27 Beautiful Celtic Hair Accessories

Celtic hair, Celtic jewelry, and Celtic everything is all the rage...

Check out our picks for the best Celtic hair accessories and Irish hair accessories out there!

27 beautiful Celtic hair accessories

Is this adorable, or what?! I love this Celtic Cross Flexi clip in a messy bun!

Such a beautiful Irish hair accessory!

Nothing says "elegant" like a sleek French twist!

Love this one secured with a super-comfy black nickel Trinity Knot  hair clip!

This Celtic hair accessory has a beautiful trinity knot triquetra centerpiece.

To learn how to do a French Twist hairstyle, click HERE.

Cairn hair stick in bun

Cairn Celtic Hair Stick

Cairn stones hair stick in dreads

"Cairn" is a lovely Celtic hair stick topped with a pile of smooth stones that is a landmark to the meaningful events in your life.

Such a beautiful hair stick for the bun hairstyle on the left and the dreadlocks half up half down hairstyle on the right.

I love the look of a half up bun in long hair! A beautiful Celtic hairstyle, and oh-so-easy to do, with a Brass Celtic Knot in hair.

Lilla Rose U-pins are amazing, as they can be used to do a variety of gorgeous Irish hairstyles.

Love these Celtic Knot Hair Pins in curly hair!

The Trinity Flexi hair clip totally makes this classic Celtic hairstyle of a braided side pony! Love the trinity knot triquetra in this Celtic hair design!

Currently available in silver tone and black nickel.

Simply gorgeous Trinity Knot jewellery that is perfect for your Celtic hair braids.

We are in love with this Celtic Knot for Hair leather braided 8 hair clip.

Unlike the classic Flexi, it features genuine leather and a detached wooden hair stick. You can even mix-and-match your hair stick to create your own unique style!

To see more hair stick styles, check out our post 14 Best Hair Stick Styles.

To learn how to use a Leather Braided 8 Flexi hair clip, click HERE.

Cinque Celtic Hair Stick in a French Twist

Cinque Irish hair sticks

The "Cinque" Irish hair stick is an absolutely lovely Irish hair accessory with its antiqued geometric flower design atop dark wood.

If you love the earthy style of wood, you will love this Keltic Lore Flexi adorned with natural wooden beads.

To learn how to do a low bun, click HERE.

To learn more about the Lilla Rose hair clip, click HERE.

Blonde Hair with a Celtic Flexi

Blonde Hair with a Celtic Flexi

You've got to love everything about this "look-of-leather" Lilla Rose Celtic Flexi in black nickel.

Perfect for your Celtic hair.

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celtic knot hair clip half up half down hairstyle

We've never found any bobby pins out there that match the durability and secure hold of the Lilla Rose bobby pins. They will not slip  out of even the most fine, slippery hair!

And check out the bobbies in Celtic Cross style!  Awesome Celtic hair accessories to add to your collection!

Rose gold is the trending finish in Celtic jewelry! We love this Celtic Knot hair clip in rose gold!

If you are looking for Celtic Wedding Hair Accessories, this rose gold Celtic Knot hair clip would be perfectly beautiful!

To learn how to do a Tails-up hairstyle, click HERE.

This Black Celtic Knot Braided 8 leather hair barrette with stick makes a dramatic statement with it's genuine braided leather in black and black nickel center.

You can choose the matching black wooden hair stick or another one of the many Lilla Rose hair sticks available for your own unique style!

Love these Tree of Life Celtic hair pins!

So pretty in this half-up braided bun Celtic hairstyle. To learn how to easily do a Braided Bun using u-shaped hair pins, click HERE.

This Black Nickel Trinity Celtic Hair clip in a stunning trinity knot triquetra pattern makes a bold statement in this super-long blonde hair in a half-up half-down hairstyle!

To learn how to do a Half-up Half-Down hairstyle in a Lilla Rose hair clip, click HERE.

The Celtic Knot hair accessory in all silver finish has got to be a classic! It comes in 7 sizes that fit in all types of hair from baby fine to super long and thick! 

To learn more about  Lilla Rose hair clips, click HERE.

To learn how to do a Braided Bun, click HERE.

Is this gorgeous, or what?! Love this Trinity Flexi by Lilla Rose in a silver Triquetra Celtic knot / Trinity Knot design for a long ponytail.

To learn now to do a ponytail in a Lilla Rose hair clip, click HERE.

Combine Celtic style with vintage! We love these silver Lilla Rose Celtic Hair pins in a Vintage Roll.

To learn how to do a Vintage Roll with hair pins, click HERE.

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celtic knot french twist

Love the look of a wrapped ponytail! And you just can't beat a rose gold Celtic Knot  hair jewelry Flexi clip to top it off! Stunning Celtic style!

To learn how to do a Wrap Around Ponytail, click HERE.

Love these Sun and Moon Celtic hair pins!

Shown in silver tone in a cute Tails-up hairstyle on the left, and in blue metallic in a braided Celtic hairstyle on the right.

Gorgeous Celtic Jewelry for your hair! These would also make lovely Celtic wedding hair accessories.

Celtic hair clip
Alanis celtic clip

Stunning diamond-shaped filigree Celtic hair clip in silvertone.

Gorgeous Celtic jewelry for your hair!

Celtic hair pins

Striking Celtic hair pins in a diamond-shaped filigree pattern.

Just two hairpins can hold any Celtic updo!

celtic decorative hair clip
Tatiana Celtic hair jewelry

Love the intricate Celtic design on the Tatiana hair clip. Stunning with iridescent green beading.

celtic u shaped hair pins
Celtic u pins French twist

The "Tatiana" Celtic u-shaped hair pins give such a classic, elegant look to any hairstyle. Love them in this elegant French Roll!

Still looking for the perfect Celtic hair accessory?

I have many retired and vintage Celtic Hair Accessories on my Exclusives page, from Celtic Heart Hair pins to Celtic Rope Cross hair clips.
Check them out HERE: Exclusive, Never-Released, and Vintage Celtic Hair Accessories 

Limited-Time Celtic Styles

blue celtic hair clip ponytail
Caitlin blue celtic hair clip
celtic heart trinity hair clip

"Cynthia" classic Celtic hair clip

celtic hair clip cynthia
classic celtic irish hair clip

Want beautiful hair in seconds?

Click HERE to learn more about the Lilla Rose hair clip. It comes in 7 sizes for all types of hair and hairstyles, and is made out of strong music wire to hold your hair securely yet comfortably all day!

If you'd love to know where to buy the lovely Lilla Rose Flexi Clips shown in this post, simply click HERE! 

Be sure to watch my sizing video first! How to Find your Perfect Flexi Size

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celtic knot silver hair clip braided bun

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Celtic hair accessories

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