is gone!

Sizes available are listed. If you do not see a size listed, it is sold out, but always feel free to ask just in case!

New designs are added regularly, so be sure to bookmark this page and keep checking back!  

Don't see what you want? Check out the current full selection at www.lillarose.biz/BeautifulLife.

Also, be sure to watch my sizing video before ordering!: How to Find your Perfect Flexi size

Lilla Rose and Flexi 8 Hair Clips (Flexi Clips)

My favorite hair accessory of all time is the Lilla Rose Flexi clip, hands down! It comes in 7 sizes to fit all types of hair, from baby fine to super long and thick! It WILL work in YOUR hair!

You may know it as the Flexi 8 hair clip, which was the original: a flexible, strong hair clip made with piano wire that was made in the owner's garage and sold at craft fairs, festivals, and vendor events around the country back in the 90's. In 2008, Flexi 8 expanded into direct sales and was renamed "Lilla Rose" after the middle names of the owner's daughters.

To learn more about Lilla Rose hair clips, how they work, how to use them, and which is the perfect size for you, click HERE.

To order any of the retired Lilla Rose hair accessories below, simply click the image or order HERE.

purple butterfly hair clip

#1 Purple Butterfly Hair Clip

Lovely butterfly Flexi Clip with purple beads

Small - $20

divinely framed jewel hair clip

#2 "Divinely-Framed Jewel" Flexi Clip

Stunning jeweled hair clip that changes colors in the light! So incredibly beautiful!

Small - $22

jeweled cluster hair clips

#3 Jeweled Cluster Hair Clips

Stunning purple and diamond/aurora borealis crystal cluster jeweled Flexi hair clips

Purple Medium - $22

Extra Small - $21 (matching bobby pins listed below)

Antonia magenta hair clip

#4 "Antonia" magenta beaded Flexi Clip

Lovely Flexi clip with beautiful magenta-colored accent beads

Extra Small - $18

camelot dragon flexi hair clip

#9 "Camelot" the Dragon hair clip in metallic blues

Small - $22
Extra small - $21

Calla Lily Hair clip

#6 "Calla Lily" Hair Clip

Calla Lily Flexi clip in a stunning bright finish with pearl accent beads

Large - $22

dragonfly blue metallic hair clips

#7 Metallic Blue Dragonfly hair accessories

Gorgeous Lilla Rose dragonfly flexi hair clip and bobby pins in rainbow metallic blues

Mini (XXS) - $15 (four available)
XS - $17 (one left)
Small - $18 (four available)
Large - $20 (four available)

Metallic Blue Dragonfly bobby pins
set of 2 - $15 (four sets available)

yellow metallic dragonfly hair clips bobby pins

#8 Metallic Yellow Dragonfly Hair Accessories

Beautiful dragonfly hair clips and bobby pins in metallic yellow

Extra Small (XS) - $17 (four avail.)
Medium - $19 (four available)

Metallic Yellow Dragonfly bobby pins
set of 2 - $15 (four sets available)

dragonfly hair clips silver gold

#9a Dragonfly Hair Clips

Silver Filigree Dragonfly Flexi clip (XS): $16

Antiqued gold dragonfly Flexi clip (XS): $20

enchanting medley flexi clips

#20 "Enchanting Medley" Decorative Hair Barrette

Gorgeous decorative hair clip in black nickel and antique gold. 

Small - $17
Small - $17 (Sold)
Extra Small - $16
Mini (XXS) - $12

book hair clips

#11 "Brooke" Stack of Books hair clip

An awesome gift for the book lover or avid reader in your life!

  • XS Extra Small - $15.00 (Sale Pending)
  • XXS Mini - $13.00
knitting hair clips

#12 "Knitty" Knitting Flexi hair clip 

LG Large - $19
MD Medium - $18
SM Small - $17
XS Extra small - $16
XXS Mini - $12

Set of U-pins - $22 (below on page)

roses heart Flexi

#13 Roses Heart Flexi clip

Lovely feminine heart Flexi hair clip with roses and sparkly aurora borealis glass beads

Medium $20

heart blossom clips

#14 Heart Flower Blossom hair clips

Beautiful heart flower Flexi hair clips with sparkly aurora borealis beads

Small with Pink jewel centerpiece - $20
Small with diamond-like jewel centerpiece - $20

Stella diamond circle hair clip

#15 "Stella"  jeweled hair clips

Elegant diamond-like jeweled Flexi clip

Mini (XXS) - $15
Small - $20 (two available)

flexi clip oval

#16 Oval Filigree Flexi hair clip

Extra Small $16

daffodil hair clips

#21 Daffodil Flexi hair clip

Medium - $17
Extra Small - $15

filigree heart hair clip

#18 Filigree Heart Decorative silver hair clips

Sweet "Carie" vintage hair clip in silver tone filigree

Small $18

Extra Small $17

mixed metals dragon hair clip

#22 Dragon Flexi hair clip in mixed metals
Small $19 

Star of David hair clip

#23 Star of David hair clip

Small $17 (Sale Pending)

lovely circle stone set clip

#24 "Lovely Circle" Lilla Rose hair clips

Stunning jeweled hair clip with sparkly aurora borealis beads that change color in the light

Extra Small $16 (two available)

Ruby bouquet flexi clips

#25 Ruby Bouquet Lilla Rose hair clip

Elegant decorated hair clips in antique bronze and ruby jewels and beading

Medium $24 (sale pending)

silver cross hair clip

#26 "Charity"  Cross Hair Clip

Simple silver tone cross hair clip with a dainty crystal center

Large $20

mandala circle hair clip

#27 Mandala Circle hair clip

Lovely mandala circle hair clip in silver tone

Extra Small $16

crown of hearts Flexi Clips

#28 "Crown of Hearts"  Flexi Clip

Lovely feminine Flexi hair clip that is perfect for any princess, with a lovely princess tiara, pink beads, and dainty pink jewel dangle.

Small $18 (SOLD)
XS with larger beads more pinkish $17
XS with larger beads more clear $17  

purple butterfly hair clip

#29 Purple Butterfly hair clip

Beautiful soaring butterfly Flexi clip with purple beads

extra small $15 

orchid hair clips hair pins bobby pins

#30 "Orchid" hair accessories

Stunning purple orchid hair accessories with crystal centers
XS $24 (two available)
SM $25 (two available)
MD $26 (two available)
LG $27 (two available)

Swerve large U-pin $30 (two avail.)
Single orchid bobby pin $8
Pair orchid bobby pins $15

wood bead hair clip

#31 Brown wood bead reversible multi-size hair clip

Classic Lilla Rose hair clip in silver tone with brown wood beads.

This is similar to a Flexi FLIP, in that the pin can be flipped and reversed, so that you can get up to three sizes with one clip!

Small (reverse the pin for size XS and possibly even XXS) - $24

crystal rhinestone hair clips

#32 "Klarissa" Jeweled Hair Clip

Stunning jeweled hair clip that really catches the light! Very elegant hair clip.

Extra Small $22 (SOLD))
Mini (XXS) $18

Set of Upins (shown below) - $22

ampersand & hair clip

#33 Ampersand (& sign) hair clip

Cute "& sign" (ampersand) hair barrette in silver tone and crystal beads

Mini (XXS) - $12

Extra Small (XS) - $16

green emerald hair clip

#602 Green Sapphire Hair Clip

This Flexi clip is absolutely stunning. 

Medium $20

Hawaiian flower hair clip

#603 Hawaiian Flower Hair Clip

Medium $17

mina heart hair clip

#604 "Mina" heart Flexi clip

with brushed/antiqued gold scroll heart

Small $15

topaz hair clip

#605 Brown Topaz hair clip
Very unique Lilla Rose clip that I don't believe was ever released
Small $18

coffee java hair clips

#606 Coffee Hair Clips

Mini (XXS) "Java" hair clip with brown beads $12

Black "Look-of-Leather":
Mini (XXS) "Morning Joy" Flexi $12
XS "Morning Joy" Flexi clip $15
SM "Morning Joy" Flexi clip $16

acoustic guitar hair clip

#607 Acoustic Guitar hair clip

Acoustic guitar Lilla Rose hair clip in silvertone

Extra Small (XS) - $15
Small - $16

(All sizes are currently in stock on the website. You can shop for them HERE.)

motorcycle hair clips biker

#608 Motorcycle Biker Hair Clips

Extra Small (XS) $15

Small (SM) $16

Past DIY Hair Clips 

Every month, Lilla Rose has a new selection of DIY hair clips, where you can choose your own centerpiece and beaded design from a selection that changes monthly. They are then assembled at the Lilla Rose headquarters in La Habra, California, for a high quality, beautiful hair clip that is made in America!

The monthly selections are only available during that particular month, however, so if you want past months' DIY Flexi clips, then check HERE! I will be continually adding more.

To learn more about the DIY Flexi clips, as well as the current selections, see my post DIY Flexi Clips.

Since there are so many, I have moved all of the retired DIY hair clips I have available to its own shopping page. Just click the button below to see them all.

May DIY Lilla Rose flexi clips

To shop the current month's DIY Flexi Clip, click the button below:

Celtic Hair Clips

These beautiful hair clips are like Celtic jewelry for your hair! 
The listings below are vintage, retired, and never-released styles.
To see all the current available Celtic hair accessories and Irish hair clips available on the website, see my blog post Best Celtic Hair Accessories.

Kelci celtic hair clip

#34 "Kelci" Celtic hair barrette

Lovely mixed metal Celtic hair barrette

(The Kelci hair clip is retired, but the matching Kelci Celtic bobby pins are still available on the website HERE.)

Mini (XXS) $12

celtic tree of life hair clip

#35 Tree of Life Hair Clip with white and crystal beads

Lovely Celtic Tree of Life hair clip centerpiece with white and aurora borealis beads.

Never-released style

Medium $20

celtic knot multi colored hair clip

#36 Freestyle Multi-colored Celtic Knot Hair Barrette

Stunning Celtic hair jewelry with a Celtic Knot centerpiece and colorful beading.

Never-released style

Medium $20

celtic rope cross hair clips

#37 Celtic Rope Cross hair accessories

Beautiful Christian Rope Cross hair clips with attached pins

Small $15
Extra Small $14

Trinity trifecta silver celtic hair clips

#38 "Trinity" Silver Celtic hair clips

Beautiful trinity trifecta silver Celtic hair clips. Celtic jewelry for your hair you will love. | Irish hair clips

Mini (XXS) - $11 (one left)
XS - $14
SM - $15 (two available)

trinity trifecta black nickel celtic Irish hair clips

#39 Trinity Black Nickel Celtic hair clips

Love the deep black nickel finish of these Irish Celtic hair barrettes with the trifecta/trinity centerpiece.Beautiful Celtic  jewelry for your hair

Mini (XXS) $11 (2 available)
XS - $14 (3 available)

SM - $15 (2 available)

MD - $16 (1 left)
LG - $17 (1 left)

celtic hair jewelry

#40 "Sheridan" Celtic hair clip

Unique Irish jewelry for your Celtic hair

Small - $17 (Sale Pending)

celtic cross rope leather hair clip

#41 Celtic Rope Cross Leather hair barrette with stick

Beautiful Christian Rope Cross in black braided leather with detached espresso hair stick

Gorgeous Celtic Jewelry for your hair

Medium with stick - $20 (5 available)

celtic heart hair pins

#42 Celtic Heart Hair Pins

Beautiful Celtic Heart hair pins, perfect  Celtic hair accessories for all of your Celtic hair updos.

Set of 2 - $20

Celtic crescent moon pins

#44 Crescent Moon Celtic hair pins

Lovely ornate Lilla Rose Celtic U-pins in a filigree crescent moon style

Set of 2 - $22

celtic hair barrette opal

#45 "Opaline" Celtic hair barrette in rose gold

Gorgeous rose gold Celtic hair barrettes with iridescent glass opaline beads

Small - $23 

black celtic flower hair clip

#46 Black Celtic Flower hair clip

Small - $17

Nautical Hair Clips

ship compass hair clip

#700 Ship Compass Hair Clip

Lovely ship compass Flexi hair clip in mixed metals

Small - $20

anchor hair clip nautical

#701 Anchor Hair Clip

Silver anchor Lilla Rose Flexi Clips 

Small - $18

Mini (XXS) - $14

sailboat hair clip

#702 Sailboat Flexi hair clip

Lovely coastal nautical hair accessory

  • LG Large - $20.00
  • MD Medium - $19.00
compass hair clip

#703 Compass Hair Clip
Small $20

lighthouse hair clip

#704 "Iliana" Lighthouse hair clip

Lovely coastal hair accessory

  • XS Extra Small - $16.00 
pirate skull crossbones hair clip

#705 Skull and Crossbones Pirate hair clip

pirate hair barrette in black nickel and mixed metals

Mini (xxs) $11

Beach Hair Clips (Tropical Hair Accessories)

dolphin hair clips

#750 Dolphin Flexi hair clip

Beautiful beach hair accessory with stunning blue beads!

  • XL Extra Large - $24.00 (Sale Pending)
  • LG Large - $19.00
  • MD Medium - $18.00
  • XS Extra Small (SOLD)
sting ray hair clip

#751 Rayanne Stingray Flexi hair clip

Love this beach hair accessory in turquoise and white!

  • LG Large - $19.00
  • SM Small - $17.00
  • XS Extra Small - $16
  • palm tree hair clip

    #752 Palm Tree Flexi 8 Hair Clip

    EXTREMELY RARE Flexi 8 Hair Clip

    Vintage Palm Tree hair clip from Flexi8

    Gorgeous beach hair accessory

    Large $28

    Seascape coastal beach hair clips

    #753 "Seascape" Flexi hair clips

    Gorgeous  beach coastal hair clip in seafoam green, decorated with a seahorse, starfish, sand dollar, seaweed, and seashells. 

    Large - $22.00
    Medium - $21
    Small - $20.00 (3 available)
    Extra Small - $19.00
    Mini (XXS) - $14 (2 available)

    Paula palm tree hair clip

    #754 "Paula" Palm Tree Flexi Clip

    Stunning palm tree beach hair clip in gorgeous blues! Lovely coastal hair accessory.

    XXS (mini) -$19
    XS - $24 (two available)
    SM - $25 (three available)

    MD - $26 (four available)
    LG - $27 (three available)

    Sea Shell Hair clips

    #755 Seashell hair clips

    Lovely sea shell Flexi Clips in silver tone

    • Extra Small - $17 (3 available)
    • Mini (XXS) - $12 (2 available)
    mermaid hair clips

    #756 "Lorelei" Mermaid Hair Clip

    Super cute mermaid hair clip in stunning deep blues

    XXL (Mega) - $29
    XL - $24
    LG - $19
    MED - $18
    SM - $17
    XS - $16
    XXS (mini) - $13

    beach bike hair clips

    #757 "Billie" Beach Bike Flexi clip

    Fun beach bicycle hair clips

    Pink bike hair clips:
    Mini (XXS) lighter pink beads - $14
    Extra Small (XS)  pink beads - $18

    Turquoise bicycle hair clips:
    Mini (XXS) - $14
    Extra Small (XS) - $18
    Large - $21

    toucan hair clip

    #758 "Suzuzu" Toucan hair clip

    Colorful and fun tropical toucan hair clip!

    Mini (XXS) $18

    Pet Hair Clips

    Adorable pet hair clips (animal & pet hair accessories)
    Click the image to order.

    white cat hair clips

    #59 Cute Cat Hair Clips
    ("Mittens" Flexi clip)

    Adorable white cat hair accessories with pink heart collar and blue eyes

    Medium - $25
    Small - $24
    Extra Small - $23
    Mini (XXS) - $18

    (These two sizes are only available here. You can find the other sizes on the website HERE.)

    dog hair clip

    #60 Dog Hair Clips

    ("Marley" Flexi clip)

    Cute white dog hair clips with blue spots

    Extra small - $23
    Mini (XXS) - $18

    (Currently, all sizes are available on the website HERE.)

    paw print barrette stick

    #70 "Pet Love" Paw Print Leather Hair barrette with stick

    Brown leather hair barrette with stick

    Dog hair accessory | leather hair slide

    Small (3") - $18 (with 3.5" wood hair stick, walnut stain)

    MED (3.74") - $22 (with 6" walnut stick)

    Animal Hair Clips

    zebra hair clips

    #62 Zebra Hair Clips

    Cute "Zuri" the Zebra Flexi hair clips in silver tone with gray, black & white bead accents

    Mini (XXS) - $12
    XS - $16
    SM - $17
    MED - $18
    LG - $19

    fish hair clip

    #63 Fish Hair Clip

    ("Angel" fish Flexi clip)

    Stunning fish hair clip in rainbow colors that change in the light

    Mini (XXS) - $12

    Fox mini hair clip

    #57 "Vixey" Fox Flexi Clip

    Copper fox hair clip with light bronze accents

    Mini (XXS) - $14

    (As of this listing, there are more sizes on the website HERE.)

    Leo lion aslan hair clip

    #58 "Leo" the Lion Hair Clip

    Chronicles of Narnia fans will love this "Aslan" hair clip! 

    Gold finish with wooden beads.

    Extra Small - $16

    Set of 2 Lion U-pins - $22 (shown below)

    Dangle Hair Clips

    simple drop

     #64 "Simple Drop" jeweled hair clip

    Sweet mini vintage Flexi clip with crystal-like beads and a drop jewel

    Mini (XXS) $18

    starfish seashells dangle hair clips

    #65 "Seanna" Sea Star Dangle Hair Clip

    I love this starfish hair clip with dainty seashell dangles!

    LG with silver starfish $26
    MD with silver starfish $25
    SM with gold starfish $24
    XS with gold starfish $23
    Mini (XXS) with gold starfish $18

    silver dangle hair clip

    #66 McKenzie Dangle jewel hair clip
    (silver finish dangly hair slide)

    small - $23 

    Hair Barrettes with Sticks (Hair Stick Barrettes)

    I have only two of these gorgeous retired Lilla Rose hair barrettes with detached sticks. So beautiful!

    Kate hair slide with stick

    #67 "Kate" hair barrette with stick

    Gorgeous hair barrette with detached stick in silver and black nickel. 

    LG - $32

    Jeslyn hair stick barrette

    #68 "Jeslyn" hair stick barrette

    This jeweled hair stick barrette in antique silver is absolutely stunning. Comes with a detached metal stick.

    MD - $24

    Coordinates with the "Jeslyn" necklace shown below

    Leather Hair Barrettes with Stick

    The Leather Hair Barrettes are so lightweight and comfortable!
    To learn how to use a Lilla Rose Leather 8 hair barrette with a stick, watch my video tutorial and step-by-step guide here: How to use Leather 8 Hair Barrettes

    trinity leather hair clips

    #69 "Verity" Trinity Leather Hair Barrette with Stick

    Dark brown Braided Leather hair clip with espresso or walnut stick | leather hair slide

    Trinity Knot | Triquetra hair accessory

    Small (3") - $16 (includes stick)
    (4 available)

    paw print barrette stick

    #70 "Pet Love" Paw Print Leather Hair barrette with stick

    Brown leather hair barrette with stick

    Dog hair accessory | leather hair slide

    Small (3") - $18 (with 3.5" wood hair stick, walnut stain)

    MD (3.74") - $22 (with 6" walnut stick)

    leather hair slide with stick

    #71 "Carmen" brown leather braided hair barrette with walnut stick

    Small (3") $18 (with wood stick)
    (two available)

    western cowboy boot barrette

    #72 "Betsy" Western Cowboy Boot hair clips 

    Western-style cowboy boot hair slide with black braided leather and wood hair stick

    Medium $22 (3.74")

    Small $18 (3")

    gold mayan leather hair slide stick

    #73 Antique gold braided Leather hair slide with bronze/golden wood hair stick

    Not sure if this is a Mayan, Aztec, or Celtic design! Cool, nevertheless! LOL

    Medium (3.74") - $20 

    silver turquoise southwestern hair slide with stick

    #74 Southwestern style Turquoise & Silver Braided Leather Hair Barrette with stick

    Unique southwestern style leather hair slide with turquoise centerpiece and silver wood stick

    Small (3") - $16

    Holiday (Seasonal) Hair Clips

    turquoise snowflake hair clip

    #75 Jeweled Turquoise Snowflake Hair Clip

    I love this stunning sparkly snowflake Flexi Clip with turquoise accents. I may just keep this one to myself! LOL

    Large - $27

    Patriotic Heart Flexi hair clips

    #76 Red, White & Blue Patriotic Hair Clip

    "Patriotic Heart" Flexi clip with a jeweled American flag centerpiece. Perfect hair clip for Memorial Day, the 4th of July (Independence Day) or any day!

    Mini (XXS) - $18

    XL - $28

    camper hair clips blue

    #77 Cute Camper Hair Clips

    Adorable camper hair clips for summertime travel fun! #camperhairdon'tcare!
    Mini (XXS) - $17

    XS - $22
    SM - $23

    MD - $24
    LG - $25

    These camper hair clips, including size XL, are currently still available on the Lilla Rose website HERE as well, while supplies last.

    Christmas Hair Clips

    Joy hair clip

    #78 "Joy" Hair Clips
    Festive "Joy" Flexi clips for Christmas or ANY time of the year!

    Mini (XXS) - $12
    LG - $20

    poinsettia hair clip

    #79 "Poinsettia" Hair Clip

    Lovely ruby red poinsettia hair clip, perfect for the holidays.

    LG - $20

    poinsettia hair pins

    #80 Sparkly Poinsettia" U-pins

    Antiqued gold u-shaped hair pins with red jewels

    Set of 2: $22

    Large and Extra-Large Flexi Clips

    large flexi clips

    #81 Large (LG) Flexi hair clips
    Elegant Flower in mixed metal $18 

    Burnt Orange  $18
    Black Elegance $20

    Christine lavender cross $20
    Silver diamond look-of-leather*  $20

    *look-of-leather runs a bit small

    extra large flexi clips

    #82 Extra Large (XL) Flexi hair clips
    Night Owl $24
    Antique Gold Open Flower $24
    Elegant Flower in mixed metal $25
    Pearl Tree of Life $24 (SOLD)
    Silver diamond look-of-leather* $25

    *Look-of-leather runs a bit small

    Classic Flexi Clips

    Chastity flexi clips

    #90 "Chastity" Flexi Clips

    Mini (XXS) $12
    XS $15
    SM $16

    bow flexi clips

    #91 "Bow" Flexi Clips

    Mini (XXS) Silvertone $12 (two available)
    XS black nickel $15 (one left)
    SM black nickel $16 (two available)
    MED silvertone $17 (one left)

    Olympia flexi clips

    #92 "Olympia" Flexi clips

    Mini (XXS) $12 (one available)
    XS $15 (three available)

    vines flexi clips

    #93 "Vines" Flexi clips

    Small $16 (three available)

    Celtic Knot hair clips

    #94 "Celtic Knot" Hair Clips

    Mini silvertone $12 (two available)
    XS silvertone $15 (two available)

    Mini black nickel $12 (one available)
    XS black nickel $15 (three available)
    SM black nickel $16 (three available)

    Celtic cross hair clips

    #95 "Celtic Cross" hair clips

    Mini $12 (one available)
    XS $15 (two available)
    SM $16 (two available)

    See matching necklace and earrings below

    simple band hair clips

    #96 Simple Band Flexi Clips

    SM burnished copper $16 (one left)
    XS silvertone $15 (one left)
    SM silvertone $16 (two available)
    Mini black nickel $12 (one left)
    XS black nickel $15 (three available)
    SM black nickel $16 (two available)
    MED black nickel $17 (two available)
    XL silvertone $23 (one left)
    XL burnished copper $23 (one left)

    U-pins (U-Shaped Decorative Hair Pins)

    Decorative hairpins are a gorgeous way to do many updos. 

    Check out my post How to use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time! to learn more about the Lilla Rose U-pins and how to use them!

    Aslan lion U-pins

    #100 "Leo" the Lion U-pins

    Chronicles of Narnia fans will love these "Aslan" U-pins!

    Set of 2 - $22

    sparkly diamond crystal u-pins

    #101 "Klarissa" Jeweled U-pins

    Stunning jeweled hair pins that really catch the colors of the light! Very elegant hair pins for a fancy evening out or perfect for a wedding hairstyle.

    Set of Upins - $22

    crescent moon celtic hair pins

    #102 Crescent Moon Celtic hair pins

    Lovely ornate Celtic u-shaped hair pins in a filigree crescent moon style

    Set of 2 - $22

    Chignon Forks Chignon Hair Pins

    #103 Chignon Forks (Chignon Hair pins)

    These super-hold metal u-shaped hair pins are almost invisible in your hair, and are great for any updo!

    Lilla Rose Lux U-pins

    Choose your finish: Blush, Crown or Shine (Twilight is sold out)

    Choose your length:
    Medium (2-3/8")
    Long (3")

    Set of 2 - $10

    purple jeweled u shaped hair pins

    #104 Purple Jeweled Hairpins

    A stunning set of u-shaped hair pins in gorgeous purples!

    Set of 2 - $22

    palm tree hair pins

    #105 "Paula" Palm Tree U-pins 

    Gorgeous beach hair pins in a stunning blue color

    $22 - Set of 2 (three sets available)

    Shannon sea turtle u-pins

    #106 "Shannon" Sea Turtle U-pins

    Beautiful blue sea turtle u-shaped hair pins

    Set of 2 - $22

    camelot dragon u pins

    #107 "Camelot" Dragon U-pins in metallic blue

    Set of dragon u-shaped hair pins in a stunning blue rainbow metallic finish. Perfect for any bun or updo.

    Set of 2 - $22

    (Matching Flexi Clips available)

    pineapple u shaped hairpins

    #108 "Pina" Pineapple U-shaped Hairpins

    Sparkly pineapple Lilla Rose Upins! So cute! 

    Set of 2 - $22

    (Flexi Clips and bobby pins also available. Ask for price.)

    knitting hair pins

    #109 "Knitty" Knitting Hair Pins

    Knitting Lilla Rose U-pins 

    Set of 2 - $22

    rainbow flower upins

    #110 Rainbow Flower Hair Pins

    "Flower" Lilla Rose U-pins in a gorgeous rainbow metallic blue that changes in the light

    Set of 2 - $22 (two sets available)

    mermaid hair pins

    #111 "Lorelei" Mermaid U-pins

    Beautiful mermaid u-shaped hair pins

    Set of 2 - $22

    bookworm upins

    #112 Bookworm U-pins

    Set of 2: $22

    ladybug upins

    #113 Ladybug U-pins

    Set of 2: $22

    single upins

    #114 Single U-pins
    Flip Flops U-pin (single): $10
    Scrollwork Heart U-pin (single): $8
    Dragon U-pin: Single sold; see set below

    dragonfly hair pins u-pins

    #115 Dragonfly U-pins

    Set of two silver tone dragonfly u-shaped hair pins

    $20 (two sets available)

    silver dragon u pins

    #116 Dragon U-pins

    Set of 2 dragon u-shaped hair pins in antique silver tone - $22

    dragonfly upins

    #117 Dragonfly U-pins

    Set of 2 yellow gold u-shaped dragonfly hairpins: $22

    Set of 2 rainbow blue metallic u-shaped dragonfly hairpins: $22

    wood hair fork

    #200 Beautiful dark Wood Hair Fork

    Unique 2-prong wooden hair fork


    squared u-pins hair fork

    #201 Squared U-pins
    Large squared u-shaped hair pins (hair forks) 
    One 5" long u-pin will hold your entire updo!

    gold finish (single): $14

    silver finish (single): $14

    Sadira black wood hair fork

    #"Sadira" Black Wood Hair Fork

    Chic wood hair fork stick in black

    Black (as shown on left) 


    Decorative Bobby Pins

    Gold flower bobby pins

    #300 "Gaddiel" Gold Flower Bobby Pins

    Single $8
    Pair $15

    beach starfish sand dollar sea turtle bobby pins

    #301 Beach Bobby Pins

    Love this coastal bobby pin set! Includes a sand dollar, sea turtle, blue jewels, and starfish!

    Single - $6.50
    Set of 4 - $22

    palm tree bobby pins

    #302 Palm Tree bobby pins

    Cute tropical bobby pins for any beach lover!

    Single - $6.50
    Pair - $12

    jeep Bobby Pins

    Jeep bobby pins

    Jeep Hair Don't Care! Cute Jeep Bobby Pins only available from my sweet Jeep Girl friend Lisa, through the link below.

    jeweled bobby pins

    #303 "Blossom Cluster" Jeweled bobby pins

    Absolutely stunning aurora borealis jeweled bobby pins that change color in the light. Gorgeous!

    Single - $8

    Flitter dragonfly bobby pin

    flitter dragonfly bobby pin

    #304 "Flitter" Dragonfly Bobby Pin

    This dragonfly bobby pin is absolutely gorgeous in stunning greens

    Single - $8

    Lilla Rose Hair Accessory Gift Sets

    pearl hair accessory gift set

    #400 Pearl Hair Accessory Gift Set

    Beautifully elegant Lilla Rose pearl gift set that includes a pair of wood pearl seashell hair sticks, a pearl seashell bobby pin, and an adjustable pearl headband.

    Pearl headband - $25
    Pearl Seashell hair sticks - $16
    Pearl Seashell bobby pin - $7

    Save 20% on the Set - $38.40 

    ($48 value if purchased separately.)

    bookworm hair accessories

    #5 "Bookworm" hair clips and matching aqua beaded headband

    Adorable aqua hair clips for book lovers with a matching headband

    Mini (XXS) - $18
    Large (LG) - $26
    Aqua Headband - $25
    Set of U-pins - $22

    Jeep Hair Accessories (Jeep Hair Don't Care!)

    If you are a Jeep Girl, then you will love these one-of-a-kind Jeep hair accessories handmade by my sweet friend Lisa. All these Jeep hair accessories are only available through Lisa's site Gatewood's Jubilee, so do not qualify for any specials for my Exclusives page. She offers Jeep hair clips, Jeep bobby Pins, Jeep lanyards, Jeep keychains, and even handmade Jeep jewelry like Jeep necklaces, Jeep earrings, and Jeep dog tags.

    Check out Lisa's Jeep site for Jeep Hair Don't Care! 

    jeep hair clip

    Jeep Hair Clip

    Beautiful Jeep Hair clip is available from Lisa in 7 different sizes for your Jeep Hair!

    jeep Bobby Pins

    Jeep Bobby Pins 

    Super-strong Jeep Bobby Pins will not slip, even in fine or thin hair, or off-road in your Jeep!

    jeep hair accessories

    Jeep Hair Clip

    Beautiful Jeep Hair clip is available from Lisa in 7 different sizes for all types of hair and Jeep Hairstyles!

    Headbands / Hairbands

    aqua blue headband

    #800 Aqua Blue Beaded Headband

    Beautiful headband with aqua blue beads and adjustable elastic band

    $25 (3 available)

    colorful beaded headband

    #801 Colorful Beaded Headband

    Super cute beaded headband in bright colors that will pop in your hair! (adjustable elastic band that fits both girls and adults)

    Lilla Rose Jewelry (Necklaces & Earrings)

    Check out this beautiful vintage (retired) Lilla Rose jewelry, that coordinates with our Flexi Clips and U-pins!

    Lilla Rose scrollwork heart necklace earrings

    #900 Scrollwork Heart Jewelry
    Scrollwork Heart necklace $12
    Scrollwork Heart earrings $8
    Scrollwork Heart jewelry set $18

    Lilla Rose celtic cross necklace earrings

    #901 Celtic Cross Jewelry
    Celtic Cross necklace $12
    Celtic Cross earrings $8
    Celtic Cross jewelry set $18

    Jeslyn crystal necklace lilla rose

    #902 "Jeslyn" crystal stone necklace

    Lovely 3D crystal stone Lilla Rose necklace $18

    Coordinates with #68 "Jeslyn" hair stick barrette shown above

    rose necklace lilla rose

    #903 Large Rose Necklace

    Bold & beautiful Lilla Rose "Rose" necklace in antiqued silver tone $14
    (two available)

    Lilla Rose hoot owl necklace

    #904 "Hoot" the Owl Necklace

    This beautiful hoot owl necklace coordinates with "Hoot" the owl Flexi clip. Both have been discontinued, but you can still grab this little guy here while he lasts! $18

    Decorative Badge Lanyard Necklaces (breakaway optional)

    Swap out your boring badge lanyard for a beautiful decorative lanyard necklace!
    Perfect lanyards for nurses, teachers, and other professionals.

    celtic knot badge holder

    #500 "Celtic Knot" Badge Lanyard Necklace

    If you love Celtic jewelry, this beautiful badge clip is for you!


    $5 breakaway magnetic clasp

    decorative lanyard badge

    #501 "Roman Cross" Badge Holder

    Gorgeous Roman Cross jeweled badge lanyard necklace


    $5 breakaway magnetic clasp

    rose lanyard badge holder

    #502 "Rose" Lanyard Necklace Badge Holder

    Lovely Rose lanyard necklace badge holder with stunning purple beads


    $5 breakaway magnetic clasp

    lovely circle lanyard badgeholder

    #503 "Lovely Circle" decorative beaded lanyard

    This gorgeous jeweled lanyard necklace, with matching aurora borealis stones all around this lovely Badge Clip is simply stunning.


    $5 breakaway magnetic safety clasp

    simple band lanyard badge holder

    #504 "Simple Band" Badge Holder Lanyard Necklace

    Simple, yet elegant! This lovely lanyard necklace adds a beautiful touch to the everyday.


    $5 breakaway magnetic safety clasp

    magnetic clasp

    #505 Break-away Magnetic Clasp Optional Add-On

    The Magnetic Clasp is an attachment for the Badge Clip necklace. Simply attach the claw-clips to the chain and snap the magnets together at the back of the neck. The magnetic connection will "break-away" when tugged, creating a safety feature for all those employed in areas such as nursing, teaching, and other positions when a necklace can be a potential safety hazard. Can also be used with the Hair Bands to create a necklace or bracelet.

    Newly Released on the Lilla Rose Website!

    Here is a sneak peek at  just a few of the new items just released on my Lilla Rose website! Just click the shop button below each to shop over there! You will also be able to shop many other beautiful styles of hair accessories! 
    (Note: Lilla Rose website items do not qualify for any "Exclusives" specials I may be personally offering on this page.)

    Hair Clips for Traveling!

    airplane hair clip

    "Aerial" Airplane Hair Clip

    Love to travel? Check out our new airplane hair clips so you can travel in style!

    world map globe hair clips

    "Journey" World Globe Hair Clips

    Another great hair accessory for those with wanderlust...a world map globe hair clip!

    flexi sport colors 2022

    Flexi SPORT in new colors!

    This super-grip, no-slip hair clip is seriously the best hair clip for working out, swimming, gardening and more! It is perfect for keeping perky high ponytails in place all day long!

    Learn more here: The Best Hair Accessories for Working Out

    hedgehog hair clip

    "Jensen" the cute Hedgehog Hair Clip

    Is this little hedgehog adorable, or what?! So fun for any hairstyle!

    Also available in adorable Upins!

    rainbow Hemalyke hair clip

    "Stacy" Flexi FLIP

    Stunning hair clip in rainbow hemalyke! Love how it catches the light! 

    Flexi Flips have reversible pins, so you can get up to 3 sizes with just one clip!

    Learn more, and find your perfect size here: What is a Flexi FLIP?

    succulents hair clip bobby pins pins

    "Claudia" Succulent hair accessories

    Cute succulents are all the rage now, as they are just so adorable! Grow them or wear them in your hair where you don't need to water them!

    Succulent bobby pins

    Succulent Upins
    Succulent Hair Clips

    donut hair clip

    Donut Hair Clips

    Fun donut Flexi clips with pink icing and sprinkles!

    Available NOW in 6 sizes on the website. All sizes only $10 each!

    (I also have one XS you can order HERE. #600 Donut Flexi)

    taco hair clip

    Taco hair accessories

    Fun taco hair accessories; perfect for "Taco Tuesday!"

    Taco hair clip - $10 all sizes!
    Taco Bobby Pins
    Taco hair pins

    singer sewing machine hair clips

    "Stitch" Singer Sewing Machine hair clips

    I love the beautiful new Singer sewing machine Flexi hair clip named "Stitch"! So pretty and colorful for all seamstresses out there!

    Currently available in all sizes on the website, or you can get sizes small and extra small from me HERE (#601)

    Katniss cat hair clips

    "Katniss" Cat hair clips

    Cute kitty cat hair clips with blue eyes!

    Katniss flexi clip french twist

    "Katniss" Cat Flexi clip

    An adorable blue-eyed cat Flexi clip!

    Know What You'd Like?

    Let me know which items you'd like to purchase by clicking the button below.

    These are unique styles in limited quantities that are NOT available on the website; just through me, your stylist!  Order anything on this page here: http://bit.ly/streetfaircheckout

    Once you fill out this order form, I will send you an invoice via Paypal if the item is still available. 

    Tax and $4.95 flat shipping fee will be added, no matter how many you order.

    Sorry, only U.S. orders at this time. If you are overseas, you can order through my Lilla Rose website which ships worldwide.

    Check out my Lilla Rose website for many more styles: www.lillarose.biz/beautifullife

    Please let me know if you have any questions whatsoever!

    Thank you!

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