Patriotic Hair Accessories that are Perfect for the 4th of July!

Celebrate Freedom this Independence Day (and every day!) with some fun red, white, and blue patriotic hair accessories! 🇺🇸

These patriotic hair clips, bobby pins, u-pins, and hair forks are the perfect hair accessories for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, or any day that you want to stand for freedom! 

Patriotic hair accessories

American Flag Hair Clips

I love these U.S. Flag hair clips! These are Flexi clips by Lilla Rose, which are quality hair clips that come in 7 sizes for all types of hair and hairstyles. They work in  baby fine hair as well as super long and thick hair...they WILL work in YOUR hair!

To learn more about the Lilla Rose Flexi Clip, and find the perfect size for you, see my post HERE.

These American flag hair clips come in two different styles: a waving red, white, and blue flag on an all-silver beaded loop, or with white and blue beads.

patriotic flag hair clips

Not sure of your Flexi Size? Click the button below to see my sizing video and guide so you can get a Flexi you absolutely LOVE! ❤️

(Tip: Giving a Flexi hair clip as a gift? You can't go wrong with a size XS!)

American Flag Hair Clips with blue beads

Here is the beautiful American Flag hair clip with a flexible white loop and blue accent beads.

American flag hair clip
U.S. Flag hair clips

American Flag Hair Clips in Silvertone

Here is the beautiful patriotic flag hair with an all-silver flexible beaded loop.

patriotic American flag hair clip
American U.S. flag hair clips

American Eagle Hair Clip

"Patriotic Peggy" is the name of this majestic soaring American Eagle hair clip with red, white and blue accents.

American eagle hair clip twist
American eagle hair clip

Red, White and Blue Hair Forks

These beautiful acrylic hair forks are named "America." Perfect. 

To learn how to use hair forks, see my post How do you Use a Hair Fork?

patriotic hair fork French twist
red blue hair forks
red hair fork half up bun
blue hair fork bun

Red, White and Blue Swerve U-Pin

The "Liberty" Swerve U-pin is a large u-shaped hair pin that is perfect for any updo!

Learn more on my post  How to Use a Large U Shaped Hairpin

Liberty U pin braided bun
red white blue u shaped hair pin

Patriotic Star Bobby Pins

Check out these beautiful sparkly red, white and blue star bobby pins!

They are super-strong, so will NOT slide out of event the finest of hair!

star bobby pins braid
red white blue star bobby pins

Silver Star Bobby Pins

For a simple, classic look, try the silver star bobby pins with crystal accents.

These are the perfect bobby pins for fine hair, as they will not slip!

silver star bobby pins side
silver star bobby pins

American Eagle U-pins

Majestic soaring eagle u-shaped hair pins in silver tone. So lovely in this gray hair French twist!

Learn more about U-pins in my post How to use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time!

Eagle pins French twist gray hair
eagle pins

Red, White and Blue Flexi SPORT Hair Clips

The Flexi Sport hair clip is the best hair clip for active lifestyles, whether you are running, swimming, doing yard work, running errands, or chasing toddlers. This no-slip super-grip hair clip is perfect for high-ponytails that stay put!

To learn more about the Flexi SPORT, see my post Best Hair Accessories for Working Out.

To watch my video review, see my post Pony-O vs. Flexi Sport [Could this be the best Pony-O Alternative?]

red blue hair clips

The Flexi Sport comes in many fun colors, and has now just been released in patriotic red, blue, and a red-blue mix! This would be perfect for all your 4th of July celebrations!

patriotic hair accessory
patriotic hair accessory running high ponytail

Red, White and Blue Hair Mascara

Celebrate the 4th of July in style, with this fun temporary hair mascara in red, white, and blue!

Learn more about hair mascara at  15 Genius Ways to use Hair Mascara: Easily Cover Grey Hair and Roots, add Highlights, Tame Flyaways, and More!

red white blue hair mascara
patriotic hair mascara

Patriotic DIY Hair Clips

These beautiful patriotic DIY (design-it-yourself) hair clips are only available in July, 2022.

Choose your bead style and a Lady Liberty or Star centerpiece, for a stunning hair clip that you will love for years.

To learn more about the Lilla Rose DIY Flexi clips, see my post DIY Flexi Clips [Design it Yourself Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clip!]

July DIY patriotic hair clips

Want to shop more than just patriotic hair accessories? Click the button below to shop ALL Lilla Rose hair accessories, in many different styles and colors. They have headbands, bobby pins, hair sticks and more...check them out!

patriotic hair accessories

Thanks for checking out my post on Patriotic Hair Accessories...I hope you found one you love! 🇺🇸 Please let me know if you have any questions whatsoever, and be sure to enter my giveaway below!

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