How to do a Half-Up Half-Down French Twist

Are you looking for a fun, yet easy variation of your usual half-up half-down hairstyle?

Why not try a Half-Up Half-Down French Twist? 

Look how pretty it is!!!

Admittedly, this photo is particularly stunning with Dasha, the blue metallic dragonfly Flexi clip! I love how the colors change in the light on this Flexi style!

So, how do you do an easy Half-up Half-down French twist? 

Check out my tutorial below! We shot this on a vacation to to the Canadian Rockies way back in 2016. It was so incredibly gorgeous! 

To learn how to do a full classic French twist updo using several different methods, see my post How to do a French Twist (Step-By-Step with Pictures & Videos!)

You can also learn how to do a fun French twist ponytail here: How to Do a French Twist Ponytail

(I had someone ask for a video on how to do this hairstyle on yourself, so that is on the way! In the meantime, you can check out my video HERE. At the 8:45-minute  mark, I show how to do a Half-up French twist on yourself. I am using a Swerve Upin, but it is the same method with a Flexi.)

You can buy Dasha the dragonfly HERE.  You can also shop for the classic silver Filigree Dragonfly hair clip as shown below, as well as the Dasha dragonfly U pins while supplies last.

And here are a few more styles that come in the gorgeous blue metallic or yellow metallic finish, Harper, the hummingbird hair clip, the Metallic Band Flexi, Camelot the dragon hair clip, and Stacy, a Flexi FLIP.

(Stacy is a Flexi FLIP with a reversible pin to get up to 3 sizes and multiple hairstyles with just one clip. Learn more at What is a Flexi FLIP? [Flexi FLIP vs. Flexi CLIP])

Camelot dragon hair clips
Stacy flexi flip

I am continuing to add to my Lilla Rose Exclusives page, of hard-to-find vintage, out-of-stock, or retired Lilla Rose and Flexi8 hair clips and U pins, so if you ever see a Flexi style that is not available on the website, be sure to check my Exclusives page!

Don't forget to enter our monthly giveaway below, so you can try a Flexi (or U-pin) for yourself! Once you try one, you will wonder where they were your whole life!

Please pin if you loved this Half-up Half-Down French Twist hairstyle! 
Thank you! 😊

half up French twist dragonfly clip

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