Pony-O vs. Flexi Sport [Could this be the best Pony-O Alternative?]

Have you ever seen that crazy "Pony-O" video ad on Facebook, Instagram, or wherever else you are hanging out on the internet?

You know...where the jogging girl is, well, jogging, and her high ponytail is just flipping and flying around, holding steady high on her head without slipping?

I had been seeing it for years, and thought it was pretty impressive, albeit kinda weird-looking!

But of course, I had and loved my Flexi clips, which I thought were WAY prettier!

BUT, these Pony-O thingys seemed pretty darn good at gripping and holding fine hair and those trendy high ponytails...🤔

But then Lilla Rose came out with the super-grip, no-slip hair clip, the Flexi SPORT, which did the same! And I was curious...which was better...the Pony-O or the Flexi Sport?

So I ordered a Pony-O for myself and gave them both the test!

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Pony-O Review and Flexi SPORT Review

Check out my video review below for the pros and cons of both, and see which is better, the Pony-O or the Flexi Sport!

In my video, I will do the head-shake test, to see if the Pony-O or the Lilla Rose Flexi Sport performs better for a high ponytail without slipping out!

Also, does the Pony-O or the Flexi Sport work better at NOT pulling out your hair?

Which is gentler and less-damaging? 

And finally, which is easier to put in and take out? 

This is a super-valuable Pony-0 review that will give you a great Pony-0 alternative! 

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate for Lilla Rose, but this is my genuine opinion and review, as I was honestly very curious myself, as to which was better, so had to give them both a fair side-by-side trial!

Here is my video! Enjoy! 😊

The Pony-O vs. The Flexi Sport

Learn more about the Flexi Sport

Learn more about the Lilla Rose Flexi Sport, the best alternative to the Pony-O, by checking out my blog post: Best Hair Accessories for Working Out

2023 UPDATE: The Flexi Sport now comes in 27 colors and three sizes!

Where to buy the Flexi Sport

You can shop for a Flexi Sport by clicking the button below: 

Where to buy the Pony-O

You can shop for a Pony-O by clicking the button below:

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