12 Brilliant Ideas for Beautifully Organizing your Hair Clips

Love your Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clips and other hair accessories, and can't help but buying more and more to match all of your outfits, but now you don't know where and how to store them?

Or maybe your hubby has finally put his foot down, and said no more Flexi clips or other hair accessories until you can get them under control. 🙄

Read on to see lots of beautiful ideas of how to organize your stash of hair clips so they don't overtake your home! 

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how to organize flexi clips

Hair Clip Storage Ideas you'll Love!

You're sure to find a hair clip storage solution below. Which of these is your favorite?

1. Felt-Lined Drawer Organizer 

This is how I am currently storing my Flexi clips. I bought two felt-lined drawer organizers from Hobby Lobby. They come with dividers that are customizable for different sized hair clips, and two fit perfectly side-by-side in my dresser drawer!

hobby lobby jewelry hair clip drawer organizer trays

Confession: I started with just two drawer organizers, but then as my Lilla Rose Flexi stash grew, I bought more. The great thing is that they are stackable! I can fit 3 on top of one another in each fairly-short dresser drawer.

I think I now have 4 drawer organizers for my Flexi clips, and 3 more for my jewelry (you can tell my priorities...I'll go for a new Flexi hair clip over a new necklace any day!) 

hair clip drawer tray organizers

These jewelry drawer organization trays from Hobby Lobby are a very affordable option for storing your Flexi clips!

They are priced at $7.99 each, but you all know how we love and use our Hobby Lobby 40% off coupons! That would make these only $4.79 each! You can shop for them HERE.

(Hmm...looks like they raised the price to $8.99 since I bought mine, but they are frequently on sale at 40% off, so you can get as many as you want at the discounted price of only $5.39 each! Wahoo!...you may need more Flexies! 😄)

2. Birdcage Jewelry Organizer Rack

I love this shabby chic jewelry rack for organizing your Flexi clips, as not only does it not take up any drawer space or much counter space, but it is super cute! 

What a great DIY hair clip storage idea!

flexi hair clip organizer rack

3. Shutter Flexi Hair Clip Storage Rack

How cute is this window shutter repurposed as a Flexi clip organizer? Simply attach burlap and lace to each shutter, and voila! You have a charming DIY way to display your hair clips!

shutter flexi storage rack

4. DIY Burlap Boards with Twine

If you are crafty, you can easily make these burlap-covered boards with twine for storing and organizing your Flexi hair clips! Being able to hang them right on your bedroom or bathroom wall means no wasted space!

burlap flexi clip organizer boards

5. Command Hooks on a Wall or Closet Door

Easy DIY Flexi clip storage by simply sticking Command hooks on your wall or closet door! Another great space-saving trick for hair clip storage! You can shop for them HERE.

command hooks organize flexi hair clips

You can also use Command Hooks inside the door of your bathroom medicine cabinet for neatly storing your Flexi hair clips out of sight.

medicine cabinet door flexi storage

6. Jewelry Rack

I love this beautiful black jewelry rack from Hobby Lobby for organizing your Flexi clips! Simply hang each Flexi hair clip on a hook, and you have a beautiful display at a minimum of counter space!

You can shop for it HERE. While you're there, check out all of the jewelry display ideas for your hair clip storage, as Hobby Lobby has great solutions!

hair clip rack organizer

7. Bead Organizer Bag

This bead organizer bag from Michael's was one of my first organizers for my Lilla Rose hair accessories. With all of its clear zippered pouches in different sizes, it was perfect for my Lilla Rose collection on-the-go. So easy to keep in the car, and to easily see at a glance what I had, or to share with friends!

So definitely check out bead organizers for ideas for storing your hair clip collection!

flexi clip organizer bag
flexi clip organizer bag 2
lilla rose organizer bag
lilla rose organizer bag

8. Wall shelf Jewelry Rack Display Organizer

This vintage shabby chic wall jewelry shelf  is perfect for organizing and displaying all of your Lilla Rose Flexi clips! Each shelf comes with 26 hooks to hang your hair clips, as well as a top shelf for other hair accessories or beauty supplies.

It comes in white, black, silver, brass, and rose gold, to perfectly match your bathroom decor without taking up counter space! You can buy it HERE.

flexi hair clip wall rack

9. Hanging Jewelry Organizer

A hanging jewelry organizer is perfect for seeing at a glance all of your beautiful hair clips! Simply hang it over the door, or in your closet, and voila! ...you have the perfect hair clip storage solution.

You can buy it HERE in beige, black, gray or white.

over door hanging jewelry organizer

10. Clear Acrylic Jewelry Box

I like these clear acrylic jewelry boxes as they make it easy to see your beautiful Flexi hair clip stash! They pop so nicely against the black felt-lined drawers. You can buy these hair clip organizers HERE.

clear acrylic jewelry box to store hair clips

11. Braided Scarves

How cute is this DIY hanging Flexi hair clip organizer? Simply braid together a couple pretty scarves, and hang from a hook or towel holder!

braided scarves organize hair clips

12. DIY Chicken Wire Display Board

I love this hair clip holder made out of wood and chicken wire, sent in by reader and Flexi lover Brenda U.!
(I love her cute farmhouse vintage towel rack, too!)

DIY hair clip holder chicken wire

13. Lingerie Chest

Okay, so you say you are a die-hard Lilla Rose Flexi addict, and the above solutions just don't cut it. Then you may have to upgrade to a narrow lingerie chest, that has many short drawers for stashing all kinds of Lilla Rose hair pretties.

I spotted this one on sale at Hobby Lobby. Hey, you just can't go wrong with a trip there. Who knows what goodies you'll find? 

jewelry chest organizer

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how to organize hair clips

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