How to Use a Large U Shaped Hairpin for Elegant yet Easy Updos!

Have you ever wondered how to use a large u shaped hairpin?

What about  how to use u pins for a bun, how to use a French pin, how to use hairpins, or how to use a Swerve U pin?

For many ladies, hairpins are that one hair accessory that is a mystery on how to use.

In this post, I will show you how to use use u pins for hair (also called French pins, French u pins, or Swerve Upins) in three videos so you can enjoy this stylish, yet comfortable, hairpin!

Video Tutorial #1:
How to use a Large U Shaped Hairpin

In my first video, you will learn how to use large u shaped hairpins, what is a Swerve U pin, and why it is the best hairpin out there.

I will also show you how to use decorative hairpins in a variety of hairstyles:
~ How to use a u pin for a bun
~ How to use a u pin for a French twist
~ How to use a u pin for a half up bun

Lilla Rose Swerve U pins

The Lilla Rose Swerve U-pins are 4.5" long.
Here are some of the large Lilla Rose Swerve U pins I showed in my video above:

Posie Swerve Upin

Paradie Swerve Upin

Marlisa Swerve Upin

Aurora Swerve Upin

Alexandra Swerve Upin

Video Tutorial #2:
How to use a Lilla Rose Swerve U pin

In this second video, my daughter shows how to use a Swerve Upin in a Topknot bun and in an Up-and-down Twist hairstyle:

The Lilla Rose Swerve U-pin she is using in this video is the elegant "Marlisa."

How to use a Large U Shaped Hairpin in a Tails-up Hairstyle:

Here is a simple step by step U pin tutorial, showing how to use a large u shaped hair pin in a Tails-up hairstyle. This one is a new style called "Emmy" by Lilla Rose that is made out of acrylic for a fun, stylish look that is lightweight and very comfortable!

The aqua blue color is so pretty in these gorgeous sisterlocs!

Lilla Rose Large Acrylic U pins

The acrylic u pins come in 6 different fun colors!

You can shop for Emmy in white marble, abalone and green HERE and Lilly in brown, turquoise and magenta HERE.

The acrylic u-pins are 4" long.

To learn how to use acrylic U-pins, also known as hair forks, watch the video in my post here: How Do You Use Acrylic Hair Forks?

Emmy acrylic large U pins

Lilly large acrylic Upins

Video Tutorial #3:
How to use a Large U Shaped Hairpin in a French Twist

Lilla Rose large U pins come in both elegant, decorated hairpin styles for dressy occasions, and simple styles for everyday hairstyles.

The classic Swerve U pin is a favorite of young ladies and teens, because it is practically invisible in your hair! It makes a perfect messy bun or top knot hairstyle.

In my video below, I will show you how to use a large U pin in a simple French twist. You can see how you can hardly see it is there!

You can shop for this simple Swerve hair pin in four different finishes (gold, rose gold, silver, and black nickel) HERE.

Lilla Rose classic plain Swerve U pins:

The Swerve U pins also come in a small size (which is affectionately known as the "baby swerve") which is perfect for thin or fine hair, or smaller amounts of hair, such as you'd wear in a half-up bun. They are 3" long. You can get it HERE.

Don't stress too much about the two pretty much can't go wrong with either one, as both usually can fit most types of hair and hairstyles. The difference would mainly be that the baby Swerve's ends would be more likely not to stick out or show in finer hair or half-up buns, though would still hold securely.

Swerve U-pin
Swerve u-pins short

Lilla Rose Swerve Reviews:
Customer Testimonials

Here are some awesome testimonials about the Lilla Rose Swerve that I am getting from my customers:

Swerve u-pin holding a bun before and after 4 miles of running.

It's still in. It holds really well and is even more comfortable than the original u-pins.”
~Beth K.

swerve upin in a bun

"I just have to tell you how excited I was to see the mini swerve! I bought one and just tried it out in a half-up bun straight away and loved it. It worked just like I hoped. Then I was showing it to my mom and told her I bet I could get all my hair up in it, and sure enough I did! And it was my SW Florida hair too, not my usual Hoosier winter hair, since we are down south right now, and the warm air is making me have extra hair, haha. She was super-impressed. My dad looked at it and said it looked like the spring he just repaired on his recliner.

Anyway, I thought I would just gush about it a bit to you, knowing you would understand. And I am sending a picture too, so you can see how well it hides. You can barely see the dark nickel at 1 o-clock on my bun. My thick hair comes down halfway between my shoulder and elbow."

~Laura A.

Large U Shaped Hair pin Hairstyle Photos:
Customer pics

Here are several of my favorite customer U Pin photos! You can shop for any style by clicking on the photo. These seriously are the best hairpins!

Mixed Metals Swerve U pin in a fishtail braided bun

u shaped hair pin french twist updo

Hammered Swerve large u shaped pin in updo

Paradie large u pin in a bun

Squared U pin in a twisted bun hairstyle

french twist large u shaped hair pin

Elegant Swerve U pin in French twist

Tranquility turquoise French pins in long hair bun

Penelope pearl decorative hair pin in a bun

Marlisa jeweled hair pin for a bun

Adora antiqued bow U pin in a braided bun hairstyle

Tips for using hair pins

1. Make sure your bun or twist is tight; not loose

2. Sometimes slightly damp hair helps with hold

3. Make sure you are grabbing a good chunk of the side of the bun/twist before turning the hair pin and going along the scalp

4. Make sure the prongs of the hair pin are going along the scalp

5. It helps to make sure the prongs go OUT the other side of the bun/twist to have a more secure hold (rather than just staying along your scalp)

Where to buy large u shaped hair pins

You can shop for all of these beautiful large hairpins, as well as many other u pin and Swerve styles HERE.

Large vs. Small U-shaped Hair Pins

The U-shaped hair pins featured in this post were all "large" u-pins and are 4.5" long. They are also called French Pins, Hair Forks, or Swerve U-pins. You can get them individually at Lilla Rose. Most hairstyles can easily be achieved with just one large Swerve U-pin, even in thick, heavy hair, which is pretty incredible (much better than the ton of bobby pins you may have used in the past!)

The other type of u-shaped hair pins are the "small" u-pins. As the name suggests, they are smaller and come in sets of two. They are 3" long. And for most hairstyles, just one set of small u-shaped hair pin is all that is needed.

To learn more about the small u-shaped hair pins, see my post How to Use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time.

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U hair pin hairstyles

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