12 Easy Summer Hairstyles To Keep You Cool

Look great in minutes, with these 12 easy-breezy summer hairstyles that will keep you looking your best, no matter what the occasion this summer!

1. Top Back Hairstyle

I love this bangs/top pulled-back hairstyle! Keep cool by pulling your hair off your face!

Simply adorable in this fun mini Lilla Rose Daisy Flexi clip!

Check out my post 7 Super Cute Ways to Wear Mini Hair Clips to see all you can do with this versatile size clip!

2. Oblong braided bun

Love the elegance of this oblong up-and-down braided bun!

Stunning in the blue and turquoise "Iris" Flexi by Lilla Rose!

You can learn more about the Lilla Rose Flexi clip and how to use it HERE.

3. tails-up Hairstyle

The casual look of the Tails-up hairstyle is just fun for everyday!

It is a very easy hair updo. You can learn how to do it in my video tutorial HERE.

The Ladybug Flexi by Lilla Rose makes this cute gray hairstyle even cuter!

4. loose long braid

The long, loose braid is a very romantic look! 
This is a great easy hairstyle for long hair.

Note: this particular starfish hair clip is retired, but you can get a silver version HERE or a blue seaglass-look one HERE.

To learn how to use a Flexi clip in a long braid, see my post How to Braid your Hair with a Flexi Clip.

5. french twist

Loose curls in a messy French Twist is oh-so-feminine!

Love the beachy "Seascape" Flexi by Lilla Rose, adorned in a fun coastal style! 

To learn how to do this easy French twist, see my video tutorial HERE.

Note: Seascape is a retired design, no longer on the website, but you can get it through me, on my page Exclusive & Retired Lilla Rose Designs

6. braided bun

Summer is all about flowers!

Love this braided bun in the super-secure Sunflower Upins by Lilla Rose!

To learn more about U-pins and how to use them for a variety of beautiful updos, see How to use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time!

7. drop bun

How cute…sand dollars in a Drop Bun!

To learn how to do a low bun, click HERE.

(Sand dollar Upins can be found HERE.)

8. half-up Half-Down Hairstyle

A loose, romantic twisted half-up is perfect for long, lovely locs!

Love how the Lilla Rose "Seascape" Flexi pops in this dark hair color!

Note: Seascape is a retired design, no longer on the Lilla Rose website, but you can get it through me, on my page Exclusive & Retired Lilla Rose Designs

9. long tails-up ponytail

Clip up your long ponytail, for a breezy, cool look!

Oh-so-cute in this coastal Seahorse Flexi! Perfect for the beach!

10. dutch braid

Love everything about this beautiful thick Dutch braid!

I love this braid hairstyle for long hair.

Nothing beats a sea green "Hibiscus Sea" Flexi for a fun pop of summer color! This tropical hibiscus hair clip also comes in bright pink fuchsia!

11. messy bun

How cute is this messy bun in Flip flop hair pins?!

Nothing says "summer" than a comfy pair of flip flops! And the "Flip Flop" Upins by Lilla Rose  are just as comfy!

Check out my post How to use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time! to learn more.

12. braided updo

Feeling elegant yet beachy? Try this braided updo!

So pretty in the coastal blues of the "Tidepool Treasures" starfish hair clip!

And those are my 12 favorite easy summer hairstyles to keep you cool!

Let me know in the comments below which one was your favorite!

Where to buy Lilla Rose hair clips

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