10 Non-Woke Cosmetic Companies that are Worth Switching to!

Are you tired of giving your hard-earned money to companies that don't share your values?

Why not support family-friendly patriot companies that actually align with your values? 

These small conservative American & family businesses provide natural, organic, clean and non-toxic cosmetics, makeup, as well as natural health & beauty items.

Check out these awesome non-woke cosmetic companies and non-woke health & beauty companies that I've personally tried and recommend, that are definitely worth switching to!

non-woke cosmetic companies

Note: This post may include affiliate links, which help our family with no extra cost to you, but are all products I use and love. Thank you for your support! 💟

1. The Goat Farm

The Goat Farm is an American family-owned business that makes their own quality natural and non-woke cosmetics products, such as natural lotion, body butter, deodorant, insect repellent, sunscreen, lip balm, soap and more.

the goat farm non-woke cosmetics company products

Non-woke Natural Deodorant that Actually Works!

My two favorite products from The Goat Farm are the natural, non-woke deodorant (that actually works!) and the body butter.
"Orange beach" is my favorite Goat Farm natural deodorant scent.
Use coupon code THEGOATFARM12 to get 12% OFF your order!

The Goat Farm natural deodorant

For more natural deodorants from American small businesses that align with your values, see my post Stay Fresh with These Natural Deodorants from American Family-Owned Small Businesses That Support Your Values

Luxurious Natural Body Butter

My favorite scent for the body butter (which is oh-so-creamy-and-moisturizing!) is "tropical mango." It feels like you are always on a tropical island getaway!

Mango body butter goat farm USA
Use coupon code THEGOATFARM12 to get 12% OFF your order!

2. Patriot Shave

Best razor we've ever used!

My husband and I had been wanting to find an alternative to our "woke" brand of razors, but any we tried were sub-par.

FINALLY, we've found a non-woke razor we both love that is even BETTER than our favorite brand we'd been using for years.

It is sturdy, sharp, and agile. I can't tell you how happy we are to have found Patriot and the Freedom Forged razor!!!

non-woke patriot razors

Patriot Shave is an American company that stands proudly for Traditional Values: Faith, Family, Freedom & Tradition.

3. Earthley

Earthly is a non-woke health and beauty company that offers natural body, skin, and hair products, natural home care products, natural baby products, and natural herbal remedies (that actually WORK!)

My three favorite Earthley products are the Good Night Magnesium Lotion, Ease the Ache, and UTI Relief.

If you suffer from insomnia, menstrual cramps, or UTI's, you will love those products, in that order!

Earthley magnesium lotion

If you are a first-time customer, use coupon code FIRSTTIME to get 10% off your first order. If you are a returning customer, use coupon code COMEBACK to get 10% off an additional order (one-time use only.)

4. Emerald Glory Wellness

Emerald Glory Wellness, owned by my friend Sherri, is a Christian company that offers spiritually pure, naturally organic essential oils and herbal supplements.

Her oils are 100% physically and spiritually unadulterated. You will not find articles about yoga, reiki or other occult practices on her site.
Nor will you ever see her recommend using oils as a means to connect with the spirit world. That is to be done by the Holy Spirit and Him alone.

All Emerald Glory Wellness oils are third-party tested and proven to be unstretched, unadulterated, and organic.
Emerald Glory Wellness non-woke essential oils

Essential Oil for Hair Loss Prevention & Hair Growth

"Messiah's Anointing" Oil from Emerald Glory Wellness is highly recommended for hair growth and hair loss prevention, as one of its main ingredients is Rosemary Essential Oil, which is known for its benefits for hair growth.
A 2015 study has shown that Rosemary Oil is as effective as Rogaine for hair regrowth (with less itching) for people with alopecia.

rosemary essential oil for hair growth and hair loss prevention
Use coupon code 'PAULAR' to get 10% off your order!

5. MadeOn Skin Care

MadeOn Skin Care is a family business located in northern California. They make clean, all-natural, scent-free and preservative-free skin and hair care products such as hard lotion bars, lip balm, soap, diaper rash cream, insect repellent, and shampoo bars.

My absolute FAVORITE product (and what they are known for) is their Beesilk hard lotion bar. This is the absolute BEST lotion for extremely dry, chapped winter skin.

When my daughter was little, her hands would get painfully red and chapped. I tried so many different lotions and remedies, but the Beesilk hard lotion bar from MadeOn was the ONLY thing that worked! Her hands cleared up to soft and healthy, and she never had to suffer with chapped hands again!

Madeon Skin care non-woke cosmetics company

Use coupon code 'beautifullife' to get 15% off your order!

6. Midwest Naturals

Midwest Naturals is an American non-woke small business that makes handcrafted natural, non-toxic products for the home and body, such as soap, moisturizer, and healing salve.

They also make handcrafted natural deodorant that works! You can find it HERE.

Midwest naturals non-woke cosmetics company

7. Beautiful Life by Paula

Beautiful Life by Paula (yours truly) is an independent rep for Lilla Rose, which offers not only hair accessories, but an "Essentials" line of high-quality hair care products that are made in the USA. 

Some of the Essentials we offer are Rose Water, Geranium Hydrosol, Amplifying Foam, Hair Serum, Sea Salt Spray, Hair Mascara, Thermal Defense and more. 

My favorite Essentials product is the super-hydrating hair masque. Some people use this weekly for a deep moisture boost, but I use it every time I shampoo, since I have coarse, wavy dry hair.

It works wonders for taming my frizz and bringing out my natural curls!

made in USA hair masque

Beautiful Life is our family business that we've run since 2010, and your support is appreciated more than you know! 💟

8. Malina New York

Malina New York is a Christian family-owned holistic beauty brand. Their natural skincare line is made with only the highest quality certified organic ingredients. They are handmade in small batches, 100% natural, and contain no artificial fragrance, coloring, parabens, or preservatives.

Malina's beauty line includes natural deodorant, sunscreen, soap, face cleanser, face serum, eyelash serum, sanitizer, perfume, natural bug repellent and more!

I've had my eye on these luscious citrus lip balms in wild orange, lime, lemon and grapefruit!

Malina New York natural organic non-woke beauty

9. The Stover Brothers 

The Stover Brothers make a variety of high-quality, natural, handmade soap. They even have soap created just for ladies as well as just for the gents.

The first part of their mission statement says, "At The Stover Brothers, we are on a mission to create businesses that not only care for people, families, and our community but also promote strong moral values. We strongly believe that it's time to restore the essence of goodness and spirituality in our country, the United States of America."

Stover Brothers soap

Non-Woke Conservative Makeup Companies

Natural, Non-woke Makeup

10. Toups & Co Organics

Toups & Co. Organics is an organic makeup and skincare company owned by a husband-and-wife team. Their products are 100% natural and handcrafted in coastal Alabama.

They go above and beyond to source clean organic products made in the USA. They are committed to supporting small, family-owned farms who grazed their cows on fresh pasture year-round.
Toups organic conservative makeup
Toups organic nonwoke conservative makeup

11. A'Del Natural Cosmetics

A'del is a Christian family run business in Louisiana providing clean, high-end, natural, handcrafted, toxin free makeup and cosmetics that are made in the U.S.A.

I recently discovered them, so haven't had a chance to try out their makeup yet for a personal testimonial, but I had to include them when I saw that they are pro-life and support their local pregnancy care center. 💗

You can learn more about their values on their Facebook page HERE.

A'del natural non-woke makeup cosmetics bronzer
Adel natural non-woke lipstick makeup

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Best Natural Deodorants that Support your Values

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best natural deodorants that work

Made in the U.S.A. Products from Small American Businesses

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