Strongest Hair Clips: How Strong is a Flexi clip?

Looking for the strongest hair clips out there? The Lilla Rose Flexi clip is the strongest hair accessory out there by far.

How do we know? 

Because we ran it over with a CAR!

Okay, not ME, specifically, but my kids, who created this awesome video for me years ago, when they were a lot littler than they are now!

I asked them if they could make a video for me, demonstrating how durable the Flexi clip was. Since this unique hair clip is made out of strong and flexible piano wire, and I had put it through a lot of abuse with holding up my heavy thick hair day after day (and running it through the washing machine), I knew it could withstand being run over with a car!

Little did I realize that they'd actually have to run over it several times, to get a good take! Thankfully, that didn't faze my Flexi one bit!

Watch the video below...I may be a bit biased, but I think it is hilarious!

So, if you've been looking for hair clips that don't break, or wondering if a Flexi is durable enough to work in your hair, this should ease your mind once and for all!

No more buying multiple ponytail elastics or scrunchies that stretch out and/or mysteriously disappear along with your matching socks and Tupperware lids, or plastic claws that give you headaches and break.

Lilla Rose actually guarantees your Flexi for one year against any defects or breakage. (And beyond one year, I will personally take care of you!)

Or maybe you've been looking for hair clips that don't break hair, hair clips that don't damage hair, or hair clips that don't hurt your head.

The Lilla Rose Flexi is not only strong, but it is a hair clip that is gentle on your hair. Many of my customers have been able to grow out their damaged hair by using Flexi clips.

The Flexi has contributed to the growth of my hair.

Renee Rhodd

When I was first introduced to the Flexi by you, my hair was not very healthy. I had lost a palm-size chunk due stylist error. It was painful to put any hair clip in except for the Flexi, which I have been wearing ever since.

Initially I had ordered a large because I was used to breaking clips; not having clips falling out of my hair, which is what happened with the large. I had to downsize to smalls and mediums.

Today, I just tried out my large, and it FITS! I have to say that the Flexi has contributed to the growth of my hair.

No stress on the tresses allowed the renewal and growth! Woot! Woot! I am most thankful because I am waayy too young for a bald spot! 

Many others of my Lilla Rose customers have emailed me, thrilled that they no longer experience "ponytail headaches."

It truly is one of the best hair accessories out there!

It does not pull on my hair or give me headaches at all. 

Pam Domino

It’s funny how life leads you to just what you need…. And boy did I need Flexi-clips!!  

I have just below shoulder length hair and usually pulled it up with an elastic band or plastic clip. They always pull tight and my hair was falling out because of it. I’ve worn only a Flexi since getting them.

The Flexi is so lightweight and flexible that it does not pull on my hair or give me headaches at all.

Only problem, I want to buy them all! LOL

Click HERE to learn more about the Flexi. It comes in 7 sizes for all types of hair, from baby-fine to super long and thick. It WILL work in YOUR hair!

If you'd love to know where to buy the lovely Lilla Rose Flexi Clip shown in this post, simply click HERE! 

(Be sure to watch my sizing video first!: How to Find your Perfect Flexi Size)

Be sure to enter our monthly giveaway below, if you'd like to enter to win one!

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