What is a Flexi FLIP? [Flexi FLIP vs. Flexi CLIP]

The Lilla Rose Flexi Flip hair clip is an amazing new design made with semi-precious stones in a variety of lovely colors, that is incredibly forgiving and versatile in sizing. It is different than the classic Flexi clip in that the pin is reversible, so you can do many different hairstyles and get up to THREE sizes with just ONE clip!

In this post, I'll explain more about what a Flexi FLIP hair clip is, what are all the differences between a Flexi FLIP and a Flexi CLIP, what size FLIP you are, and what is a better choice for you...Flexi FLIP vs. Flexi CLIP!

Lilla Rose Flexi Flip hair clip Stacy

I am actually wearing my Flexi FLIP as we speak! 

flexi flip Lisa

"Lisa" Flexi FLIP in a French Twist hairstyle

I am wearing a "Lisa" Flexi FLIP made with metallic rainbow hemalyke stones. I love how the colors change in the light!

What is a Flexi FLIP hair clip?

Check out my video below about the Lilla Rose Flexi Flip hair clip...what it is, exactly how it works, how is it different from the classic Flexi, what size Flip you should get, and why I love it!

Flexi FLIP hairstyles

Here is the "Rhonda" Flexi FLIP. One size can do a ponytail, half-up half-down, and a French twist hairstyle! I love the colors in the semi-precious Sediment Jasper stones.

Rhonda flexi flip hairstyles

"Rhonda" Flexi FLIP

What is the difference between a Lilla Rose Flexi FLIP and a Flexi CLIP?

Both the Flexi FLIP and the classic Flexi CLIP are beautiful, strong, flexible and durable. They both come in beaded and plain styles. The main difference is that the Flexi FLIP has a reversible pin, so that you can get up to three sizes with just one clip. The Flexi CLIP, on the other hand, is not reversible, and usually has a decorative or themed centerpiece, for more fashion choices.

Flexi FLIP vs. Flexi CLIP

Flexi FLIP:

~ Made with semi-precious stones in a variety of beautiful colors*
~ No decorative centerpiece
~ Reversible pin to get up to 3 sizes with one clip
~ Comes in 3 sizes, each that fit up to 3 sizes each
~ Made with strong high-carbon steel drawn music wire
~ Comes with one-year guarantee

Amy flexi flip sizes

"Amy" Flexi FLIP

Flexi CLIP:

~ Made with or without beads in a variety of materials and colors
~ Comes with our without a decorative centerpiece
~ Pin is not reversible
~ Comes in 7 sizes for all types of hair and hairstyles
~ Made with strong  high-carbon steel drawn music wire
~ Comes with a one-year guarantee

Montana flexi clips

"Montana" Flexi CLIP


The  exception to this is the Flexi SPORT, which is technically a "FLIP" because it has a reversible pin that you can flip to get up to three sizes with one clip, but it is made out of a waterproof, rubbery material, with no beading.

It does, however, have the music wire embedded within, for strength and flexibility. You can learn more about the super-grip, no-slip hair clip, the Flexi SPORT, in my post here: Best Hair Clip for Working Out.

Lilla Rose Flexi sport waterproof hair clip colors

Flexi SPORT Flips

*NEW! Wood Pin Flexi FLIP!

"The wood Flip is so
comfortable and
lightweight. It held all
day without slipping and I
love the simple elegance
of the wood pin." ~ 
Courtney M.

wood pin flexi flips

Wood Pin Flexi Flips

To learn more about the new wood pin Flexi Flip, see my post Create Multiple Hairstyles with the Natural Wood Flexi Flip Hair Clip or shop HERE.

Lilla Rose Flexi FLIP Reviews and Testimonials

flexi flip testimonial chickens

"My hair has been thinning and a medium Flexi clip still fit, but was loose, and the small Flexi clip was not big enough. The Medium Flip (flipped smaller) is the perfect in-between size for me!"

~ Sue Ellen H.

"Meridian's curls are hard to contain, but she can finally wear a ponytail with the small flip when the pin is inverted!! These are game changers for slippery hair 🙌🏼"

~ Jana B.

flexi flip little girls hairstyle ponytail
Flexi flip testimonial hairstyles

"I love how many styles I can do with just one clip!

I can change my look throughout the day. The Flexi Flip is incredible!"

~ Kristi D.

"My daughter has super slippery hair and changes her mind about how she wants to wear it throughout the day. The flip not only stays in place but also allows us to change up her style on-the-go so we don't have to keep to just styles that suit a certain clip size. A sure win for this Mom and Tween ❤"

~ Niccole P.

Flexi flip heather
long gray hair half up twist flexi flip
long gray hair half up French twist flexi flip

"I get sooooooooooo many compliments when i wear this 'Lisa' Flexi Flip! People actually stop me and ask where i got it! I can wear it with anything because it has so many colors and it stands out in my gray hair/ dark brown (the underside is super dark brown the top is white/silver) hair." ~ Frances H.

girls hairstyle hair clip flip

Okay, okay, just one more Flexi FLIP testimonial pic because it is so cute: 

"Jubilee can now wear a half up!! Her hair is baby fine and so slippery. The inverted flip holds it perfectly!!"

~ Jana B.

  • The Flexi FLIP is available in 3 sizes, each of which will fit up to 3 sizes of the classic Flexi CLIP. First, find your Flexi clip size by watching my video here: Find your Flexi CLIP Size, then choose a FLIP that will be perfect for you, depending on what hairstyles you'd like to do! (A half-up will be a smaller size, and a full updo will be a larger. A ponytail would be the middle comparable size.)

  • Flexi FLIP Hair Clip Sizing Chart

    If you are Flexi CLIP  Size:

    Get Flexi FLIP Size:

    XXS (Mini)
    XS (Extra Small)
    SM (Small)

    SM (Small)

    XS (extra small)
     SM (small)
    MD (medium)

    MD (Medium)

    MD (medium)
     LG (large)

    XL (extra large)

    EX (Extra Large)

    Flexi flip hairstyles collage

    Where to buy Lilla Rose Flexi FLIP hair clips

    Just click the button below to shop for all of these (and many more!) lovely Lilla Rose Flexi FLIPS. Each Flip comes in a beautiful suede pouch, perfect for gift-giving. If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact me!

    Flexi flip pouch packaging

    Save on Flexi FLIP sets! 

    Save by getting a Flexi FLIP with a Flexi SPORT!

    Lilla Rose Flexi FLIP sport

    Flexi FLIP Royal Mix

    Lilla Rose flexi flip turquoise sport

    Flexi FLIP Turquoise Mix

    Where to buy the Flexi CLIP hair clip and other Lilla Rose hair accessories

    To shop ALL Lilla Rose hair accessories, click the button below!

    silver hemalyke hair clip flexi flip

    "Teri" silver hemalyke Flexi Flip in size MD

    braided bun flexi flip hair clip lilla rose

    "Caroline" size EX Flexi Flip with green & red dolomite

    Win a Lilla Rose Flexi Flip hair clip!

    If you'd like to enter to win a Flexi Flip or Flexi Clip or other Lilla Rose hair accessory,  be sure to enter my giveaway below!

    How to become a Lilla Rose Stylist

    If you are interested in having a fun home business introducing others to the beautiful Lilla Rose hair accessories, click the button below to learn more!

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