15 Genius Ways to use Hair Mascara: Easily Cover Grey Hair and Roots, add Highlights, Tame Flyaways, and More!

You may have heard of hair mascara to cover grey, but did you know that it can do so much more? Or maybe you've never even heard of hair mascara at all, and wondering what all the fuss is about!

Hair mascara is an awesome product that you will definitely want to add to your beauty arsenal, as you can solve so many hair problems with it. 

First of all, you may be wondering what is hair mascara. 

Hair mascara is a temporary hair color to cover grey hair, cover roots between colorings, add highlights, cover grey hair at your temples, tame flyaways and frizz, and more. Hair mascara is a quick and easy way to cover gray hair without dye or cover up your roots at home in between salon visits. 

Hair mascara is similar to eye mascara, but specially formulated for hair, and easily washes out with your next shampoo.

Sound awesome?

Keep reading to learn 10 Genius Ways to use Hair Mascara!

1. How to use Hair Mascara to Highlight and Blend in Gray Hair [How to disguise grey hair with highlights]

Adding blonde highlights to hair that is going gray is a beautiful way to cleverly disguise and blend in your gray hair with your original hair color. This will greatly help ease that award transition period while you are going gray or growing out your gray hair.

Using hair mascara to add highlights is a great temporary option you can easily do at home that takes just a couple minutes and lasts until your next shampoo.

If you're considering transitioning to gray, then check out my story, Live Free or Dye, on how I decided to embrace grey hair and go gray naturally! 

2. How to Cover Up Roots with Blonde Hair

Hair mascara is a great way to cover up gray roots in blonde hair. Simply use the hair mascara wand in the same color as your colored hair, brush it on, let it dry 1 minute, then comb it through to blend it in. So easy!

hair mascara cover roots blonde hair

3. How to Cover Grey Hair at Temples

The temples are where ladies usually go gray first. It is oh-so-easy to quickly cover that grey hair at the temples with hair mascara!

4. How to Cover Roots with Highlighted Hair

Have highlighted hair, and need a quick and easy way to blend in your highlights with your roots in between salon visits? Hair mascara is a genius solution. Simply brush on blonde hair mascara that matches your highlights, onto your dark roots, and voila! No one will ever guess that you haven't been to the salon in weeks!

hair mascara cover roots highlights

5. How to add Lowlights to Gray Hair or Tame Frizzy Hair

DIY lowlights for gray hair! Hair mascara is a genius way to cover gray by adding temporary lowlights to gray hair. It is also great for taming frizzy gray hair or frizz in any color hair, for that matter.

Simply brush the hair mascara wand over gray streaks growing in or add lowlights to hair that is already all-gray to add beautiful dimension to your silver hairstyle. 

gray hair lowlights before and after

Lowlights on gray hair, before-and-after 

6. How to Cover Gray Roots with Brunette Hair

Wondering how to cover up roots without dying or how to cover white roots or gray roots with brunette hair? Check out Lisa's video on how to cover grey hair with hair mascara.

7. How to Cover Dark Roots with Blonde Hair

To cover dark roots that are growing in with colored blonde hair, simply brush on blonde hair mascara that matches your colored hair color. Love this dark roots before and after photo!

hair mascara to cover dark roots

8. How to Cover Graying Eyebrows

Hair mascara is not just for your hair! Yes, you can use hair mascara to cover your graying eyebrows or even just add a bit more color to your eyebrows to darken and define them.

To cover graying eyebrows or darken your eyebrows, simply choose hair mascara in the shade that most closely matches your natural brow or hair color and brush it on, using upward strokes...takes just seconds to brighten and open your eyes and get youthful brows you love!

cover gray eyebrows

9. How to use Hair Mascara for Flyaways

Hair mascara is great for taming flyaways or frizz. Simply use the hair mascara wand to brush back those pesky flyaways...it works like magic, and just takes seconds, without needing any hairspray!

*Note: I think I probably got a little carried away in that video...I think I like my hair best if I'd just stopped in the mid-part of the video, as shown in the photo below, where I just smoothed the flyaways on the sides, and left the bangs.

But hey, it was fun to see what all that hair mascara could do! 😄

hair mascara to tame flyaways

Hair Mascara to smooth flyways on the sides of head, leaving bangs

10. How to Cover Gray Hair on Black Hair

Covering gray natural black hair at home is a cinch with black hair mascara!
Simply brush wherever you'd like to hide gray on your dark hair!

cover graying black gray hair

11. How to Add Fun Temporary Highlights and Lowlights

Add some fun to your hair by adding temporary highlights or lowlights with hair mascara! Use a variety of hair mascara colors to add lots of beautiful dimension.

The hairstyle below was done with Lilla Rose hair mascara in colors #101, #102, #103, #104, and #105.

Look how pretty her French Twist updo is when done with all those different shades of hair mascara...it really shows it off!

(Now, you certainly don't need five shades to make a dramatic difference...just adding one shade would be stunning!)

temporary highlights

To learn how to do this beautiful French twist, click here: Easy French Twist

To learn how to do a French Twist in super long hair, click here: Super long hair French Twist

This beautiful French Twist was done with a Lilla Rose hair clip
You can shop for this exact style here: Freestyle Flexi Clip
You can learn more about the Flexi clip and determine your size HERE.

12. How to Darken Red Hair without Dye

To darken red hair without dye, simply brush on brown hair mascara! Instead of coming out brown, it simply deepens and beautifies your natural red hair!

This is a pretty amazing transformation, if you ask me! 

This hair mascara application has lasted 4 days so far, and will easily wash out with her next shampoo.

darken red hair mascara

13. How to Add Temporary Hair Color in Fun Colors

It is easy to add temporary hair color in fun streaks with hair mascara! Simply brush the hair mascara wand to create  fun colored highlights that wash out with your next shampoo!

 Lilla Rose has fun hair mascara in bright colors like blue, green, pink, and purple...you can shop them all HERE!

I love these colors for fun, bold temporary highlights!

hair mascara bright colors

temporary highlights colored hair mascara
blue tips hair mascara temporary color


My middle daughter desires to have blue tips to her hair.  We've tried Common Panda Hair Wax and Artic Fox semi-permanent color on her hair. I will not let her bleach her hair to accomplish this look!

THIS Hair Mascara was WAY easier to apply, less messy and shows up better in her hair than anything else we've tried!  We're hooked!"

Sue Ellen H.

14. How to Cover Gray Hair around the Face

You may just be starting to get a few gray hairs, and the usual place is around the face. So you may be wondering how to cover those graying baby hairs or how to cover the grey hair on your forehead.

Hair mascara is the perfect solution for those graying baby hairs around your face! It only takes a few brushes with that magic hair mascara wand and "poof!"...in just seconds the gray hairs around your hairline have magically disappeared!

hair mascara on graying black hair

15. How to Remove Grey Hair from Beard

Okay, I really, really debated including this one since most of my readers are female, and I didn't want to ruin my pretty blog post with lovely ladies and their pretty hair with a pic of some random guy's facial hair.

But...this is truly a genius way to use hair mascara for those who are wondering how to get rid of grey hair in beards. So, if you have a hubby or significant other who wants to know how to remove grey hair from their beards, then you may want to grab him a bottle of hair mascara as well.

It easily brushes on in a minute, covers those grey beard hairs, then easily washes out when they...hmmm...what do guys call it when they wash their beards? Shampoo their beards? Wash their face? Do their manly grooming activities? 

Guess I'm clueless here. And I'll refrain from posting a before-and-after beard pic unless someone asks. Then maybe. I'll think about it...

How to use Hair Mascara, step-by-step!

      1. Apply hair mascara wand to dry hair roots

      2. Use brush stroke motion

      3. Continue to apply to other portions of hair until desired coverage
      4. Allow to dry one minute
      5. Blend through hair using a brush or comb
how to use hair mascara

What is the Best Hair Mascara?

The best hair mascara is the Lilla Rose hair mascara:

  • Touches up gray strands and roots or add highlights instantly
  • Easy application
  • Water-resistant
  • Never flakes or stains
  • Dries in a minute
  • Stays on until shampooed off
  • Made in USA

Lilla Rose Hair Mascara Colors!

The new Lilla Rose hair mascara comes in 21 beautiful colors, so whether you need blonde hair mascara, brown hair mascara, black hair mascara, or red hair mascara, they've got you covered! Heck, they even have coffee hair mascara, so you can match your favorite morning cuppa Joe!

(Check out their newest silver hair mascara and white hair mascara!)

hair mascara colors

Frequently-Asked-Questions about the Lilla Rose Hair Mascara:

Is the Lilla Rose hair mascara made in the U.S.A?

Yes, the Lilla Rose hair mascara is made in the U.S.A.

Is the Lilla Rose hair mascara vegan?

All of the Lilla Rose hair mascara colors are vegan, except for two shades:
#102-Copper Chestnut and #103-Warm Brown

What is the shelf life of the Lilla Rose hair mascara?

The shelf life of the Lilla Rose hair mascara is 18 months.

Does the Lilla Rose hair mascara have an expiration date once opened?

The Lilla Rose hair mascara is good for 12 months once opened.

Help! I can't decide between two colors! What Lilla Rose hair mascara color should I buy?

No worries about getting the wrong shade of hair mascara. The colors are very forgiving. When I ordered for the first time, I couldn't decide between two similar colors, so got them both. And...they both worked perfectly fine! So it is hard to go wrong with your shade choice.

Can the Lilla Rose hair mascara be exchanged if I get the wrong color or returned if I just don't like it?

The Lilla Rose hair mascara can be easily returned for a refund or exchanged for a different color up to 30 days after purchase, so you can give them a try with confidence!

Hair Mascara Giveaway!

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Win a $17 shopping credit to go towards a hair clip or any other Lilla Rose hair accessory or product of your choice, including the awesome Hair Mascara!

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15 genius ways to use hair mascara

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