Best Hair Accessories for Working Out

Are you struggling to find a good way to keep your hair up while working out?

Have you searched all over the web, looking for the best hair accessories for working out to no avail?

So you keep surviving the best you can with your hair ties and scrunchies, but know that there has to be something better!

Why Hair Ties are Bad

Ponytail elastics and hair ties pull your hair, are a literal pain to put in and take out, and it is hard to find how many times to wrap it around your hair that is not too tight or too loose.

And they stretch out and get lost. 

Seriously, how many hair ties have you gone through this year?

Yes, hair tie problems are real.

missing hair ties
hair tie hide out

Can hair ties damage your hair?

Yes, hair ties can damage your hair, especially if they are worn too tightly or put in wet or damp hair. They create creases which damages and weakens your hair. Hair ties are notorious for snagging, tangling, and pulling out your hair when removing from your ponytail.

What's wrong with scrunchies?

Then there are fabric scrunchies. They are a little more comfortable than elastics and hair ties, and are definitely less damaging to your hair, but truthfully, they just don’t hold as tightly. This can be a cause of constant interruption of your workout while you pause to tighten your ponytail or redo your messy bun.

hair scrunchies

Then, what no one wants to talk about...that naturally, when you are working out, there is the inevitable sweat and perspiration (unless you are not working out hard enough!) that can make your scrunchie get damp and, well, pretty gross and stinky, if you’re honest. 

The best hair accessories for working out have arrived!

Wish someone would invent something better? I mean really, this is the 21st century, after all, and you’d think in our advanced civilization that we’d have a better hair solution by now.

Well, get ready to celebrate, because after years of development, Lilla Rose has finally invented the perfect hair accessory for working out...the Flexi SPORT.

The Flexi Sport by Lilla Rose is a brand new patent-pending hair clip made of latex-free thermoplastic elastomer which is a waterproof, rubbery, "grippy" material which makes it one of the best hair hair accessories for working out. It is great for exercising, running, swimming, gardening, or even just running around chasing toddlers all day!

The Sport was just released on the market in September, 2021. So, if you haven’t heard of it yet, that may be why, but I am sure that once word spreads, you will soon see ladies in gyms everywhere wearing this awesome new hair accessory, as it is seriously one of the best hair accessories for working out.

best hair accessories for running
how to wear hair when running
hair accessory for work out

(And yes, gardening and yard work absolutely count as working out!!!)

best hair accessories for gardening
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What is a Flexi Sport?

Check out my video below where I demonstrate the awesome Flexi Sport, and  exactly how it works for non-slip hold, even in high ponytails or thin fine hair, or when running, gardening, swimming, or working out!

Inside the Sport  is a high carbon spring steel wire (like piano wire) that gives the Sport  strength and flexibility.

It is very light-weight and versatile.

It is easy to put in and take out (no pulling or snagging like hair ties do) and stays securely all through your workout without having to readjust.

how to wear hair when running

"I can wear a high ponytail without pain! I also tried it at the end of braids, and it doesn't budge at all. It holds tightly, but in a gentle sort of way."

~ Hannah W.

It is also easy to clean with just soap and water, so no more stinky scrunchies!

The pin is reversible for different fits, types of hair, and hairstyles (remember, it has that cool strong bendable piano wire in the middle) so one clip can do a half-up, ponytail, French twist, bun, and more.

This is a great hair clip for those with fine, thin, or slippery hair, as it has more "grip" than the classic Flexi.

The Sport is also good for ponytails for the same grippy reason. So, if you were wondering how to keep your ponytail high, this is the secret! The Flexi Sport is how to do a high ponytail that actually stays where you want it!

The amazing grip of the Flexi Sport for ponytails also makes it one of the best hair accessories for running or jogging. So if you were having a hard time knowing how to wear your hair when running, this is the solution...just pop a Sport in your ponytail, and you will be able to complete your entire run without stopping once to readjust your pony!

best hair accessories for running

"They arrived!! So excited! I am happy to report this new clip is holding my long, thick, heavy hair in a high ponytail!!"

~ Christine F.

The Flexi Sport is not only great for running, but it is one of the best hair accessories for sports in general. I mean really, who wants to be distracted by their hair, right in the middle of competition?

hair accessories for sports

The Flexi Sport is also one of the best hair accessories for swimming, as it is waterproof. So this is a great hair clip to grab when you don't want to ruin your classic decorative Flexi hair clip.

hair clip swimming
hair clip pool

Rough waves at the beach? No problem! The Sport is actually a great beach hair accessory, since the wind, waves, and salty water will not bother it one bit. I put it to the test in my video HERE!

hair accessory for swimming

It even stays put while scuba diving many feet under water! Now THAT'S amazing!!!

sport scuba diving

Maybe walking is your favorite form of excercise. The Sport is great for that as well!

And if you have kids who tend to lose their hair accessories while playing and running around, then a Sport is a must!  It's amazing "grippiness" will keep the Sport in their hair without sliding out.

sport boating
sport climbing tree

Boating? Never worry again about losing your hair clip!

The Sport hair clip  is also very comfortable, and does not cause “ponytail headaches.”

It is also a great alternative for those who have metal/nickel allergies and can't wear the classic metal Flexis.

The Flexi Sport also makes a great shower hair clip, since it is waterproof and easy to put your hair up out of the way on no-wash days. If you prefer, you can pair it with the Lilla Rose shower cap, to be absolutely certain your hair stays dry!

How to use a Flexi Sport

It's so easy to use a Flexi Sport! Just slide the pin underneath your ponytail, then secure the pin in the loop of the figure 8 on the other side! It is easy to put in, and even easier to take out! 

To take out the Flexi Sport, simply pull out the pin, and voila, your ponytail is free! You can even remove it with just one hand! No more snagging, damaging, and pulling out your hair! Ouch!

how to use a Flexi sport

Video tutorial on how to use a Flexi Sport, plus Rough Waves Test!

Here is a video I made on a recent trip to the beach, to test out the hold of the Flexi Sport, swimming in rough ocean waves. I also show how to put in the Flexi Sport and how to take out the Flexi Sport. Hopefully it will give you a good laugh!

Flexi Sport EX

New larger size Flexi Sport!

Flexi Sport Review and Pony-O Review (Pony-O vs Flexi Sport)

Also, check out my video review of how the Flexi Sport compares to the popular Pony-O hair accessory at Pony-O vs. Flexi Sport [Could this be the best Pony-O Alternative?] 

So, if you have been struggling with sub-par ponytail elastics and scrunchies, eagerly waiting for the best hair accessories for working out, today is your lucky day, as you've found them!  

Where to Buy a Lilla Rose Flexi Sport

The Flexi Sport hair clip currently comes in three sizes (Extra Small, Medium & Extra.)

The extra small Sport fits up to 2 sizes: extra-extra small (mini) and extra small.

The medium Sport fits up to 3 sizes: extra small, small, and medium, if you are comparing to the classic Flexi clip.

The Extra Sport also fits up to 3 sizes: medium, large, and extra large.

The Flexi Sport comes in 27 colors: black, gray, lavender purple, turquoise, midnight blue, violet, lime green, silver, royal blue, hot pink, blossom, blush, sage, expresso, caramel, and latte, with more colors on the way! 

Medium Flexi Sport Colors

Lilla Rose Flexi sport waterproof hair clip colors

Flexi SPORT colors

Extra Large Flexi Sport Colors

Lilla rose extra large flexi sport colors

Flexi Sport colors in extra large

Extra Small Flexi Sport Colors

The extra small size Sport is our newest size! This is great for baby fine or very thin hair where nothing has held before!

The extra small Sport comes in black, gray, midnight blue, turquoise, cocoa, pink, purple and royal blue.

 Love the Sport and can't wait to try it? I thought so! ☺️

Each medium Flexi SPORT is $15, or save with a 3-pack for $39!
Each extra large Flexi SPORT is $17.

Just click the button below to SHOP!

Thanks so much for visiting, and hope you enjoyed learning about the absolute best hair accessories for working out, and are now excited to try a Flexi Sport of your own!

Please let me know if you have any questions whatsoever...I am here to help you!

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