16 Best Hairstyles for Gray Hair to Keep You Looking Young!

These are the best hairstyles for growing out gray hair, silver hair, grey hair or white hair! Classy, yet comfortable.

If you've been wondering how to look young with gray hair, or how to look good while transitioning to grey hair, check out these beautiful gray hairstyles.

You've lived an incredible life, full of amazing experiences, and have gained an immense amount of wisdom. Now you are enjoying life to the full, as you are "going gray gracefully."

Be proud of who you are, and embrace your natural beauty, with these 16 easy hairstyles for gray hair.

Look your best and live a life of joy,  without taking a lot of time. You've earned it. 

best gray hair hairstyles for looking young

1. Gray Hair French Twist

Nothing says "elegant" more than a beautiful French Twist hairstyle. A perfect way to add class to your look.

And so quick and easy to do with only one comfy pair of "Grace" Upins by Lilla Rose....ditch all those bobby pins for a secure and comfortable hold that lasts all day!

To learn how to do a French Twist with Upins, watch my video here: French Twist Tutorial

2. Medium Length Gray Hair
Rolled Half-Up (Half-up twist)

Gray hair is no reason to not keep your girlish look! Keep your youthful bloom with this carefree Lilla Rose Sunflower Flexi in a fun rolled Half-up.

Learn how to do a rolled half-up (or also called a half-up twist) in my video here: Half-up Twist Tutorial

The best size Flexi hair clip for a rolled half-up hairstyle is a size XXS (mini.)

3. Short white Hair Half-Up

Short silver gray hair is simply adorable in a simple half-up hairstyle! Secure it with a hair accessory in a fun contrasting color, like hot pink! (Shown: Hibiscus Sunset Flexi)

The best size Flexi hair clip for a half-up hairstyle is a size XXS (mini) for fine hair and XS (extra small) for average to thick hair.

To learn how to do a simple half up hairstyle, watch my video here: Simple Half Up Tutorial

4. Silver Gray Hair Tails-Up

The casual look of the Tails-up in long or medium-length gray hair is just fun for everyday, not to mention, a snap to do with a Lilla Rose Flexi, like this one shown, Hibiscus Sea!

To learn how to do a Tails Up Hairstyle, watch my video here: Simple Tails Up Tutorial

To find the perfect size Flexi hair clip for you, click here: Flexi Sizing

5. Salt-and-Pepper Hair
French Braid Ponytail

I love how the French Braid Pony highlights the beautiful shades of growing out gray, salt and pepper hair, or if you are transitioning to gray. It is much better than an expensive salon hairdo!

Shown in the cute owl "Hoot" Flexi by Lilla Rose, which is currently retired, but check out "Night Owl" which is a lovely owl hair clip in black aurora borealis, which actually changes color in the light, and appears as if it were in deep blues and other stunning colors of the rainbow.

Also, check out the website for dozens of other beautiful styles...Lilla Rose comes out with new ones several times a month.

To find the perfect size Flexi hair clip for you, click here and watch my sizing video: Perfect Flexi Size

6. Long Gray Hair
Half-Up Half-Down

Long gray hair can be beautiful and healthy! Show it off in a lovely half-up!

The best size Flexi hair clip for a half-up hairstyle is a size XXS (mini) for fine hair and XS (extra small) for average to thick hair.

Check out my posts How to have Healthy Hair Naturally and The Absolute Best Products for Gray Hair!
One of my top recommendations for hydrating and strengthening gray hair is the Lilla Rose Hair Masque, made with Shea Butter and Moroccan Argan Oil, and no harmful parabens that disrupt your hormones, and I'm telling you, that's the last thing we need at our stage of life!

To learn three different ways of doing a half up hairstyle, watch my daughter's video here: Half Up Hairstyle Tutorials

Need help growing out your gray hair?

Ready to ditch the dye and embrace your beautiful gray hair? Then you definitely need my friend Katie's very helpful ebook full of practical tips on how to go gray gracefully!
To check it out, click here: Every Which Way to Gray and use my coupon code “PAULA” to get 15% off!

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gray hair transition tips

7. Gray hair Ponytail

Nothing says energy, fun, and youth like a ponytail! It's not just for little girls anymore! (Shown in a "Grace" mother-of-pearl Flexi by Lilla Rose.)

To learn how to do a simple silver hair ponytail hairstyle with a Flexi, watch my video here: Simple Ponytail Tutorial

You can also see a step-by-step photo and written tutorial in my post here: How to do a Ponytail with a Flexi clip

To find the perfect size Flexi hair clip for you, click here to watch my sizing tutorial: What's my Flexi Size?

8. Grey Hair Braided Half-Up

Adding a braid to your half-up in long gray hair is an easy way to add a bit of fun!

To learn three different ways of doing a half up hairstyle, watch my daughter's video here: Half Up Hairstyle Tutorials

The best size Flexi hair clip for a braided half-up hairstyle is a size XXS (mini) for fine hair and XS (extra small) for average to thick hair.

9. Side-Back For
short White Hair

Nothing looks prettier in silver or white hair than blue or turquoise! That beautiful pop of color will bring a smile to your face! Try this mini Iris Flexi clip by Lilla Rose, with its gorgeous colors.

The mini (XXS) Flexi is just the right size for pulling back the sides of your hair, a bit of hair at the top, or growing out your bangs.

To learn all the fun things you can do with a mini, check out my video here: What can I do with this Itty Bitty Mini? You may be surprised!

To see more cute short gray hairstyles, see my post 15 Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Short Gray Hair

10. Sides-Back for
Long Gray Hair

Love the simplicity of pulling the sides back into lovely classic bobbies by Lilla Rose, which are the strongest, most secure bobby pins on the market...these will NOT slip out of even the finest of hair! These are also great for growing out your bangs.

Choose the simple Classic style as shown,or one of the many beautiful Decorated styles.

I love these beautiful soft long layers in gray hair! And want to know a secret tip for how not to look old with gray hair?...soften your face with youthful bangs!

Want to know how to cut your gray hair in layers easily at home? Check out my tutorial on how to cut your own hair in just 5 minutes! How To Cut Your Own Hair: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide [DIY Layered Ponytail Haircut]

fancy headband pearl beaded

Vintage Headband Roll in the pearl "Moriah" headband

I love the classy look of the Vintage Headband Roll, especially in this salt and pepper hair.

The beautiful pearls and metallic beading on the black band of the "Moriah" make it a perfect gray hair headband. 

Such an elegant hairstyle for growing out your grey hair gracefully!

I love this practical everyday hairstyle for long grey hair...a messy grey hair updo!

This is not only a great hairstyle for growing out gray hair, but a perfect easy hairstyle for every day -  just twist and clip!

This is basically just a casual version of the French Twist. To learn how to do gray hair French Twist, click here: Easy French Twist Tutorial This is part of my "5 Days of Quick & Easy Hairstyles" series. If you'd like to receive the whole series, click HERE.

Click HERE to shop for this simple "Band" hair clip (this one is shown in the gold finish, but it comes in 7 finishes you can choose from to match your gray hair color or outfit perfectly.)

To find the perfect size Flexi hair clip for you, click here: What's my Flexi Clip Size?

There is nothing more feminine than long loose curls, and that goes for gray hair as well. This curled gray hair is absolutely gorgeous!

I love the classic look of a simple headband in this beautiful shoulder-length white hair. So neat and classy...it never goes out of style!

To see more headband hairstyles, see my article 29 Gorgeous Headbands Women Love!

To shop for this headband as well as other classy headband styles, click HERE.

These half-up half-down pull-though ponytails are so incredibly cute in Erika's beautiful long gray hair with bangs. Check out her video tutorial below!

Ready for Beautiful Hair In Seconds?

As you've probably noticed, all of these beautiful gray hairstyles can be easily created with the quality hair accessories from Lilla Rose.

Their most popular hair accessory is the Flexi Clip, which is super-comfortable and enables you to do so many lovely hairstyles quickly and easily.

To learn more about the Lilla Rose Flexi clip, including determining your perfect Flexi size, click the button below. (Be sure to scroll down on that page to find my sizing video!) This is super-important to getting a Flexi you absolutely LOVE! 💜

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Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you enjoyed learning about the best hairstyles for gray or stunning silver hair!

Please let me know if you have any questions whatsoever...I am here to help you!

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