10 Best Color Glasses for White Hair that will Make you Look Fabulous!

Gray hair is natural and absolutely beautiful, but when it comes to choosing the right glasses to wear, it can be a bit tricky. The right pair of glasses can brighten your countenance and make you look younger, especially with a genuine smile!

Here are the 10 best color glasses for white, silver & gray hair that will make you look young and absolutely fabulous! 

You will be inspired by these real-life photos of ladies who look amazing in their glasses with gray hair!

color glasses gray hair

All of the glasses colors that look great with white or gray hair can be divided up into three categories: Neutral colors, Jewel tones, and Pastels.

Neutral Colors

We'll start with the classic neutrals, which are always in style. 

1. Black

Black frames are a classic choice for glasses and look great with gray hair. They add a sophisticated and timeless look that will never go out of style.

I love these black frames with Carmen's beautiful salt and pepper curls.

Check out Carmen's Facebook page My Silver Crown to connect with other ladies on the gray hair journey as well. 

2. Tortoise Shell

Tortoise shell frames are a great option if you want to add a little bit of flair to your look. The warm, earthy tones of tortoise shell frames will blend nicely with your gray hair, creating a unique and eye-catching look.

They also provide an interesting contrast between the warm tones of the frames and the cooler tones of your hair.

So pretty in Rebecca's shoulder-length gray hair.

gray hair tortoise shell glasses

Photo credit: Rebecca W.

3. Rose Gold

I love how the rose gold color of these glasses perfectly complement Mariah's skin tone and beautiful long gray hair. They give a classy youthful look!

long gray hair rose gold glasses

Photo credit: Mariah Boyd

Mariah said she loves these glasses that she got from Zenni Optical. The beautiful rose gold frame is only $15.95, so the total for Mariah's frame plus lenses was only $40! That is a great deal on a lovely pair of glasses!

You can check them out HERE!

4. Silver

Silver frames are a great way to add a touch of sparkle to your look. The metallic frames will complement your gray hair and create a glamorous and chic look.
They are also a great option if you want to draw attention to your eyes and make them the focus of your look.

I love these silver frames with Alicia's cute short white hair.

silver glasses short white hair

Alicia Kay

Jewel Tones

Now it's time to spice it up a bit and make going gray a lot more fun! Bright or deep jewel tones like red, blue, purple and green are absolutely gorgeous with gray or white hair.

5. Red

Nothing says you love life like a fun pair of bright red glasses!

Love this fun photo of Violet sporting her red glasses in her spunky short gray hair.

red glasses short gray hair

Photo credit: Violet B-R

Zenni Optical makes it so easy to shop by color!
colors glasses frames white hair gray hair

6. Purple

Purple glasses are absolutely gorgeous with gray hair!

Look at how they pop in Delia's pretty medium-length gray hair.

purple glasses gray hair Delia

Photo credit: Delia H.

7. Bright Blue

How fun are these cat-eye frames in bright purplish-blue! They really pop with Becca's beautiful short white hair.

Life is too short to wear boring glasses!

purple blue glasses short white hair

Photo credit: Becca V.

8. Green

Emerald green is another stunning jewel tone that looks fabulous with white hair.
I absolutely love these green glasses with Sherri's beautiful white face-framing highlights.

green glasses white hair

Photo credit: Sherri, Emerald Glory Wellness

Sherri is the owner of Emerald Glory Wellness, which provides "spiritually pure, naturally organic essential oils & herbal supplements created for your good & YHWH's glory."

You can visit her site HERE or follow her on Facebook HERE.
Use coupon code 'PAULAR' to get 10% off your first order!

9. Blue Green Mix

But why pick just one color? Try a fun mix of jewel tones like these glasses in blue and green. 

Aren't they just adorable with Melanie's cute pixie cut?

blue green glasses white pixie cut hair

Photo credit: Melanie L.

Melanie got these fabulous Vanni frames from her optometrist.


Not quite ready for bright jewel tones? Try a pretty pastel color in blue or pink that compliments your outfit.

Then add a bright pop of lip color to brighten it up!

10. Gray Blue

I love these gray blue glasses in Violet's beautiful blue outfit with shades of teal and turquoise. They add to the elegance of her gray hair updo with side-swept bangs.
(And how cute are those fun sea turtles?!)

blue glasses gray hair with bangs

Photo credit: Violet B-R.

Tip: Choose a color that complements your skin tone

Keep in mind your skin tone when choosing what color glasses frames to go with.

Cool skin tones look best in jewel tones, whereas warm skin tones can wear gold or brown tones more easily.

The same colors that make you look your best in your clothing are usually the same that would look great on you for your glasses.

Definitely check out my post Best Colors to Wear with White Hair so You Look Marvelous!, as that will help you in deciding what color glasses to wear with your gray, silver, or white hair.

best colors to wear with gray hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear brown glasses with gray hair?

Brown glasses can be worn with gray hair if you have a warm skin undertone.

If you are in the process of transitioning to gray hair and have both brown and gray "highlights," then they can also work to bring out and complement the last streaks and tones of your brown hair

Can you wear gold glasses with gray hair?

Gold glasses can be worn with gray hair if you have a warm skin undertone.
They can also complement your gold jewelry or bring out some of the warm undertones remaining in your beautifully graying hair.

Do clear glasses look good with gray hair?

Clear glasses can be a good choice for gray hair if you are wanting them to not be noticeable or draw attention to them. 

colors glasses frames white hair gray hair

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