16 Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Short Gray Hair

No time to mess with your short gray hair? Maybe you've been growing out your gray hair due to CoVid and the big quarantine and whatnot. Maybe you've realized that you kind of enjoy not having to go to the salon so often, to keep your short gray hair in perfect shape. 

But what do you do with your short gray hair in the meantime? In this post, I'll show you how you can have beautiful gray hair, whether it is short, shoulder-length, or somewhere in-between!

And the best part? Every short gray hair style here is super-easy, quick, and great for every day (and did I say cute?!)

short gray hair headband

It is oh-so-easy to just pull back your hair with a comfy adjustable elastic headband! If you are growing out your bangs or growing out your gray hair,  this is a great option! 

This headband by Lilla Rose comes in three finishes: brass, rose gold, and nickel. All are beautiful in gray or silver hair. It comes with a comfy adjustable elastic band for all sizes and shapes of heads, and in four colors to match your hair color, including silver! How awesome is that?!

To shop all of the Lilla Rose hairbands, click HERE.

2. Short White Hair in a Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle in a bright blue Hair Clip

short white hair clip

Another cute hairstyle for silver hair is to simply pull back the sides into a simple half-up half-down hairstyle and fasten with a hair clip!

I love the "Hibiscus" Lilla Rose hair clip in both sea blue as shown above, and bright fuchsia! It makes for such a cute short gray hairstyle!

The Lilla Rose Flexi Clip is so easy to put in and take out. To learn more, click HERE.

The best size for a half-up hairstyle is a mini (XXS) or extra small, depending on the thickness of your hair.

3. Short Silver Hair in a Sides-Back Hairstyle in a silver hair clip

short white hair clip

Hair in your way? Try pulling the sides back, and securing with a Lilla Rose hair clip! So easy, and great for keeping your hair out of your face, or out of your way while growing it out!

To learn more about Lilla Rose hair clips, click HERE.

The best size for a sides-back hairstyle is a mini (XXS)

They are perfect for cute hairstyles for short grey hair!

4. Short Gray Layered Haircut with Bangs

short gray hair cut

Love this beautiful layered haircut with bangs for short grey hair. It is such a lovely look, framing Erika Marie's face so beautifully! Bangs can give you a youthful look, taking years off your appearance! 

Check out more of Erika Marie's stunning silver hair photos at Grace-Filled Beauty HERE.

5. Short Curly Gray Hair with Bangs pulled back in a Flexi Hair Clip

short curly silver hair

I love how my friend Laurel pulled back her bangs in an extra small Lilla Rose hair clip in bright blue. It is an easy way to keep your hair out of your face while growing out your bangs. This simple hairstyle is so pretty in short curly silver hair.

To learn more about Flexi clips and to determine your size, click HERE.

The best size for a bangs-back hairstyle is a mini (XXS)

6. Short white Hair in a Sides-Back Hairstyle with a Bobby Pin

The super-strong Lilla Rose Bobby Pins will stay in place even in thin, fine hair, so make a great option for pulling the sides back to make a lovely short white hairstyle.

7. Braided Sides-Back Hairstyle in Short Silver Hair

short white hair black white hair clip

Black and white hair clips go so beautifully in silver hair. 

This one is a Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose. Flexi clips come in 7 sizes and a huge selection of colors and styles, so you're sure to find one that you love.

For a braided sides-back hairstyle, I recommend a mini (XXS) Flexi for fine hair or an extra small (XS) for thick hair. To learn more about Flexi clips and to determine your size, click HERE.

Need Help Transitioning to Gray?

Ready to ditch the dye and embrace your beautiful gray hair? Then you definitely need my friend Katie's very helpful ebook full of practical tips on how to go gray gracefully!
To check it out, click here: Every Which Way to Gray and use my coupon code “PAULA” to get 15% off!

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gray hair transition tips

8. Double Side-back Twists in Short Gray Hair

short gray hair Bobby Pins

Add a little pizzazz to your usual sides-back hairstyle by doing a double twist! Just pull back a section, twist and secure with a pretty decorative bobby pin! Repeat for an extra elegant look!

9. Layered Short Gray Hair with Bangs

I love the volume that Erika's layered haircut gives for short gray hair. Such a cute, youthful look with the side-swept bangs!

You can check out more of Erika Marie's beautiful gray hair photos on her Instagram account HERE.

10. Top and Sides-Back in Short Grey Hair with a Sparkly mini Hair Clip

Venice short gray hair clip

Why fuss with having to style your hair when you can just pull back the top and a a bit of the sides in a pretty sparkly hair clip? Love this one called "Lovely Circle" by Lilla Rose.

Minis (XXS) are perfect for pulling back just a bit of hair, and they are so comfy, you'll forget it is even there!

To learn more ways you can us the mini (XXS) size Flexi Clip, see my video here: What can I do with this Itty-bitty Mini Flexi Clip?

11. Half-up Half-Down in Short Platinum Hair with Silver Bobby Pins

short white hair bobbies

I love how the silver tone of these bobbies goes so well with silver or platinum hair. A perfect choice if you are wanting a hair accessory that blends in with your hair.

I recommend the Lilla Rose Bobbies, as they are the best Bobby Pins for fine hair, are super-secure, and won't slip out. 

12. Half-up Half-down in Short Silver Hair with a Mother-of-Pearl Hair Clip

short silver hair clip

If you'd like to do a half-up half-down hairstyle in your short silver hair, but want something a little prettier than Bobby Pins (and easier to put in and take out) than try a Flexi hair clip! This "Grace" genuine mother-of-pearl hair clip with crystal accents will match your gray or silver hair, but add that extra bit of class!

To learn more about Lilla Rose hair clips, and find your perfect size (hint: extra small is usually perfect for half-up hairstyles) click HERE.

The best size for a half-up hairstyle is a mini (XXS) for fine hair and extra small (XS) for average to thick hair.

13. Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle in Short White Hair with a colorful contrasting Hair Clip

This is the same hairstyle as the two previous Half-Up Half-Down hairstyles, but this time, we added a fun pop of color! Sometimes you may want a hair accessory that blends in with your hair color, but other times (and it is the most of the time for me!) you want something that pops in your hair!

Choose a hair clip in your favorite color or that matches or compliments your outfit. I absolutely love how this blue Flexi Clip pops in this stunning short silver hair!

To learn more about the Lilla Rose Flexi Clip, click HERE.

This particular Flexi Clip is actually called a Flexi FLIP, which means that the attached pin is reversible, so you can get 3 sizes/fits with just one clip! To learn more about the Flexi Flip, watch my video here: What is a Flexi FLIP?

The best Flexi FLIP size to get for a half-up hairstyle is a small, which will fit sizes XXS, XS, and SM. Use it on the tightest setting for a half-up, then flip the pin for the largest setting for your ponytail or updo!

14. Shoulder-Length White Hair in a Half-up Hair Stick Bun

short white hair half up bun hair stick
short white hair half up bun hair stick

I love the fun look of half-up buns in silver hair! And it is oh-so-easy with a decorative hair stick! 

The photos above show a half-up bun in shoulder-length silver white hair, but half-up buns can be done in shorter hair as well...as long as you have enough hair to pull the top of your hair back into a a cute little bun! 

To learn how to do a bun with a hair stick, watch my daughter's video here: How to use Hair Sticks. The half-up bun tutorial starts at about the 1:50 min mark.

The hair stick shown above is called "Raylene" from Lilla Rose. It has lovely Mother-of-pearl and turquoise beads with your choice of light or dark wood. You can buy it HERE.

To shop all the gorgeous styles of Lilla Rose hair sticks, click HERE.

15. Shoulder-length Gray Hair French Twist in a Decorative U-pin

gray hair French Twist u pin

If you are growing out your gray hair, and it gets to shoulder-length, then you may be able to do an elegant French Twist hairstyle! This is my favorite hairstyle for shoulder-length gray hair, as it is so classy! 

It is also much easier to do than you may think! (It is actually my everyday go-to hairstyle, since it is so easy!) Just pull back, twist, and secure with a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip or Swerve U-pin!

Learn how to do a French Twist in a Swerve U-Pin in my video tutorial here: How to do a Super-Easy French Twist with a Swerve Pin

The gray hair French Twist shown above was done with the "Posie" Swerve U-pin. And YES, you CAN wear gold hair accessories with gray hair!

You can buy the Posie HERE or shop all of the Lilla Rose U-pins HERE.

16. Shoulder-length Silver Hair in a Headband Hairstyle

gray hair headband navy scotty dog
shoulder length silver hair headband

Headbands cover a multitude of sins! No matter the state of your hair...bedhead, growing out gray hair, growing out bangs, growing out CoVid hair, bad hair day...doesn't matter...a hairband with a comfortable adjustable elastic band that doesn't hurt is just what the doctor ordered!

To learn more about the comfortable Lilla Rose headbands with adjustable elastic bands, read my post, 27 Gorgeous Headbands Women Love!

To shop all of the Lilla Rose hairbands, click HERE.

Where to buy these lovely Lilla Rose hair accessories for short gray hair

Just click the button below to shop for all of these (and many more!) lovely Lilla Rose hair accessories. If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact me!

More lovely gray hair accessories

To see more hair accessories that look great in gray hair, see my post 23 Best Hair Accessories for Gray Hair

More beautiful gray hairstyles

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