How to use Hair Sticks [10 Easy Hair Stick Hairstyles You’ll Love!]

Love the chic look of hair sticks, but wonder how to use sticks in hair?

I remember, years ago, watching my teen daughter put up her long, thick, curly hair with just a pencil, and be amazed. How did that one pencil hold up all her thick hair in her big top knot bun?

How do one or two hair sticks keep up a bun or updo, anyway? How do you get simple sticks to hold up all your hair without falling out?

How do hair sticks work? What is the secret?

In this post, I'll show you how to do 10 easy hairstyles with hair sticks, step-by-step, including tips for getting the best hold!

Read on to learn how to use hair sticks in hair!

how to use hair sticks

Why do People use Hair Sticks?

Before we get into the hair stick tutorials, you may be wondering why people use hair sticks, anyway? 

People use hair sticks as a quick and easy way to put up their hair. It only takes a quick twist up, then inserting a stick through their bun or updo. They are surprisingly comfortable and hold quite securely all day.

Sometimes people use whatever is handy, like a pencil or chopsticks, and other times people use pretty decorative hair sticks that are specifically made for buns, twists, or updos.

Hair Stick Tutorials

Now on to the good to put in hair sticks to create 10 beautiful hair stick styles:

How to use a Hair Stick in a Top Knot Bun

The Top Knot Bun is a favorite among teens and young women. It is a fun, trendy look that is great at getting all your hair off your neck and out of your way. 

I love the top knot bun in this large carved wooden hair stick. It only takes a single hair stick to keep all of my daughter's long heavy hair up in her bun!

How to use Hair Sticks in a French Twist

The classic French twist is one of my favorite hairstyles. You can easily have an elegant look for every day, since it is so easy to do!

How to use Hair Sticks in a Bun

The bun is a classic, everyday hairstyle that is oh-so-easy to do with one or two hair sticks! It is comfortable, secure, and holds all day!

How to use a Hair Stick in a Braided Bun

The braided bun is an "upgrade" to the simple bun updo. I love the style! Check out my daughter's video below, on how to do a braided bun with a single wooden hair stick!

How to use a Hair Stick in a Lazy Wrap Bun

A Lazy Wrap Bun is a classy, elegant way to wear extra long hair in a comfortable, secure bun. And one decorative hair stick makes the Lazy Wrap Bun oh-so-easy!

Watch my video tutorial below, or for a written step-by-step tutorial with pictures, see my post How to do a Lazy Wrap Bun.

How to use a Hair Stick in a Dutch Side-Braided Bun

Add a little flair to your usual bun, by adding Dutch Braids to each side!

So beautiful, and super-easy with just one hair stick!

How to use Hair Sticks in a Half-up Bun, a Flipped Braid Updo, and a Dutch Braided Bun

How to use a Hair Stick in three different beginner hair stick hairstyles (yes, you can do these!):

1. Flipped Braid Updo
2. Half-Bun Updo
3. Dutch Braided Bun

How to use a Leather Hair Stick Barrette

Want to add more fun to your usual hair stick style? Try adding a leather hair barrette with a stick!

Such a chic, trendy look, with a natural, genuine leather hair clip that you can mix-and-match!

Learn more about how to use a leather hair stick barrette in my video below!

I will show you how to use a hair stick barrette in a Half-up Half-down hairstyle, a Tails-up hairstyle, a French Twist, and a Bun!

Which of these hair stick styles were your favorite? I hope you decide to give a few of these a try in your bun or updo!

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