3 Genius Long Hair Bun Hacks using the Flexi Hair Clip

Wearing your long hair up in a bun is a classic and beautiful way to put your hair up. It can be tricky, however, if you don't have the right hair accessories. You may already know that one of the best hair accessories for long hair is the Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clip.

It is super strong and durable and holds an AMAZING amount of hair! It works in both super long hair as well as thick heavy hair.

What you may not know, however, is that there are at least three different ways to put up your bun with a Flexi, depending on the look you want and the size you have on hand.

In this post, I'll share with you the classic way to wear a Flexi in your bun, as well as two beautiful bun variations where you can use a smaller size Flexi clip to get the same secure and comfortable result.

long hair bun hacks flexi clip

1. Flexi Clip Across the Entire Bun

The traditional way of using a Flexi Clip in a bun is to simply put it across the entire bun. You insert the pin on one side of the bun, slide the pin along the scalp, then secure in the loop on the other side.

Pros: Easy to do and very secure and comfortable
Cons: You need to use a larger size clip which may add a little more weight to your hair

To learn how to do a classic bun with a Flexi, see my video tutorial HERE.

starfish flexi clip long hair bun
Braided bun mega Flexi clip
mega emerald flexi clip bun
mega bun blonde hair
mega lilla rose flexi clip long hair bun
mennonite longe hair bun with black head covering
Seascape beach flexi clip in curly long hair

Note: all of the above Flexi clips were size Mega

2. Flexi Clip in the Center of the Bun

ladybug flexi clip middle of bun

Size Large Flexi clip

XL flexi clip middle of bun

Size Large Flexi

There are two ways to use a Lilla Rose hair clip in the center of your bun. They are the Nautilus Bun and the Lazy Wrap Bun. They are very similar, but both very easy and comfortable!

Nautilus Bun

To learn how to do a Nautilus Bun, see my daughter's tutorial at How to Do a Nautilus Bun (Step-by-Step)!

how to do a nautilus bun

Lazy Wrap Bun

To learn how to do a Lazy Wrap Bun, see How to Do a Lazy Wrap Bun.

how to do a lazy wrap bun with flexi clip

3. Flexi Clip in the Top Part of the Bun

This long hair bun hack is another great alternative if you want to use a smaller size Flexi clip. Simply insert the clip in the top part of your bun, rather than across the entire width. Super-easy!

Your bun can be on top of your head, in the mid-back of your head, or low on the nape of your neck. 

XL flexi clip in top of long hair bun

Size XL Flexi clip

large flexi clip top part of bun

Size XL Flexi clip

lilla rose hair clip top part of bun rose
Large flexi clip in top part of bun

Size Large Flexi clip

Low Bun

The Low Bun is a bun variation that has the Flexi in the top part of the bun that gives a very elegant look.  See my post How to do a Low Bun (Step-by-Step) to learn how to do this classic bun.

How to do a low bun

What Size Flexi Clip do I Need?

long thick hair before bun with Flexi clip

See Find Your Flexi Size to know which size Flexi hair clip you need. Keep in mind that all of the above photos were taken in very long thick hair. You may not need a size that big!

Real Life Sizing Tips for Long Hair Buns

mega long hair bun flexi clip

Mega Flexi in top of long bun (7" across)

My daughter has a hair bun that measures a little over 7" from one side to the other. Her "ponytail size" (see video) is medium.

She needs a size Mega to go across her entire bun.  If she does one of the other bun variations, she only needs a large or extra large.

French braided bun dogwood flexi clip

My friend's daughter with gorgeous long hair has a bun that measures 5" across. Her "ponytail size" is small.

She can use a size XL to go over the entire bun but only needs a large or medium to go across the top.

Other Great Long Hair Bun Hair Accessory Options

The Flexi clip is a classic for all sorts of hairstyles. But there are three other hair accessories by Lilla Rose that are also amazing for long hair buns. They are Swerves, U-Pins, and Hair Sticks.

These are also better options for high Top Knot buns.

Check out my posts on how to use these other hair accessories for long hair!

How to Use a Swerve for Elegant yet Easy Updos!
How to use U-Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time!

How to use Hair Sticks [10 Easy Hair Stick Hairstyles You’ll Love!]

decorative swerve u-pin braided fishtail bun
u-pins turquoise long hair bun
Lazy Wrap bun with hair stick
sunflower u-pins braided bun

Where to Buy Lilla Rose Hair Accessories for Long Hair

To buy Lilla Rose Flexi hair clips, Swerves, U-pins, Hair Sticks and other hair accessories for long hair, click HERE!

Thanks for reading my post on long hair bun hacks! Comment below with your favorite way to wear your bun!

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