Must-Have Hair Accessories for Nurses You’ll Want to Buy Right Now!

Kudos to all you hard-working nurses, physicians, and health care professionals out there... you have a hard job! And you are essential! 💜

But, to do your best work,  you need to keep your hair out of your way. I mean really, your patients may love and appreciate you, but I am sure they'd prefer you keep your hair to yourself! 

But what if you have fine hair that will not stay up in a clip or scrunchie?

Or what if you have long or thick hair that just plain gives you a headache when you have it up all day? 

No problem! You have come to the right place! In this post, I will show you the best hair clips for nurses and the best hair accessories for nurses and healthcare practitioners that will securely keep your hair up all shift (or double-shift!) long, with NO headache! 

And hey, I'll throw in some gorgeous badge lanyards and must-have mask elastics as well!

There is no beating the Lilla Rose Flexi hair clip for all-day hold and comfort, and with the "Caddy" hair clip with the meaningful nursing symbol, you can proudly and beautifully proclaim your high status as a medical caregiver professional.

nurse hair clip
nursing hair clip

The Flexi clip can be used to put your hair up in all sorts of styles, from ponytails to messy buns.

The hairstyle shown above is a French Twist, which is an easy everyday hairstyle for nurses and anyone in the medical field. To learn how to do it in just seconds with a Lilla Rose hair clip, click here: How to do a Simple French Twist Hairstyle

To learn more about the Lilla Rose Flexi hair clip, which is the absolute best hair clip for nurses, click HERE.

Lilla Rose Flexi hair clip Reviews from Nurses and other Health Care Professionals

I’m an Operating Room Nurse 😷 and must wear my long hair up all day and covered with a bouffant cap. Claws and elastics give me a headache but my large Flexi Clip keeps my hair in place and pain free all day, then when I leave for the day it still looks nice.

I also have my name badge held by a Lilla Rose Celtic Badge holder.

Laurel Meadows // operating room nurse

I used to be a CNA: BEFORE I FOUND FLEXI'S. I have thick hair and I wore my rubber bands, claw clips, binder holders, rubber gloves, and whatever else I could find. As a CNA, the hair gets in the way, gets pulled, gets hot, and I chopped it All Off as short as I could without being bald.

I know the nurses love them, use them and appreciate having something to hold their hair out of the way.

Dusty Sides // CNA

I am a nurse and have to be at work at 6:30 a.m. AND wear my hair up. At 6:30 a.m. it is hard for me to care how my hair looks, my Lilla Rose flexi's help me. For instance, my new favorite together are my purple scrubs with the new purple butterfly Flexi clip.

Love it!

Valerie Foster  // nurse

2. The Flexi SPORT no-slip hair clip for nurses

The Lilla Rose Flexi SPORT is a brand new super-grip, no-slip hair clip that is truly the BEST hair clip for nurses, as it will stay securely and comfortably all day long, even in fine hair. 

It is waterproof and easy to clean with just soap and water, which makes it the perfect hygienic choice for any medical professional.

gray hair updo flexi sport
flexi sport colors
non slip nurse hair clip

To learn more about the Flexi SPORT, check out my blog post HERE.

To shop for a Flexi SPORT, which comes in a variety of fun colors, click HERE.

The Flexi keeps my hair up and out of my face- 12-hour shifts with no hair headaches!

Cathy Cribbs // nurse and nursing teacher

I am a pediatric occupational therapy assistant and work with children with special needs. I love that my hair can be up out of my face and out of reach so I can work with the kids and look professional too.

Amanda Mardis // Pediatric Occupational Therapy Assistant

 I am a RN and wear my hair up for work. I work days so am up before the crack of dawn. Lilla Rose makes it easy to put my hair up with even bad hair days looking good.

Mary Coulton // RN

3. Best Headbands for Nurses

Headbands are a great choice for nurses, physicians, and other health care workers, especially if you use ones with adjustable elastic bands that stay comfortably all day without slipping.

The Lilla Rose headbands are the absolute best non-slip headbands for nurses.  They do not hurt your head or hurt behind your ears, which is the last thing you need when you are working hard all day caring for patients.

You can even combine a headband with a Flexi clip or Flexi SPORT in a ponytail, bun, or other updo to get all of your hair up and out of your way.

headband for nurses
nurse headband

Lilla Rose hairbands come in many beautiful colors and styles.

To shop the Chambray headband shown above, click HERE.

To shop all of the Lilla Rose headbands, click HERE.

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More Essentials for Nurses and Health Care Professionals

1. Breakaway Lanyards for Nurses

Not a hair accessory, but breakaway lanyards are a must for nurses and other health care workers. No need to do away with style and class, just because you are on the job! Check out our beautiful decorative lanyards for safely holding your health care badges.

rose lanyard badge holder
magnetic clasp
simple band lanyard badge holder

Note: these health care badge holders are only available on my "Lilla Rose Exclusives" page on this blog. Click HERE and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see all of the styles I have available.

2. Elastic Bands for Masks for Nurses and Health Care Practitioners

Surgical masks can be incredibly uncomfortable, especially if you have to wear them all day working in the healthcare field. The solution? Clip on a Lilla Rose adjustable elastic band so that you have no more chafing or discomfort behind your ears. 

They also make it easy to take on and off throughout the day without losing it or setting it down on an unsanitary surface. 

mask elastic band

You can purchase these individually or in packs of three. They also come with the adustable headbands, so you may want to treat yourself to a Lilla Rose headband and get an elastic band for your mask for free! (Although you can't wear both at the same time! LOL)

Shop for elastic bands for masks HERE.

I'm a hospital pharmacy technician; having my hair up makes such a huge difference in the ease of putting surgical caps on and off when I go back to the OR, and the Flexi keeps my hair out of the way for all my other duties as well. Hope this helps! 😊

Kristina Sweets // Hospital Pharmacy Technician

I teach self-contained special education. Hair up is a necessity with diaper changes, wheel chair transfers, and physical therapy. Not to mention behavior issues with students who are looking for something to grab. I never wear my hair down at school. 

Likewise I always need my keys for opening and locking my classroom door. I use the badge clip for my badge and my keys to keep them constantly handy.

April Barnett // Special Education Teacher

Surgeon here. Been wearing Flexis every single day since 2007! I've even slept in them on long call nights. Longest I ever wore a clip without taking it down was about 2 days. No headache.  

My friends in nursing love them.

Mashonna Austin // Surgeon

Where to buy these lovely Lilla Rose hair accessories for nurses 

Just click the button below to shop for all of these (and many more!) lovely Lilla Rose hair accessories for nurses, as well as the mask elastic bands. If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact me! 💜

Win one of these lovely Lilla Rose hair accessories!

If you'd like to enter to win a Flexi hair clip, headband, mask elastics, or other hair accessory for nurses,  be sure to enter my giveaway below!

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hair accessories for nurses

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