How to Do a Nautilus Bun (Step-by-Step)

The Nautilus Bun is a beautiful hairstyle for long hair! It can be done with a hair fork, or a hair stick, or a hair clip like the Lilla Rose Flexi clip.

This is a popular hairstyle for long hair in Germany, but its popularity is growing world wide as an easy way to do a bun with long hair.

It is very similar to the Lazy Wrap Bun, which is another great long hair bun hairstyle.

One reason that both of these hairstyles are great for long hair and even super long hair, is that since you are only securing the center of the bun, you can use a smaller sized hair clip than you  normally would if you secured the clip across the entire bun.

To learn how to do a Lazy Wrap Bun step-by-step, see my post HERE.

I recommend trying both the Nautilus Bun and the Lazy Wrap bun, and seeing which you like the best, and let me know!

I hope you enjoy this Nautilus Bun tutorial on how to do a nautilus bun step-by-step, with pictures!

If you'd like to see a video tutorial on how to do a nautilus bun, scroll to the bottom of this post.

How to do a Nautilus Bun, Step-by-Step

1. Gather your hair in a low ponytail

with your left hand

2. Take the back of your right hand and place it underneath your ponytail 

3. Grab hold of the base of your ponytail with your right hand

4. Turn your right hand once, twisting your hair along with it

5. With your left hand twist the tail of your hair that is not wrapped around your right hand

6. After twisting the tail, wrap it overtop and around the base of the wrap

7. Tuck in any loose ends

8. With both hands, stretch the two sides of the wrap around the right hand overtop of the base of the bun

9. Stretch the sides until it frames 

the base of the bun

10. Take the pin of your Flexi Clip and stick inside the right side of the wrap around the bun

11. Slide the pin along the scalp and come out right before you hit the left side of the wrap

12. Secure the pin inside the left Flexi loop

All done!

Nautilus Bun Video Tutorial

Below is a video tutorial on how to do a nautilus bun with both a hair stick and a Lilla Rose hair clip, also known as a Flexi 8.

You can do a Nautilus Bun in medium hair as well as long hair, if you have enough length to wrap into a bun!

Lazy Wrap Bun Tutorial

To learn how to do a Lazy Wrap Bun, which is very similar to the Nautilus Bun for super long hair, see my post HERE.

Hair sticks, hair forks, and hair clips for Nautilus Buns

If you'd like to see my recommendations for hair sticks to use in your Nautilus Bun, see my post Best Hair Stick Styles

Hair Forks are also beautiful and work well in Nautilus Buns. To learn more about the different types of hair forks and how to use them, click here: Best Hair Forks for Gorgeous Hair Fork Hairstyles

To learn more about the Lilla Rose Flexi 8 hair clip for securing your Nautilus Bun, including finding your perfect size, click HERE.

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