History of Collagen Supplements

The History of Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements have a fascinating history that's intertwined with our understanding of health and nutrition.

The use of collagen dates back centuries, with its origins rooted in traditional practices.

1. Ancient Wisdom: Collagen-Rich Foods

Origins in Traditional Practices

Long before the advent of modern science, our ancestors possessed a profound understanding of the value inherent in collagen-rich foods. These ancient civilizations, steeped in tradition and wisdom, recognized the significance of certain dietary staples.

Bone Broths: Nourishing Elixirs

Bone broths, simmered slowly from animal bones, were more than mere sustenance. They held a secret—the essence of collagen. These broths were revered for their healing properties, fortifying both body and spirit. From ancient hearths to modern kitchens, bone broths continue to be cherished for their nourishing qualities.

Organ Meats: Nutrient Powerhouses

Organ meats, often considered delicacies in traditional cuisines, were prized for their rich collagen content. Liver, heart, and other offal provided essential nutrients, including collagen. Our ancestors intuitively understood that consuming these meats contributed to robust health. Whether roasted, stewed, or grilled, organ meats were a vital part of their diet.

Healing & Strengthening Properties

The wisdom of our forebears extended beyond mere sustenance. They recognized that these collagen-packed foods held healing and strengthening properties. Whether it was supporting joint health, promoting skin elasticity, or aiding overall vitality, collagen-rich sources were revered as gifts from nature.

2. 20th Century Insights: Collagen as a Targeted Supplement

Emergence of Collagen Supplements

As the cornerstone of traditional diets, these foods provided the necessary nutrients for maintaining robust health, including the benefits of naturally occurring collagen.

It wasn't until the 20th century, however, that the concept of collagen as a dietary supplement began to take shape.

Fast-forward to the mid-1900s, when nutritional science and technology began to unlock the potential of collagen. 

Researchers explored its specific benefits, focusing on skin health, joint pain reduction, and overall well-being.

This marked the pivotal moment when collagen transitioned from being an inherent part of our diet to a concentrated form of supplementation.

3. Beauty Industry’s Spotlight: Collagen as an Anti-Aging Secret

A Key Ingredient in Skincare

The beauty industry was quick to recognize collagen’s magic. It became a star player in anti-aging products, promising youthful skin and vitality. As public interest in health and wellness surged, so did the demand for collagen supplements. By the 1980s and 1990s, collagen wasn’t just for skincare; it was also sought after for joint health and muscle support.

The beauty industry was one of the first to capitalize on collagen's potential, promoting it as a key ingredient in anti-aging products. As the public's interest in health and wellness grew, so did the market for collagen supplements. By the 1980s and 1990s, collagen supplements were becoming more widely available, not just for skin care but for joint and muscle health as well.

As the clock struck midnight on the eve of the 21st century, collagen stepped into the spotlight. Its popularity soared, fueled by scientific breakthroughs and innovative processing techniques. 

4. Hydrolyzed Collagen: A Game-Changer

Breaking It Down

In the laboratories of nutritional science, a revolution was brewing.

Researchers unlocked the secret to collagen’s enhanced efficacy: hydrolysis.

This process broke down collagen into smaller, more bioavailable peptides.

Suddenly, our bodies could absorb and utilize these collagen fragments with remarkable efficiency.

Seamless Integration: Collagen in Everyday Life

From Powders to Liquid Elixirs

The convenience factor skyrocketed.

Hydrolyzed collagen could now be seamlessly incorporated into daily routines.

Whether in powderscapsules, or even liquid supplements, collagen became a versatile companion. Morning smoothies, midday capsules, or an evening elixir—the options were endless.

The 21st century witnessed collagen’s rebirth—a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science. 

From bone broths in ancestral kitchens to sleek supplement bottles on our countertops, collagen continues to weave its magic across generations.

As research continues to develop, the understanding and utilization of collagen supplements are likely to expand, further cementing their place in the health and wellness landscape.

For more information on the variety of collagen supplements as well as the one that I use, see my Essential Guide to Collagen Supplements.


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