29 Gorgeous Headbands Women Love!

Are you looking for the absolute BEST headbands women love?

The best headbands for women are made with comfortable adjustable elastic bands. With elastic bands, they can be adjusted to fit all sizes of women so that they will be comfortable and not slip off. The elastic is also gentle on hair and  eliminates any hard ends digging into your head.

And believe me, none of us want that! 

We'd like headbands that don't hurt behind your ears...in other words, "no headache headbands," thank you very much!

So, without further ado, here are 27 gorgeous headbands women love with beautiful headband hairstyles that you will want to wear every day!

If your favorite color is blue, like mine is, you will love the Hues of Blues beaded Headband. This would make a beautiful beach headband!

So pretty in this long braid headband hairstyle. If you'd like to learn how to do a long braid on yourself, click HERE.

2. Ada Braided Leather headband with Turquoise Beads

I love the southwest style of this braided leather headband with turquoise beads.

Perfect southwest headband and perfect thin headband hairstyle for medium length hair.

3. Adaline RhineStone Headband

Stunning rhinestone headbands don't have to be uncomfortable. The Adaline elastic rhinestone headband is a fancy headband that is elegant yet super-comfy as well!

4. Elora Aqua Stone headband

aqua stone decorative headband

Elora  aqua stone headband

stone decorative aqua headband

Elora aqua stone headband

Aqua is another shade of blue I love. And wow, look how gorgeous this headband is decorated in beautiful aqua stones.

It would  make a beautiful headband for the beach!

This is also a very comfortable headband for short hair.

Many ladies ask, "Can you wear a headband with glasses?"

And my answer is "Yes, absolutely! The best headbands for glasses wearers is the Lilla Rose headband, that is made with adjustable elastic, so that it doesn't hurt behind your ears, or get in the way of your glasses."

I love this testimonial from Kellie!


I love this headband! My glasses don't interfere & I've been wearing it for 12 hours and it hasn't moved! 

Kellie Arvilla stylist

5. Arona Rainbow Beaded headband

rainbow beaded headband

Arona rainbow headband

This is a super cute headband for girls in a fun rainbow of sparkly beads.

With the adjustable elastic band, this rainbow headband will fit both girls and women, so you can share with your daughter if she will let you!

6. IVory Pearl headband

You've got to love this headband in ivory pearl seeds! So pretty!

All of these gorgeous headbands by Lilla Rose can be transformed into necklaces as well, just by adding the jewelry chain or, for a shorter necklace, a magnetic clasp.

7. Victoria Pearl & Rhinestone headband

The Victoria pearl and rhinestone headband with three stands is absolutely stunning.  

I love this fancy headband in a Vintage Headband Roll, as shown on the left. As you can see, it is a lovely princess headband for girls, as well as a princess headband for women!

A perfect hair band for date night! This also makes a gorgeous necklace, with the  jewelry chain or  magnetic clasp.

Vintage Headband Roll Tutorial

To learn how to do a Vintage Headband Roll, click below.

The Mixed Metals headband by Lilla Rose is a great everyday headband as it goes with everything!

Transform it into lovely necklace, with the  jewelry chain or  magnetic clasp.

9. Lovely Pearls headband

Nothing says "classy" like pearls. Pearls are a feminine classic that never go out of style!

This is a beautiful headband for short hair and also beautiful hair jewelry for your bun!

Wear these beautiful pearls as either a pearl headband or lovely pearl necklace with the  jewelry chain or  magnetic clasp

You can also wrap this pearl headband around your bun for an elegant style. The one shown above is secured with a lovely jeweled flower u-pin. Buy it HERE or learn more about u-pins and how to use them in my post How to use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time!

10. Rowan braided leather headband

I love the natural look of this red leather headband with multi-colored wood beads.

11. Montana Blue Beaded headband

blue thin beaded headband
blue thin beaded hairband

Okay, I just had to put another blue headband on the list...they are so pretty!

Love the deep and light blue and silver beading on the Montana hair band. So pretty in this long hairstyle. It also is available in the beautiful blue Montana matching hair clip.

12. Pearl headbands

I love these wide-band pearl headbands. They make a very elegant statement!

The white pearl headband would be perfect for a wedding hairstyle and the pearl and metallic bead headband with a black band would be a perfect fancy headband for a dressy evening out.


When I first got a Lilla Rose Hairband, I wasn’t sure I fully loved the elastic attachment and sliding it over my head to wear it. Now, when I try to wear a regular hard headband, it is hard to keep on and tends to give me a headache. I am in LOVE with the Lilla Rose Hairbands now and chose this one called PEARL for our Christmas Eve activities! 

Brenda LeMoine stylist

13. Rays of Sunshine headband

orange beaded headband

Rays of Sunshine headband

Dreaming of summer? You will love the Rays of Sunshine thin headband with lovely gold and warm-toned wood beads.

So pretty in this curly hair headband hairstyle.

14. Chambray  headband

You can't go wrong with the classic light blue chambray headband. It makes a beautiful compliment to any outfit, especially with a comfy pair of jeans.

An upgrade from it's heavier cousin, denim, it has a light breezy summery style that women love.

So pretty in this wavy hair headband style.

15. Braided Leather Headbands

I love the natural look of the brown earth-toned braided leather headbands.

"Terra" is a light brown braided leather headband with lovely antique brass and wood bead accents.

"Kirsten" is a dark brown braided leather headband with copper and wooden beads.

These make great everyday headbands.

16. Tranquility Turquoise headband

turquoise thin beaded headband

Tranquility turquoise headband

I love the soothing colors of turquoise in this beaded headband. It is called "Turquoise Tranquility" for good reason!

This is such a cute headband for pixie cuts!

17. Roses headband

silver roses hairband

The Rose headband (as shown above by my blonde daughter on the left) is a classic, in beautiful silver roses and crystal beads.

My daughters love the rose hair band, as well as the thin headband worn by my brunette daughter on the right, "Daisy" in delicate silver daisy flower beads.

Remember, any of these beautiful Lilla Rose elastic band headbands can be adjusted to fit both adults and children, so they are perfect headbands for girls as well as women!

The Roses or Daisy headbands would make perfect "Mommy and Me" styles, so get one for each of you!

18. Jean Braided Suede Headband

I love the comfy casual look of the "Jean" blue braided suede headband. 

This blue suede leather hair band goes perfectly with denim or your favorite pair of jeans.

19. Beaded Headband in a French Braid Bun

Lilla Rose is always adding new headband styles to their selection. Of course, that also means that many styles also get retired, like this one. 

I left this photo of this headband in braids in this post because honestly, I just love this French Braid Bun hairstyle. Doesn't she look just like a princess?

If you ever see a retired style in one of my blog posts that are not available on the Lilla Rose website, be sure to check my Exclusives page, because you never know if it might be there, as well as other unique retired styles!

To see all of the current Lilla Rose headband styles, click HERE.

20. Animal Print Headbands

leopard print headband

Leopard Print Headband

zebra print headband

Zebra Print Headband

Are you hearing the call of the wild? Then you'll love these cool animal print headbands!

The Leopard Print Headbands are available in two wild shades, and the Zebra Print Headband will jazz up any black and white outfit!

African Safari, here you come!


buffalo plaid headband

Buffalo Plaid Headband

black red plaid headband

Buffalo Plaid Headband 

Love this fun red and black Buffalo Plaid Headband

Doesn't it make you feel like cuddling up by a fire under a warm fuzzy blanket on a snowy winter evening?

The Buffalo Plaid Headband is beautiful in this growing-out gray hair.

Now, you may be looking for headbands to cover gray hair, and many of the Lilla Rose wide band headbands will do that beautifully. 

Personally, though, I love beautiful gray hair for women! Check out my posts on Top 10 Hairstyles for Gray Hair and Best Hair Accessories for Gray Hair.



"Riley" is a casual classic in neutral beige and brown earth tones. This is another leather braided suede headband that doesn't hurt your head and is absolutely gorgeous.

Beautiful in this short curly headband hairstyle.

23. Jaime Bronze Gold Diamond Headband

gold beaded headband
fancy gold beaded hairband

Wow...is this bronze gold headband with diamond-shaped stones absolutely gorgeous or what??!!

You will look stunning at that fancy event!


Your daughter or granddaughter will love this sparkly pink headband!

She will feel like a little princess! Be sure to give her a matching twirly skirt as well!

Shown with sparkly jeweled u-pins in a low bun. Buy them HERE or learn more about u-pins and how to use them in my post How to use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time!

25. CLASSIC BLACK headband

I love the classic style of the black faux leather headband.

It also has an adjustable elastic band, so is just as comfortable as the rest of the Lilla Rose headbands.

The faux leather headbands also come in other beautiful colors, like pink, lavender, navy, dark camel and beige.

26. Gingham headbands

I just love these cute gingham headbands!

They come in red and white gingham and black and white gingham. These gingham headbands (that for some reason remind me of Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island) are so fun to wear!

27. Freestyle multi-colored Beaded headband

The "Freestyle" multi-colored bead headband is popular for good reason...it goes with everything!  

You can't go wrong with this beautiful hair band!

28. "Azalea" FLoral Headbands 

blue floral headband silver hair
Blue lavender floral headbands
lavender floral headband

I love the vintage shabby chic look of these blue and lavender floral headbands!

So pretty and feminine!

29. Red & Black Buffalo Plaid Headband 

I know, I know, this is a repeat of the red and black Buffalo Plaid headband shown in style #21, but I just had to include this beautiful photo of it in gorgeous sisterlocs as well.

Look at how it pops in her dark curly hair! Such a lovely sisterlocs hair accessory!

buffalo plaid headband sisterlocs

More information about the Lilla Rose Adjustable Elastic Headbands

The elastic bands come in two sizes, standard and long, and in four colors, to match your hair color: blonde, silver, brown and black.

Each headband comes with an elastic band.

You can attach up to three beaded strands onto one elastic band to mix up your look!

You can also purchase the adjustable elastic bands separately. They make great attachments to your face mask, as they eliminate ear discomfort.

Simply clip on your mask and adjust for the perfect fit for you. I love these elastics for face masks as I can easily take my mask on and off. When not in use, I simply let it hang around my neck with no fear of it getting lost in the abyss of my purse!

elastic bands headbands
suede headbands
mask elastic bands

Switch up your Lilla Rose headband as a beautiful necklace!

As you saw on some photos above, you can transform your headband into a lovely  necklace at any time! Simply take off your elastic band and add the 7" jewelry chain extender!

The jewelry chain comes in three finishes; silver, gold, and black nickel, to beautifully match your headband. 

If you prefer a shorter choker-type necklace, then instead of the jewelry extender, use the magnetic clasp

necklace extension chain
extension jewelry chains
breakaway magnetic clasps

Where to Buy Lilla Rose Headbands

Lilla Rose Giveaway

If you'd like to enter to win a Flexi Hair Clip be sure to enter my giveaway below!

Win a $17 shopping credit to go towards a headband or any other Lilla Rose hair accessory of your choice.

Please share!

I hope you enjoyed learning about these Gorgeous Headbands Women Love!

I think you can see why!

If you got value from this post, please share and pin! Thank you so much! 💙

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