How to Put Your Hair into a Ponytail with a Flexi Clip

Have you ever wondered how to do a simple ponytail?

How to do a ponytail without a rubberband?

How to do a ponytail without a hair tie or elastic?

What about a ponytail without pulling hair?...OUCH!

Or better to do a ponytail without getting a headache?

Sound impossible?

It's not, if you just have the right tool!

And the right tool is a Flexi clip from Lilla Rose!

It is a super-comfortable one-piece hair clip that is made out of piano wire, so super strong and durable as well!

With the Flexi, you can easily do a ponytail without any snagging or pulling or headaches!

You can easily put it in and take it out with one hand, without all the wrapping and pulling and headaches!

And if you have the right size, it will stay put all day and not slip out!

Ready to see how easy it is to make a simple, comfortable ponytail with a Flexi clip?

1. Gather your hair into one hand

2. Put Flexi Clip Stick Underneath Your Hair

3. Slide Stick Into the Loop

And there you have it! That's how you put your hair into a basic ponytail with a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip! 

So easy, even dads can do this ponytail on their daughters!

All this without snagging, pulling, or headaches!

But first, be sure you get the right Flexi clip size! Click below to find your perfect ponytail size!

I hope you found this tutorial on, How to do a Ponytail with a Flexi clip, helpful, so you can do a quick and easy ponytail for long or medium hair!

If you'd like to learn How to do a Lazy Wrap Bun hairstyle with a Flexi clip, CLICK HERE!

If you'd love to know where to buy the lovely Lilla Rose Flexi Clip shown in this post, simply clicHERE or the button below! 

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