14 Best Hair Stick Styles

Best Hair Sticks for Buns!  I love using hair sticks for buns, from full buns, braided buns, half-up buns, and messy buns! They are also great for a variety of other quick and easy updos, like the classic French Twist.

These wooden hair sticks are strong and secure, holding your bun updo comfortably all day (and are so much prettier than chopsticks or a pencil!)

So whether you are looking for the best hair sticks for thin hair or the best hair sticks for thick hair, or even how to use hair sticks, I've got you covered!

Here are my top hair stick styles...the 14 Best Hair Sticks for Buns and more! 

1. Lazuli Stone Hair Stick

"Lazuli" features a beautiful and smooth lapis blue stone...is this gorgeous, or what? Since it is a natural stone, the color will vary, but always be stunning!

This Lilla Rose hair stick is shown in a Lazy Wrap Bun

Click HERE for a step-by-step photo tutorial of how to do a Lazy Wrap hair stick bun, or  HERE for a step-by-step video tutorial!

2. Petal Paddle Carved
Wooden hair stick

I love the natural look and feel of the wooden "Petal Paddle" hair sticks, with the cute cut-out flower! These hair sticks look great in full or half-up buns, as shown.

This is the best hair stick for thick hair!

They come in two wood finishes, maple and walnut. 

3. Amelia Decorative hair stick

The feminine "Amelia" wood hair stick is topped with a lampwork bead in white, pink, and green floral. So pretty!

This is one of the best hair sticks for thin hair or any type of hair, as the thinner stick holds super-well.

Shown in a half-up knot hairstyle.

4. heart vintage hair stick

I love the vintage look of the dark wood "Heart" hair stick, with its beautiful etched antique heart.

Shown in a vintage back roll. Watch the step-by-step video tutorial on how to do a Vintage Back Roll HERE. This video I did with my daughter shows three hairstyles using the Lilla Rose Upins, but you can use the exact same method with hair sticks. The Vintage Headband Roll is the second hairstyle in this tutorial that starts at the one-minute mark.

5. Honey Bee natural hair stick

How cute is this little honey bee, buzzing at the end of this wooden hair stick? I love the  warm and rich amber and topaz tones.

Shown in a cute rolled half up ponytail.

6. Kalani turquoise hair stick

Dreaming of summer or a day at the beach? Then you'll love "Kalani," these fun turquoise-topped hair sticks!

Shown in a hairstyle that is a combination of a French Twist and a Tails Up.
Click HERE to  watch my step-by-step video tutorial of how to use hair sticks in a French Twist.

7. Windswirl vintage hair stick

I love the richly antiqued accents of Windswirl!  Enjoy one or even two of these vintage hair sticks with a lovely french twist or half up tails up.  Comes in silver and a stunning blue metallic finish.

Another great hair stick for thin hair or thick hair.

Shown in a braided half-up hairstyle.

8. Pearl Crystal hair stick

Pearls are a traditional classic that never go out of style! Love these "Pearly Crystal" hair sticks in this elegant French Twist!

Learn how to use hair sticks in a French Twist HERE.

9. Rosé jeweled hair stick

Another absolutely beautiful French Twist hairstyle in the stunning "Rose" hair sticks. Designed with rose-colored glass crystals and copper accents.

To learn how to this hairstyle, see my video tutorial: 
How to do a French Twist with hair sticks.

10. Rugged Wood hair stick

Love the fun earthy look of the natural wood "Rugged" hair sticks in maple and walnut. 
A perfect hair stick for buns! This is also a great hair stick for thick hair.

To watch a video tutorial on how to do a bun with a hair stick, click HERE.  My daughter demonstrates how to do a bun 3 ways: using Lilla Rose Upins, a hair stick, and a Flexi clip. The hair stick tutorial starts around the one-minute mark.

11. Sol stick for Hair

french twist hair stick

wood hair stick

The unique "Sol" hair stick resembles the sun, in beautiful patina and silver.
Definitely a statement piece for your hair!

Shown in a messy Twist updo.

Love the modern look of "Rumi," a minimalist hair stick with sleek cube-shaped tops available in silver, black silver, rose gold, and gold.

How fun are these hair stick styles, with an Upside-Down French Braid Bun and Double Twist Buns?!

13. tatum Purple jeweled hair stick

gray hair stick half up bun

Bonus! I love the gleaming purple decorative jewel adorning this wooden hair stick.

"Tatum" comes in the Iris colors of purple and green...both so pretty in the stunning silvers of this half-up braided bun in shoulder-length hair.

How to use Hair Sticks

To learn how to do 10 easy hairstyles using hair sticks, see my post with step-by-step video tutorials here:
How to use Hair Sticks [10 Easy Hair Stick Hairstyles You'll Love!]

And those are my 13 top picks for the best hair sticks for buns, French Twists, and other beautiful updos! 

Which of these hair stick styles was your favorite?

Where to Buy Hair Sticks

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