5 Cute & Easy Back to School Hairstyles

by Brittany Blubaugh

With back to school just around the corner, it’s time to gather all of the fresh new supplies and best of all- a new school wardrobe complete with cute hair accessories! 

 In this post I will share 5 cute hairstyles for back to school using Lilla Rose’s hair accessories.

Lilla Rose accessories are gentle on hair so they won’t cause breakage or damage, and they also stay secure in hair all day long. They are also very unique with designs to match your student’s personality! 

Best of all, Lilla Rose accessories are easy to use, so your daughter can have cute hair for back to school without spending a lot of time on it in the mornings. 

back to school hairstyles

1. Headband with a Ponytail 

A child with a hair clip headband ponytail

This style is super easy and super cute! A pretty floral headband keeps her hair out of her face, and a flexi sport from Lilla Rose holds her hair in a comfortable ponytail.

The flexi sport comes in over 20 colors so she can even get a hair clip to match school colors! 

Flexi Sports are made with a poly coating so they hold even the finest hair securely, so they are a great choice for after school sports or outdoor play.

If they get dirty just rinse them with warm water and a tiny bit of Dawn. 

2. High Bun with a Flexi Clip

high bun hairstyle

This classic style can be done without bobby pins or elastic hair bands when you secure it with a flexi clip! 

Find out what size flexi you need HERE: Sizing Video

Click here to see a video tutorial for this easy high bun with a flexi clip!

With all of the gorgeous flexi designs, you can find one to complement your student’s personal style, unique personality, or even school spirit! 

You can make a statement with our third easy hairstyle for back to school- 

3. Simple Half-Up with a Flexi

half-up hairstyle

This style is soooo simple to make, but a beautiful flexi clip makes it beautiful - and it will stay lovely all day without sliding out! 

4. Simple Headband Style

simple headband hairstyle

For a no fuss classic style, try a Lilla Rose headband.

These are adjustable so you can get just the right fit without pressure headaches or the band sliding off.

They even fit well with glasses, as the band tends to rest just behind where the arm of the glasses ends.

Choose from pretty beaded styles, wider bands in cute fabrics and patterns- even camo! 

5. Side Braid Half-Up Bun with a Flexi Clip

Side braid half-up

This lovely style is great for long hair!

Take a section of hair on each side, and make two individual braids. Pull the braids together in the back and twist in to a bun.

Slide your flexi clip pin under the bun against the head, then close the clip with the figure 8 part over the bun and secure the pin. 

To see a simple tutorial of this style - click here: How to do a side-braid Half-up bun.

Where can I buy these cute back-to-school hair accessories?

To shop for all the cute hair accessories shown above, simply click the button below!

I hope this gives you some new back-to-school ideas to try, or some ways to level up styles you are already doing!

The new school year is an exciting time, and no matter what kind of school your child is attending- homeschool to public school - it’s always fun to begin with a fresh new look. 

If you need more hairstyle ideas you can find a series of videos on the Lilla Rose website HERE: Hairstyling Tutorials

And you can find the full selection of hair accessories HERE: www.lillarose.biz/fabhair

Have fun and happy hairstyling! 

Cute and easy back to school hairstyles

about the author, Brittany Blubaugh

Brittany Blubaugh

Brittany Blubaugh is a homemaker mama of 4 littles, recently relocated from Ohio to her home state of Florida.

Most days you can find her at home with her babies, cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, or gardening.

She loves helping other busy moms feel beautiful and have healthier hair with Lilla Rose!

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