21 Best Bobby Pins for Fine Hair and Thick Hair!

Do you have fine, thin, or slippery hair, and your usual bobby pins will just not stay in, no matter what tricks and tips you try?

What are the best bobby pins for fine hair?

The best bobby pins for fine hair are the Lilla Rose bobby pins. They are very strong and secure, made out of durable heavy gauge metal with rubber comfort tips that won't slip out of very fine, thin, or slippery hair.

They are so secure, that that even toddlers with baby-fine hair can wear them without them slipping out.

Or maybe you have thick hair, and you have to wear a dozen of your usual bobby pins to hold up the weight of your messy bun or updo.

What are the best bobby pins for thick hair?

The best bobby pins for thick hair are the extremely secure Lilla Rose bobby pins made out of heavy gauge metal tipped with rubber ends. The strength and hold of the Lilla Rose bobby pins make them a favorite of those with thick hair. They can hold up even heavy buns with ease.

If you usually have to wear a dozen standard drugstore bobby pins to hold up your updo, with the Lilla Rose bobby pins, you will only need one or two, depending on the style.

Here are my favorite bobby pins from Lilla Rose. Enjoy!

pearl and silver bobby pins

I love this elegant sweeping chignon, held up with the Eliana pearl and silver bobby pins. Nothing says classy like pearls!

2. "Autumn Leaves"
bobby Pins

autumn leaves bobby pins

fall leaves bobby pins

The Autumn Leaves bobby pins are so pretty in both curly hair and in this half-up bun. Use multiple bobbies in different finishes to give a unique look.

gold butterfly bobby pins

Your daughter or granddaughter will love the adorable Butterfly bobby pins!

The Lilla Rose bobbies are so secure, they will not slip out of even baby-fine hair!

4. "Caprice" Sparkly jeweled bobby pins

jeweled bobby pins

How cute is this?! A half-up in a knot, secured with the gorgeous Caprice bobbies that sparkle in the light with their five stonesets! 

5. "Celtic Cross"
bobby Pins

celtic cross bobby pins

You can't go wrong with the super-popular Celtic Cross bobby pins. Definitely a classic style.

Lilla Rose Bobby Pin Reviews:

Wearing my Lilla Rose bobby pins today in my super fine and thin hair...crazy how well they hold!

Kim K.// Lilla Rose customer

I wore a pair of Lilla Rose bobby pins yesterday and they didn't budge once! I have fine and slippery hair too! Love them!!

Donna J. // customer

 I can't believe I can hold up my entire bun with just one bobby pin!

Haley R. //  customer

pink decorative bobby pins

The Chloe bobby pins are perfect for little girls who love pink and flowers, or any girl-at-heart!

6. "Chloe" Emerald Green
Bobby PIns

green jeweled bobby pins

I love the sparkly green of the Envy bobby pins. So pretty holding back a bit of the sides of your hair. Use singly or as a pair, for a lovely look.

8. "Elsa" Blue & turquoise 
Jewel Bobby pins

blue jeweled bobby pins

Do you have a daughter or granddaughter who loves the movie "Frozen"? She will love the stunning aqua, blue, and turquoise Elsa bobby pins! Perfect for a little princess (or yourself!)

9. "floressa" White flower
bobby pins

white flower bobby pins

decorative flower bobby pins

The Floressa bobby pins are so pretty and feminine with their dainty white enamel flowers.

10. "Gaddiel" Gold Flower
bobby pins

gold flower bobby pins

I love the Gaddiel bobbies in their delicate gold open flower design. So pretty and they go with everything.

11. "Java" Coffee Cup bobby pins

coffee bobby pins

Calling all coffee and tea lovers! How cute are these Java bobby pins?!
'Nuff said!

12. "Livie" Aqua Jewel
bobby pins

aqua jewel bobby pins

I absolutely love these Livie bobbies in a gorgeous Montana blue stoneset.

13. "Paw Print" Bobby pins

paw print dog bobby pins

Love your fur babies? Then you've got to get a pair of Paw print bobby pins!
So cute for dog lovers!

14. "Penelope" pearl leaf bobby pins

fancy bobby pins
crystal pearl bobby pins

So elegant, the Penelope bobby pins are stunning peacock feathers in pearl and crystal. Stunning!

pineapple bobby pins

Crazy about pineapples? Then you will love the sparkly Pina bobby pins! So fun!

starfish bobby pins

I love all things coastal, and all things blue and turquoise, so I absolutely adore the Tidepool bobbies!
Perfect for you if you are dreaming of the beach and sunny blue skies!

17. "Tranquility" Turquoise
Bobby PIns

turquoise jeweled bobby pins

The Tranquility bobby pins are as beautiful and peaceful as their name, in soothing aqua crystals.

18. "Posie" Decorative Flower bobby pins 

gold flower bobby pins

The lovely Posie bobby pins are classy and elegant for any updo. Available in both gold and rose gold, to complement your perfect style!

19. "Lux" simple bobby pins

silver bobby pins for fine hair
classic super strong no-slip bobby pins

Prefer a simple classic bobby pin style? Plain metal bobby pins? Then you'll want to go with the Classic bobby pins. A classic style in gold (brass), rose gold, silver (nickel), and black nickel finishes.

Like the other Lilla Rose no-slip bobby pins, they are super strong and secure, made of heavy gauge metal, and have rubber tips. They are 2" in length and come in sets of 8.

Also like the other styles, they are great bobby pins for both fine slippery hair as well as for thick hair.

wave surf beach bobby pins
wave bobby pins

Love the "Kai" Wave bobby pins! So pretty!

A beautiful hair accessory for a beach wedding!

simple bobby pins fall colors in a bun
simple autumn bobby pins

I love the beautiful fall colors of these simple bobby pins by Lilla Rose. Available in burgundy, dark brown, burnt orange, and dark gold. Perfect for autumn or any time!

simple bobby pins with flexi flip updo

How cute is this tails-up twist hairstyle in the simple bobby pins and the matching "Sue Ellen" wood-pin Flexi Flip?

Learn more about the wood pin Flexi Flips at Create Multiple Hairstyles with the Natural Wood Flexi Flip Hair Clip.

purple orchid bobby pins

My last pick for the best quality bobby pins is the stunning purple Orchid decorative bobby pin. This one is incredibly beautiful and a show-stopper for sure!

Which of these best bobby pins were your favorite? 

There are many more styles on the website, so be sure to go check them all out!
New styles are always being added as well.

With the Lilla Rose bobbies, you'll never have to ask, "How do you keep bobby pins in fine hair?" again!

For an easy hairstyle using bobby pins, check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to do the Wrap around Ponytail, also called a  Braided Band Ponytail, if you like your wrapped ponytail a little dressier with a braid!

Be sure to enter my giveaway below where you can win one of these pairs of bobby pins or another hair accessory of your choice!

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easy hairstyles using bobby pins

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