Stay Fresh with These Natural Deodorants from American Family-Owned Small Businesses That Support Your Values

Have you ever stopped to think about the ingredients in your deodorant?

Many conventional deodorants contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your skin and overall health.

But what if we told you there's a better way to stay fresh that also supports American patriot and family-owned businesses?

By switching to natural deodorants, you can steer clear of harmful chemicals and support small businesses that share your values as well. 

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of natural deodorants and introduce you to six American patriot and family-owned small businesses that offer high-quality natural deodorants that work. 

Get ready to stay fresh and support a like-minded small business!

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best natural deodorants small business

Benefits of Natural Deodorants

There are great reasons to make the switch to natural deodorants. Keep in mind, however, that it may take a week or two for your body to adjust, if you've never gone the natural route before.

1. First, natural deodorants don't interfere with your body's natural process of sweating. While conventional deodorants contain antiperspirants, which block sweat ducts and prevent sweating, natural deodorants simply neutralize odor-causing bacteria without clogging pores. This allows your body to sweat as it naturally would and can prevent buildup of toxins in your body.

2. Secondly, natural deodorants are less likely to cause skin irritation. Since they don't contain harsh chemicals, they're gentler on the skin and can be a great alternative for those with sensitive skin or a history of skin irritation.

Some natural deodorants even contain ingredients like shea butter and essential oils, which can nourish and hydrate the skin.

3. Thirdly, natural deodorant has become a popular choice due to concerns about aluminum-based compounds potentially contributing to breast cancer and disrupting hormones.

According to the National Cancer Institute, though there is no scientific evidence linking the use of aluminum deodorants with breast cancer, "some research suggests that aluminum-containing underarm antiperspirants, which are applied frequently and left on the skin near the breast, may be absorbed by the skin and have estrogen-like (hormonal) effects."

And because estrogen can promote breast cancer cell growth, some scientists argue that aluminum-based compounds could most definitely contribute to the development of breast cancer.

So, I don't know about you, but I'd rather be safe than sorry!

6 Best Natural Deodorants

1. The Goat Farm Natural Deodorant

The Goat Farm natural deodorant

The Goat Farm is a homesteading family business that offers many lovely deodorant scents for both men and women. My favorite is Orange Beach, as I love all things citrus. 🍊
All of the Goat Farm deodorants provide long-lasting protection and have skin-loving oils, such as coconut oil and grapeseed oil, candelilla wax, arrowroot powder, shea butter, cocoa butter, and essential oils.
Their healthy and safe natural deodorants glide on smoothly, sooth and moisturize, eliminate body odor, absorb moisture, and provide wonderful scents while being baking soda, aluminum, and paraben free.

My absolute favorite Goat Farm product is their Mango Body Butter. Ooh-la-la!! Love it! Definitely add one of those to your cart while you are grabbing your deodorant!

Use coupon code THEGOATFARM12 to get 12% OFF your order!

2. Toups & Co. Organics Deodorant

Toups non woke natural deodorant

Toups & Co. Organics is an organic makeup and skincare company owned by a husband-and-wife team. Their products are 100% natural and handcrafted in coastal Alabama.

They go above and beyond to source clean organic products made in the USA. They are committed to supporting small, family-owned farms who grazed their cows on fresh pasture year-round.

3. Malina New York Deodorant

Malina natural non woke deodorant

Malina New York's natural deodorant is handmade in small batches by an American family business. It is made with the highest quality certified organic ingredients. 

Another great thing about Malina's deodorant is that there is no added fragrance...simply natural essential oils.

4. Breathe Naturals Deodorant

Breathe naturals deodorant

Breathe Naturals is a gentle, effective natural deodorant that glides on smoothly and is proudly made in the USA without any aluminum, parabens, or synthetic fragrance.

It is strong enough for athletes (and lasts for 24 hours) yet is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Use coupon code PAULA to get 10% OFF your order!

5. Midwest Naturals Hand Crafted Deodorant

non-woke Midwest natural deodorant

If you are looking for natural deodorant that works, and made by a company that shares your values, then check out Midwest Naturals handcrafted natural deodorant!

It is made in small batches with quality natural ingredients such as unrefined shea butter, unrefined jojoba oil, cold-pressed sunflower oil, baking soda, arrowroot, bentonite clay, zinc oxide, essential oils. 

Midwest Naturals is a small business that specializes in handcrafted products made from natural ingredients you know and trust. They endeavor to use organic, non-GMO, cold-pressed, pesticide-free ingredients to the max extent possible to provide affordable natural products that are non-toxic, nourish the skin and promote detox and healing.

They also seek to package and ship their products in biodegradable and compostable containers.

The founder, Jessie, is a Christ-follower, wife, mother, and female veteran who gave 21 years of service to our great country. 

6. Earthley Natural Mineral Deodorant

Earthley natural mineral deodorant

Earthley's  natural mineral deodorant is made with ingredients that are absolutely clean and beneficial to you.  

They start with magnesium chloride, which helps to naturally detoxify your pits and reduce odor.  Then they blend it with apricot oil and mango butter, which help to nourish sensitive skin.  Finally, they finish it with arrowroot powder to keep you dry — no baking soda, which can be irritating for some people.  

They never use aluminum, parabens, phthalates, aluminum, fragrance, or synthetics of any kind!

If you are a first-time customer, use coupon code FIRSTTIME to get 10% off your first order. If you are a returning customer, use coupon code COMEBACK to get 10% off an additional order (one-time use only.)

Like to support other small American businesses as well? 

If you'd like to learn more about other non-woke small businesses that align with your family values, then check out 10 Non-Woke Cosmetic Companies that are Worth Switching to! and 29 Made in the USA Gifts for Christmas We Absolutely Love!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, making the switch to natural deodorants not only benefits your health but also supports American patriot and family-owned businesses that share your values.

The Goat Farm, Toups & Co. Organics, Malina New York, Breathe Naturals, Midwest Naturals, and Earthley, are just a few examples of companies that offer effective and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional deodorants.

By choosing one of these wholesome brands, you can stay fresh and feel good about supporting small business and American families.

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