12 Ways To Use The Flexi With Crochet or Knitted Accessories

Are you looking for beautiful accessories for your crochet or knitted items? 

A way to fasten your crochet shawl, accessorize your knitted scarf, or adorn your crochet hat?

Then you may want to check out the Lilla Rose Flexi clip, that works not only fabulously in all types of hair, but works equally well in your crocheted and knitted items!

The Flexi can even be used as a yarn holder for knitting or yarn holder for crochet!

Check out the top 12 ways to use the Flexi with crochet or knitted accessories!

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Flexi and crochet and knitted accessories

The Lilla Rose Flexi clip is perfect for not only your hair, but as a clip for your handmade scarf! Look how pretty the colors of this Flexi accentuate the colors of the yarn!

You can find so many beautiful colors and styles of Flexi clips HERE.

2. Louisa Swerve in a Sweater

Flexi and crochet and knitted accessories

Louisa Swerve in a knitted sweater

Louisa Swerve...the Swerve Upin is so stylist for securing your knitted sweater!

Flexi and crochet and knitted accessories

Morning Joy Flexi

Morning Joy Flexi...is this adorable or what?! Perfect for tea or coffee-lovers!

Flexi and crochet and knitted accessories

Valerie Flexi in a white hat

Have a simple knitted/ crochet hat that needs  a bit of decoration?

The elegant Valerie Flexi is the perfect adornment that will really stand out!

Lady Bug Flexi in a Red Hat

Lady Bug Flexi..so cute!!!

Flexi and crochet and knitted accessories

Jeslyn Flexi...love the sparkles in this crochet hat clip!

Night owl Flexi in a hat

Night Owl Flexi...this owl clip is super cute!

Heart flexi in a colorful shawl

Heart Flexi...perfect for holding your crochet shawl closed! So much more comfortable to wear!

Flexi and crochet and knitted accessories

Solana Flexi

Solana Flexi...this one has style!

Flexi and crochet and knitted accessories

Flexis holding Knitted works-in-progress in place

The  Dragonfly Flexi and the Tawny Flexi are not only practical, but fun, to keep your crochet and knitted works-in-progress in place! No messy unraveling here!

I love this beautiful DIY arm knitting kit from Darn Good Yarn (affiliate link.) The materials (sari silk ribbon yarn, chiffon ribbon, or soft chenille chunky yarn) are Fair Trade, perfect for arm knitting, and come in several stunning colors.

This is an easy beginner knitting kit and doesn't use any knitting needles...just your arms! 

What a gorgeous DIY arm knit scarf! 

If you love knitting or crochet, then you will definitely love these knitting hair accessories!

You can buy the knitting hair clips on my website HERE, and the knitting U-pins HERE.  If they are out of stock in your size there, check out my Lilla Rose Exclusives page, where you can order them directly from me.

The Flexi hair clip not only works in all types of hair and hairstyles, but as you saw in this post above,  it is great for your knitted or crochet projects as well! Now THAT'S versatility!

If you would like hairpins instead (or as well!) then go with the adorable knitting U-pins! They are awesome for messy bun hairstyles! You can see how to use them in a Top Knot hairstyle HERE.

Limited edition Singer Sewing Machine Hair Clip

Many knitters and crochet lovers also love sewing and quilting, so you might love the new limited-edition Singer Sewing Machine Flexi Clip! 

Look how cute! You can shop for it HERE.

singer sewing machine hair clip
singer sewing machine flexi hair clip half up

Thanks so much for reading this post on How to use your Flexi with your Crochet and Knitted Accessories! 

I hope you came away with a new creative use for your Lilla Rose Flexi clip!

(Not sure what a Flexi clip even is, and how you'd use it in your hair? Check out my blog post HERE and be sure to enter our monthly giveaway there!)

I'd love to know...how do you use your Flexi besides in your hair?  

Where to buy Lilla Rose Flexi Clips

You can shop all the beautiful Flexi styles by clicking the button below! Please let me know if you have any questions whatsoever! 😊

Flexi Clip Giveaway

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