Braid Styles for Day Into Night

by Hannah Wright

Are you ever stumped when it comes to switching from everyday hair to evening-out hair when you're in a hurry?

Sometimes we know we won't have time between work and a special event to redo our style. Here are three easy braided day hairstyles that transition quickly into beautiful braided night updos!

braid styles day to night

Day Braid Style: Basic Braid

The first style, worn by my daughter to work, is a basic braid. It is also known as a braided ponytail hairstyle.

She used a used a small reversible Flexi Flip hair clip from Lilla Rose in place of a hair elastic to secure the braid.

Night Braid Updo Style:
Basic Braid Folded Up

For evening, the ponytail braid was unclipped and folded up toward the head, only held in place by a beautiful Symphony' Flexi Clip in size large. 

basic braid folded up

Day Braid Style:
Simple French Braid

The second hairstyle, in my own hair, is a simple French braid.

simple french braid

Again, a Flexi Flip (size medium) was used to make a ponytail at the nape of the neck.

Night Braid Style:
French Braid in a Low Bun

In the evening, I took the ponytail and coiled it into a bun, replacing the Flexi Flip so it can hold more hair. 

french braid coiled into a bun

Day Braid Style: Dutch Braid

The third everyday style is two Dutch braids, joined into one ponytail braid. 

 Here, my daughter used both her Flexi Flip and a Flexi Clip in size mini.


Night Braid Style:
Dutch Braided Low Bun

For the evening updo, the clips were removed, and an elegant bun was created with the braid.

dutch braided bun


Two coordinating beaded hair sticks, also from Lilla Rose, held the bun securely in place.

All three of these hairstyles took five, or less, minutes to create in the beginning, and just seconds to transform them into gorgeous updos!

We used no other products or tools beside a wide-toothed comb and the items mentioned above.

We love how simply and comfortably we can wear our hair--no matter the occasion--with our amazing Lilla Rose hair accessories!

 You may browse our wide selection here:

everyday braid styles into evening

about the author, Hannah Wright

Hannah Wright is a wife, mother of 4 children, & an independent stylist for Lilla Rose hair accessories.

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