World’s Cutest Camper Hair Clip!

Love your camper, campervan, or RV life, and looking for that perfect hair clip for "RV hair don't care"?

Then check out this adorable camper hair clip that has got to win the award for The World's Cutest Camper Hair Clip Ever! It even comes with adorable matching camper hair pins!

With these super cute camper hair accessories, you will be camping, or better yet, "glamping," in style!

World's Cutest Camper Hair Clip

The "Alison" Lilla Rose camper Flexi Clip is simply adorable, and perfect for keeping your hair out of the way while camping, fishing, hiking, or any outdoor activity. Yep..."Camper Hair Don't Care!"

camper hair clip ponytail

Camper hair clip in a ponytail

Flexi Clips are awesome hair clips that enable you to do quick and easy hairstyles, from ponytails to full twists to messy buns to half-ups,  so you can put your hair up beautifully in seconds and get on with your adventure!

camper hair clip blue

Flexi Clips come in 7 different sizes, so there is a size for you, whether you have baby fine hair or super thick hair!

Click HERE to learn more about the Lilla Rose Flexi Clip, and find the perfect size for you!

camper hair clips

Camper Hair Pins

Your camper hair accessories aren't complete without a pair of adorable camper u-shaped hair pins. These camper hair pins are Lilla Rose "U-pins" which are awesome at holding up any updo comfortably and securely! 

camper hair pins

If you are doing a big 'ol Top Knot bun, then I recommend the camper U-pins.

You can learn more about the Lilla Rose U-pins and how to use them in my post How to use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time!

camper hair pins

Meet the Real-Life Alison!

The super-cute "Alison" hair clip was named after my super-awesome friend Alison, who has absolutely beautiful long silver hair.

Alison loves camping and helping others have awesome camping adventures as well, so I was thrilled when Lilla Rose came out with this camper hair clip in her honor.

I love it in her beautiful silver bun updo! Doesn't she have gorgeous hair?!

Alison camper hair clip silver bun
Alison camper hair clip gray bun

Thanks for checking out my post on the World's Cutest Camper Hair Clip, so you can go glamping in style! 😎

If you enjoyed this or know someone who would, please share and pin! Thank you! 💜

camper hair clip

Lilla Rose Hair Clip Giveaway

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