How to Do the Rope Braid: Easiest Braid to do on Yourself!

Have you ever wondered what is the easiest braid to do on yourself?

The easiest braid to do on yourself is the Rope Braid. It is also known as a Twisted Braid or a Rope Twist Braid since you are twisting rather than braiding. Since it only uses two strands instead of the usual three strands, it is easier to manage, especially in the back of your head. 

I mean really, we only have two hands, right? 

Today my daughter is going to show you step by step, with pictures, how to do the Rope Braid Ponytail. And if you scroll down, you can watch her video tutorial on how to wear the Rope Braid 3 different ways as well.

It is an easy way to dress up your usual boring ponytail into something fun and cute!

How to do a Rope Braid Step-by-Step!

Step 1: Put your hair up into a traditional ponytail and tie off with a hair band.

Step 1b: (Optional step) Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the hair tie and secure it with a bobby pin. This is just if you don't want the hair tie to be seen.

Step 2:  Split your ponytail in half and twist both sides to the left.

Step 3. Take the left half of the ponytail and cross it over the right half.

Step 4. Repeat steps  3 and 4 until your reach the end of the ponytail.

Step 5. Secure with a hair tie, and you are finished!

If you'd like to see a Rope Braid Tutorial on video, click below!

In this helpful video tutorial, my daughter will show you how to do the Rope Braid three different ways:

  •  How to do a Rope Braid Ponytail
  • How to do a Side Twist Rope Braid
  • How to do a Rope Braid Bun

These are all beautiful twisted braid hairstyles!

Recommended Hair accessories to use with the Rope Braid hairstyle

The Rope Braid can be done with just a simple hair tie, but I recommend dressing it up with a lovely hair clip or U-pins from Lilla Rose.

To secure the end of your rope braid ponytail or your side twist rope braid, use a mini (xxs) Flexi clip. Check out our post How to Put Your Hair into a Ponytail with a Flexi Clip to learn how to use a mini Flexi hair clip with a long braid.

To secure your rope braid bun, I recommend the Lilla Rose U-pins. They are so easy to use and give a comfortable hold that lasts all day.

The u-shaped hairpins come in the large Swerve style which only uses one  large u pin, and the smaller size, which come in sets of two.

You can learn how to use the Large Swerve Hair Pins in my post How to Use a Large U Shaped Hairpin.

You can learn how to use the smaller u-shaped hairpins in my post: How to use u-shaped hair pins for Perfect Styling Every Time!

Lilla Rose Giveaway

If you'd like to enter to win a Flexi Hair Clip (or any other Lilla Rose hair accessory) be sure to enter my giveaway below!


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