Best Hair Forks for Gorgeous Hair Fork Hairstyles that are Oh-so-Easy to Do!

Are you looking for unique new ways to put up your hair that are beautiful, yet secure and comfortable? Then you may want to try a hair fork!

A hair fork is a hair accessory that is similar to a hair stick, but with multiple “prongs” rather than just one, which helps hold buns and updos more securely, yet gently, without damage. It can be made out of wood, metal, or acrylic. It is ideal for putting up all types of hair, from fine hair to thick and long hair.

Gorgeous Hair Fork hairstyles include a variety of Buns, French Twists, Half-up Buns and Twists and many more beautiful yet comfortable updos. But don’t let the beauty fool you…these hair fork styles are oh-so-easy to do and can be done in a flash!

In this post, I’ll show you the best hair forks for your hair type and style, how to wear a hair fork, and how to use a hair fork, so you can create a new look you love!

Wooden Hair Forks

I love the natural look of wooden hair forks. These give a vintage '70's feel to your style! Perfect hair fork for buns or any updo.

Both of these styles of wooden hair forks are 4.7" long and are made of lotus wood.

 Acrylic Hair Forks

The Lilla Rose acrylic hair forks are very lightweight, comfortable, and gentle on hair. These beautiful 4" two-prong hair forks will not pull, snag, or damage your hair, and are one of the best hair forks for fine hair.

Tortoise Shell Acrylic Hair Forks

Tortoise shell is a classic style for hair accessories, as it goes with all hair colors and outfits. The same with classic black. You can't go wrong with any of these lightweight, beautiful acrylic hair forks for any hair fork hairstyle. 

Check out my video tutorial, How to Use Lilla Rose Acrylic U-Pins, to learn how to do a French Twist, Half-up Half-Down Twist, Low Messy Bun, and Messy TopKnot Bun with  the fun, light-weight acrylic hair forks!

Acrylic Hair Forks in eye-catching mixed colors

Love the gorgeous mixed colors of the magenta, turquoise, and brown acrylic hair pins!

tortoise shell acrylic hair forks

"Lilly" acrylic hair forks / acrylic hair pins in brown mix, turquoise mix and magenta

Plastic Hair Forks 

Okay, okay, these "plastic" hair forks shown below are made of the same strong yet lightweight material as the acrylic ones shown above; they are just in different colors. But, for those who were googling for "plastic" hair forks, here they are! 

Acrylic plastic hair forks in fun colors

You can't get any cuter than these acrylic plastic u-shaped hair forks in fun colors for your hair fork hairstyle!

4" long, waterproof, lightweight, and are one of the best hair forks for fine or thin hair!

aqua tortoise shell hair pin

"Emmy" abalone plastic hair fork in a half-up bun hairstyle

plastic hair forks

"Emmy" acrylic plastic hair forks in white marble, abalone and turquoise

Metal Hair Forks

Classic Swerve Metal Hair Forks

The Classic Swerve U-pin Hair Fork is one of my favorite hair accessories. Its unique curved shape and curved prongs gives it a big advantage over over types of hair forks as it is designed to hold hair securely in any hair fork hairstyle, from tall topknots to messy buns to French Twists. This unique design makes it great for both fine hair and thick hair.

The Swerve comes in four finishes; imitation rose gold, brass, nickel, and black nickel, yet is almost invisible in your hair. This two-pronged metal hair fork is 4" long in the classic style. If you have extra fine hair or want to do just a half-up bun, then you may want to consider the shorter 3" long "Swerve Small."

"I wear this swerve probably 5 days a week! It’s super quick and easy, and stays exactly where I put it all day long."

Hannah W.

Hammered Swerve Metal Hair Forks

The hammered metal hair fork shown below is a beautiful variation of the simple classic Swerve as shown above. The "Swerve Hammered"  has all of the benefits the classic Swerve, with its unique curved hair pin shape and curved prongs that give extra hold to any updo.

Flat Swerve Metal Hair Forks

Another lovely chic variation of the classic "Swerve" hair pin fork is the "Swerve Flat" u-pin. So classy and elegant! Perfect for any updo! 

Which plating is your favorite: 
the brass hair fork, the rose gold hair fork, the silver hair fork, or the black nickel hair fork?
So hard to decide!

French Hair Forks (French Hair Pins)

Circle Metal Hair Forks

The "Circle" metal French Hair Forks are a fun contemporary geometric style that will add the perfect touch to any hairstyle updo. But they not only look great, but hold extremely well, too!

These modern hair pins are 5" in length and come in four finishes: Brass, Nickel, Imitation Rose Gold, and Black Nickel

Squared Metal Hair Forks

I love the modern look of the squared metal French hair forks! Gives a fun minimalist look to your bun, French Twist, or updo.

5" in length and comes in four finishes: Brass, Nickel, Imitation Rose Gold, and Black Nickel

Rounded Hammered Metal Hair Forks

The Rounded metal hair forks are a good 5" long, so are perfect for thick hair and long hair buns and updos. The hammered metal at the end of the u-shaped hair fork gives a beautiful yet understated touch.  They come in your choice of four platings: Brass, Nickel, Imitation Rose Gold, and Black Nickel.

Chignon Forks (Chignon Hair Pins)

U Shaped Hair Forks (U Shaped Hair Pins)

"Chignon Forks" and "Chignon Pins" are hair forks for lovely updos. They are u-shaped hair forks also called u-shaped hair pins. They are practically invisible in your hair, so do not detract from your classic updo. The Lilla Rose chignon forks come in four finishes: gold, rose gold, silver (rhodium) and black nickel, and in two lengths. 

metal u shaped hair pins
brass hair forks
black nickel u shaped hair pins

Jeweled Hair Pin Forks

Vintage Hair Forks

You've got to love the elegance and beauty of these Jeweled Hair Pin Forks! They have that vintage feel that make you feel feminine and beautiful!

These are the perfect decorative hair forks for elegant updos like this French Twist.

Hair Forks for Thin Hair

Have fine or thin hair, and don't think you can use a hair fork? Think again! These two styles of hair forks are the best hair forks for thin hair. You will love how well they hold!

The first is the Small Swerve U-pin Fork, which I affectionately call the "Baby Swerve." It is like its longer sister, the Classic Swerve, but is only 3" long, which makes it perfect for thin or fine hair. It also has the unique curved shape that is the secret to its amazing hold.

My second recommendation for a hair fork for thin hair is the Acrylic U-pin Hair Fork, as they are very lightweight. These plastic hair forks come in neutral black and brown tortoise shell, as well as many other fun colors like pink purple and teal. You can see them all earlier in this post. They are called both "acrylic hair forks" or "plastic hair forks."

Hair Forks for Thick Hair

Hair Forks for Long Hair

If you are looking for the best hair forks for thick hair or the best hair forks for long hair, then you will want to go with large hair prongs like the large French Hair Fork or the Classic Swerve.

The French Hair Forks, like the one shown in the long thick hair below, include the Circle, Squared, and Rounded metal hair forks as featured earlier in this post. 

(Update: some of the large French hair forks may be currently out of stock on the website, but you can order the Squared hair fork that is shown below directly from me on my page here: Exclusive Lilla Rose Designs)

extra long hair upin
geometric long hair fork long thick hair

Below are my top two recommendations for hair forks for thick hair. The first is the rounded French Hair Fork Hair Pin. It is 5" long, so holds quite a bit of hair! The Classic Swerve U Pin Fork is shorter, at 4", but due to its unique curved shape, it holds an incredible amount of hair quite securely!

Hair Fork Stick

Hair Sticks are often referred to as "Hair Fork Sticks," yet they are in a whole other hair accessory category in themselves, as they usually have only one "prong" in contrast to  multi-prong hair forks.

Hair Fork vs Hair Stick

Hair Forks work similarly to hair sticks, so are mostly a matter of personal preference and the look you are going for.

Hair Forks have multiple prongs. They can have 2 prongs, 3 prongs, 4 prongs, and even 5 prongs. All of the hair forks featured in this post were 2-prong hair forks, which are the most common and work for all types of hair. Many ladies with long hair or extra-long hair prefer hair forks to hair sticks, as they can grab more hair more securely.

Hair Sticks are just as gorgeous as hair forks, however, and can do just as many beautiful hairstyles that hold comfortably all day. Hair sticks are great for buns and can be worn with just one hair stick, or with two or more for a more secure hold.

To see all my top hair stick recommendations, as well as gorgeous hair stick hairstyles, see my post, 12 Best Hair Stick Hairstyles.

How do you use a Hair Fork? 

Hair Fork Tutorial

Love all these beautiful hair fork styles, but wondering how do you use a hair fork?  It is actually a lot simpler than you may think! Start with my post, How do you Use a Hair Fork?

Then check out all my hair fork tutorials in my post, How to use a Large U-Shaped Hair Pin

(Large U-shaped hair pins, Chignon Pins, and French Pins are other names for U-Shaped Hair Forks, Two-Prong Hair Forks, Chignon Hair Forks and French Hair Forks.)

A favorite hairstyle for long hair that you can do with a large hair fork is the Nautilus Bun. This is a "wrap bun" style, which is great for putting extra long hair up in a bun. 

Check out my post How to do a Nautilus Bun.

Where to Buy Hair Forks

Love all these gorgeous hair forks and hairstyles you can easily do with them? Try one for yourself and see how fun, easy, and beautiful hair forks can be! Click the button below to shop for these and many more lovely Hair Fork Styles!

Thanks so much for visiting, and hope you enjoyed learning all about hair forks, and are now excited to try your own easy hair fork hairstyle!

Please let me know if you have any questions whatsoever...I am here to help you! 😊

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