How to Do a Gibson Tuck Step-by-Step

The Gibson Tuck is an elegant vintage hairstyle that is simpler to do than it looks!
In this post, I'll show you how to do a Gibson Tuck step-by-step, with pictures, so you can easily do it yourself! I'll also include a video tutorial on how to do a Gibson Tuck hairstyle, if you prefer seeing it that way!

Not only does a Gibson Tuck make an elegant updo for a wedding or prom hairstyle, but it is a perfect everyday hairstyle as well!

This Gibson Tuck step-by-step tutorial is shown on extra-long hair, but this easy updo can also be done on medium length hair as well.  You can also do a Gibson Tuck with short hair, as long as it is long enough for a ponytail to tuck!

With the Flexi clip, it is easy to fasten your beautiful new vintage updo securely and comfortably!

(If you'd like to see a video tutorial of the Gibson Tuck, scroll on down.)

How to do a Gibson Tuck, Step-by-Step, with Pictures!

Step 1.

Put your hair back into a low ponytail with a hair tie

Step 2.

Create a hole with your hair above your hair tie

Step 3.

Pull your hair overtop and through the hole above your hair tie

Step 4.

Twist up your hair

Step 5.

Pull your twist up

Step 6.

Fold your twisted hair into the hole above the hair tie.

Step 7.

Gather the loose hair from the side of your head and add it to the twist.

Step 8.

Tuck in all the ends

Step 9.

Take the pin of the Flexi Clip, put it through one side of the top of the twist, slide it along the scalp, and to the other side.

Step 10.

Attach the pin through the loop


The beautiful Lilla Rose Flexi clip shown in this Gibson Tuck tutorial is "Open Flower." You can buy it in gold, rose gold, or silver finish HERE.

Gibson Tuck Video Tutorial

The Lilla Rose hair clip shown in this Gibson Tuck video tutorial was "Posie." You can buy it in gold or rose gold finish HERE.

How to do a Gibson Tuck with Long Hair Photo Tutorial

Gibson Tuck tutorial step by step pictures

The Flexi clip shown in the Gibson Tuck pictorial tutorial above is a "Lovely Circle Stoneset" in aqua blue. The blue color is retired, but you can find the Lovely Circle in beautiful clear aurora borealis that changes colors in the light HERE.

I am also continually adding beautiful rare retired Lilla Rose hair clips to my Exclusives page HERE, so be sure to check it out!

I hope you found these step-by-step hairstyle tutorials on How to do a Gibson Tuck with a Flexi clip, helpful, so you can do an elegant updo that is perfect for both fancy occasions and for everyday!

Lilla Rose Hair Clips

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how to do a Gibson Tuck step by step

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