15 Sisterlocks Hair Accessories You’ll Wish you Knew about Years Ago!

Looking for the perfect hair accessories for your sisterlocks?  Something that is not only comfortable, but gentle on your locs as well? Then check out this list of the best hair accessories for rocking your gorgeous sisterlocks that you'll wish you'd known about years ago!

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sisterlocks hair accessories

Sisterlocks Flexi Hair Clips

Flexi clips by Lilla Rose are amazing for sisterlocks. Flexis are flexible hair clips made out of super strong piano wire. They come in 7 sizes so that you are sure to find one that fits your locks. Not only are they strong enough to hold even the heaviest of hair all day long, but they are very gentle on your hair and super comfortable as well!

To learn more about Flexi clips, including finding the perfect size for you, see my post HERE.

sister locks hair clip believe
sisterlocks hair accessories updo
sisterlocks hair accessory pink hibiscus
sisterlocks hair accessories
sisterlocks orchid hair clip
sisterlocks French twist hair clip

(Okay, not sisterlocks, but this individual braid style is gorgeous in this Christmas nativity Flexi clip! New Flexi designs come out monthly and seasonally!)

braids nativity hair clip

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Sisterlocks Leather Hair Stick Barrettes

Also made by Lilla Rose, the "Leather 8's"  braided leather hair barrettes are just as comfortable and gentle on your hair as the original classic Flexi clips shown above. They come with matching wood hair sticks, or you can mix-and-match and choose one of their many hair stick designs to create a unique combination all your own.

To learn how to use Leather 8's, check out my post How To Use Leather Hair Barrettes With Sticks

leather sister locks hair accessories
sister locks hair accessories leather hair stick
sisterlocks hair stick barrette
sisterlocks hair clip top bun

Sisterlocks U-Pins

"U-pins" are unique u-shaped hair pins that can be used to hold up your updo or to add a little bling to your hairstyle. They are also very gentle on locs. They come in many beautiful designs as well.

To learn how to use U-pins, see my post How to use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time!

sisterlocks hair pins
sisterlocks  u shaped hair pins

Leather 8 and U-pin Combination

I love this sisterlocks hairstyle that combines both a leather hair stick barrette and a pair of matching decorative jeweled U-pins!

sisterlocks hair accessories u-pins

Sisterlocks Swerve U-Pin

The Swerve U-pins by Lilla Rose are large u-shaped hair pins that hold extremely well and come in many gorgeous designs. I love how this Orchid U-pin pops in this stunning dark sisterlocks updo.

To learn how to use Swerve U-pins, see my post How to Use a Large U Shaped Hairpin.

sisterlocks hair pin
Locsanity natural locs care

Sisterlocks Charms

I love all the adorable charms by Lilla Rose for decorating your sisterlocks. You can either clip them directly on your locks or add them to a Swerve U-pin. They come in many beautiful designs, including birthstones.

sisterlocks charms
sisterlocks charms

Where to Buy these Beautiful Sisterlocks Hair Accessories

To shop for the many styles and designs of these hair accessories that are perfect for sisterlocks,  just click the button below!

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locs hair care scalp product

Thanks for checking out my post on Sisterlocks hair accessories! I guarantee that once you try one of these, you'll wonder where they've been your whole life!

sisterlocks hair accessories

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