DIY Hair Sticks that are Absolutely Charming!

Love the ease and look of hair sticks, but wish you could design your own, for a look that is uniquely yours? Well, now you can!

Lilla Rose has a new DIY hair stick where you can choose your color of wood (dark or light) hair stick with a chain, and then one or more adorable charms that you can add to make a "charming" hair stick that is perfect for YOU!

faith hope DIY hair stick

DIY hair stick with Faith & Hope charms

2024 UPDATE: Sorry, DIY hair sticks are no longer available from Lilla Rose, but they have many other beautiful hair stick styles you will definitely want to check out!

How to Design your own DIY Hair Stick

It's so easy to design a charming hair stick that is uniquely yours, or to create one that would make the perfect gift for someone special in your life. 

Step 1: Choose your Wood Hair Stick Color

For creating your own custom DIY hair stick, you start by first choosing the finish of your wooden hair stick: dark or light. As you can see, the 5" long Lilla Rose wood hair sticks come with attached jewelry chains for adding on your own unique charms, which is Step 2!

wood hair sticks

Step 2: Choose your Hair Stick Charms

There are DOZENS of super-cute charms you can choose from to make your own DIY hair stick that is unique to you!

Here are just a few charms that are available!

Friends & Gifts Charms

Friends and Gifts charms are super-cute, and are great for a variety of meaningful gifts. Choose the Apple charm for an adorable teacher's gift, the Mom charm for a sweet Mother's Day gift, or any of the others for sweet gifts for friends!

gray hair stick half up cupcake
friends charms hair sticks
mom charms
apple charm hair stick teacher

Birthstone Charms

Add birthstone charms (for you and/or your children or grandchildren) or add them with other cute hair stick charms!

Note: if you have a lot of children or grandchildren, you can simply add on an extension chain that easily attaches to the hair stick chain, making plenty of room for all the blessings you have! 💜

birthstone charms hair stick
birthstone charms

Farm Animal Charms

Love these super-cute farm animal charms for your custom DIY hair stick! Sheep, cows, chickens, goats dogs, cats, squirrels, frogs, and pigs! Perfect for hair accessory for homesteaders!

chicken goat charms
farm animal charms

Animal Charms

So many other cute animal charms for your hair stick as well! Sloth, koala, monkey, giraffe, owl, toucan, fish, and elephant! Which is your favorite?

DIY hair stick ponytail
animals charms hair stick

Nature Charms

Check out all of these cute charms...they are categorized as "nature," but in reality, there are so many different styles...paw print (for you pet and dog lovers), jeweled paw, baby feet (love these for a gift for an  expectant mom!), elephant, palm tree, apple (perfect teacher's gift!), and two different flower charms.

baby feet pregnancy charm
nature charms hair stick

Faith Charms

Love these faith, hope, and "never give up" charms! What a thoughtful gift for someone going through tough times!

faith hope DIY hair stick
faith hope never give up charms

Awareness Charms

Have a cause that is close to your heart? Remember it with these awareness charms, from the basic ribbon to all the awareness colors.

awareness charm hair stick
awareness ribbons charms

Love Charms

What better way to say, "I love you" than a sweet love charm hair stick? Choose from a rose, couple, open heart, "be mine," "XOX" (hugs & kisses), bow & arrow, and cupid!

bow arrow love charm
love heart cupid charms

heart charm hair stick

"I Love You to the Moon & Back" Charms

Don't you just love that children's book, "I Love You to the Moon and Back"? So sweet! Now you can get that memorable saying on your hair stick charms! What a lovely gift for someone special in your life.

I love to the moon charm
I love you to the moon and back charm

And voila! In just two simple steps you have created a lovely DIY wood hair stick with a chain and custom charms that are perfectly YOU! 💜

Where to Buy DIY Hair Sticks

2024 UPDATE: Sorry, DIY hair sticks are no longer available from Lilla Rose, but they have many other beautiful hair stick styles you will definitely want to check out!

To shop ALL Lilla Rose hair sticks, click the button below:

To shop all Lilla Rose hair accessories, click below:

Other Lovely Hair Stick Styles and Tutorials

If you'd like to see other beautiful wood hair stick styles along with video tutorials on how to use hair sticks, check out my post 12 Best Hair Stick Styles.

DIY Hair Clips

As well as the DIY hair sticks, Lilla Rose also offers two types of DIY hair CLIPS! 

The first is similar to the DIY Hair Sticks, in that you can choose your hair clip base, then choose your personalized charms to attach to it. To see all the hair clips that can be customized with charms, just put "charm" in the search bar on the website HERE.

The second is a fun unique mix-and-match selection of beaded bases and centerpieces that changes monthly. Choose your base, centerpiece, and size, and your hair clip will be custom made for you at the Lilla Rose headquarters in California.

Learn more about these custom design-it-yourself hair clips at DIY Flexi Clips.

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DIY hair sticks charms

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