Jeep Hair Don’t Care (How to Keep your Hair out of your Face in your Jeep!)

by Lisa Gatewood

Jeep Girl 

How did I become a Jeep Girl? My story.

I have always loved Jeeps maybe because I watched shows like Mork and Mindy and Dukes of Hazzard but I just know that I loved the look of the Jeep Wrangler.  

I was also discouraged at every vehicle purchase by the important people around me from buying a Jeep.

Yes, I still love those people but I decided to go with what I wanted.  I was bitten by the Jeep bug very hard from the day I brought my very used, very neglected Jeep Wrangler Sport unlimited (4 door) home. 

First thing I did was order a new soft top because the one on it was ripped to shreds.  Then the cleaning started with ripping out the carpet (this is a jeep thing for sure), scrubbing, washing, waxing everything.  

I bought the Jeep on a Sunday and my husband was concerned since he was leaving town for 2 weeks.  By the time he got back the Jeep had been transformed and he thought I had traded for a different Jeep.

My jeep was completely stock (No lift, bigger tires, nor other modifications) when we took it offroad for the first time at Wooleys Offroad Park.  It still had drive out tags on it, because the real tags hadn't come in yet.

I was hooked even more that day.

  The build of the jeep to make it custom to me and what I wanted began.

your jeep your way

 I love that with Jeeps you can make them an extension of your personality, if you want.   I always say "Your Jeep, Your Way."

How do you keep your hair out of your face in your Jeep?

A Flexi hair clip by Lilla Rose is the most secure way to keep your hair out of your face while driving your Jeep.

Once a friend of mine went with me to a event called Go Topless day (the Jeep, not us) and it was a long all-day pavement ride with about 50 Jeeps.  

Of course, the top was off the Jeep and a mile before our half-way stop for lunch, the rain came down, a very hard drenching rain.

That is where "Jeep Hair Don't Care" comes into play, and the Jeep hair clips for those who "Care a Little."  

I don't have a photo of that event because everything was drenched, but here are photos of "Jeep Hair Don't Care" and "Jeep Hair Care a Little."

jeep hair don't care

Jeep Hair Don't Care

jeep hair out of face

Jeep Hair Care a Little

Lilla Rose Flexi Clips are unmatched for keeping your hair out of your face in your Jeep

Believe me, I have tried everything, and nothing comes close to keeping your hair out of your face in your Jeep than a Flexi Clip by Lilla Rose.

Without it, seriously, you are a harm to society, because look at my photo above...can you really see to drive your Jeep with that crazy hair whipping in your eyes and face? 

It is super-secure and will NOT fly out, even when going at tremendous Jeep speeds and over crazy Jeep off-road bumps and curves. Trust me.

Jeep Girl Love

I have 2 Jeeps now.  They are built differently, but the general look of the 2 matches.  

My first Jeep is built for mostly off-road but still can be driven on-road.  The Gladiator is built for mostly on-road but has been off-road some. 

The Jeep community is very helpful, supportive and encouraging.  I have built confidence in my abilities to off-road, fix some mechanical problems, and have been able to help others do the same.  

Come visit my blog, Muddy Dog Jeep Tales, where you can meet some of these amazing Jeep ladies and hear their fun Jeep Girl stories!

muddy dog jeep German shepherd

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how to keep hair out of face Jeep

about the author, Lisa Gatewood

Lisa is the owner of Gatewood’s Jubilee and Muddy Dog Jeep Tales, along with her husband, 4 dogs and 2 cats. They love the mountains, the beach, Jeep rides, camping trips, and being off-road (except the cats). They call Middle Tennessee home, which has lots of off-road places, waterfalls, and lakes to explore.


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