How to Do a Cute Tails-Up Hairstyle with Long Hair

Tails Up is a perfect hairstyle if you want a messy-cute look in under a minute!

This variation on a popular easy hairstyle is also great for extra long, thick, or heavy hair, as it is super comfortable! Seriously, it will stay secure all day, and you will forget your hair is even up!

So if you've always loved the cute look of a tails-up, but didn't think you could ever pull it off due to the length or weight of your hair, this tutorial is for YOU!

My daughter Kathleen demonstrates this long-hair tails-up bun hair hack in both a video and step-by-step in pictures, so you are sure to know exactly how to do this fun easy-breezy hairstyle on yourself!

long hair tails up bun heavy thick hair
long hair tails up bun heavy thick hair

 How to do a Tails-up Bun for Extra Long Hair Video Tutorial

First, Kathleen will show you how to do a long hair tails-up bun with a hair clip in video. It is oh-so-easy!

How to do a Tails-up Bun for Extra Long Hair Step-by-Step in Pictures

Next, for those of you who prefer seeing things step-by-step in pictures, here is a photo tutorial!

The Flexi hair clip size you will need will either be your ponytail size, or one size above your ponytail size.

Not sure of your ponytail size? Click HERE to find out!

Since Kathleen has long thick hair, she uses a size medium hair clip, but for most people smalls work the best!

Step 1: 

Pull hair back into a ponytail

Step 2: 

Twist half of your hair around into a bun

Step 3: 

Stop twisting your hair when half is in the bun and the rest is on top of your bun

Step 4: 

Take the pin of the Flexi Clip and put it through a bit of hair on the top right side of the bun

Step 5: 

Slide the pin of the Flexi Clip over top of the bun and along your scalp. Once on the other side, secure the pin in the loop of the Flexi Clip

Finished! Super-Cute!

I hope you found this tutorial on, How to do a Tails Up Hairstyle, helpful!

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If you'd love to know where to buy the lovely Lilla Rose Flexi Clip shown in this post, simply clicHERE! 

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how to do a tails up hairstyle

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