Does MISSHA’s Time Revolution Work? MISSHA’s Artemisia Essence Review

 Essence. The heart of Korean skin care. 

The product that is loved by all skin types for it’s hydrating, anti-aging, and complexion enhancing benefits. For anyone wanting to help heal and restore skin, or balance out their complexion, essence is nearly a must. 

But with all the endless types of essences out there of different brands and various ingredients, which one should you try? Which essence is the best? And which one is most beneficial for your skin? 

That’s where MISSHA comes in. They have introduced a soothing Essence to help complete your skin routine made from Artemisia (mugwort) extract. According to MISSHA, this essence is clinically proven to help moisturize, hydrate, brighten, and balance your skin.  

But does this essence actually live up to all that it promises, and will it really benefit your skin? 

Let’s take a look.

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What is Artemisia, and What Benefits Does It Have on the Skin?

First off, what exactly is Artemisia, and does it have any benefits for skin?

Artemisia (mugwort) is known for being a powerhouse herb known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Not only does Artemisia reduce redness, itchiness, and blotchy skin, but it also targets dry patches and helps reduce fine lines. 

Overall, Artemisia is a delicate natural herb for hydrating and anti-aging. An ideal ingredient to be used as an essence.

First Impressions of MISSHA’s Artemisia Essence

MISSHA’s artemisia essence came in a large, high-quality bottle (a great amount for the price!) and good quality packaging. 

The essence didn’t have an artificial or chemical smell at all. Just a soothing herbal scent.

Once applied, it doesn't feel oily or leave any residue behind, but it gets absorbed easily and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky. 

Best of all, this Artemisia essence is gentle on the skin, with no burning or stinging sensations whatsoever. 

What Types of Skin Benefits From This? 

Artemisia is great for all skin types. Dry. Oily. Sensitive. And neutral. 

I can only speak for MISSHA’s essence, but it’s delicate enough for sensitive skin, lightweight enough not to clog pores, but moisturizing enough to hydrate the skin. 

No matter what type of skin you have, no worries! The essence will fit with your type.


All in all, this lightweight and easy-to-use Artemisia essence left my skin feeling smooth, calm, and soft.

I have only used it for about one week now, but my skin already feels more balanced, clarified, and refreshed.

Is Artemisia Essence Right for You? 

Now here’s the question. Is the Artemisia essence right for you?

Whether you have oily or dry, sensitive or normal skin, you will be able to experience the benefits of MISSHA’s Artemisia extract.  So if you are hoping to hydrate and reduce redness from your skin, looking to round out your skin care routine, or just fascinated with Korean Skin Care, then this essence is for you!

If you'd like to give MISSHA's Time Revolution Artemisia Essence a try, just click the button below to shop!

If you do decide to try MISSHA's Artemisia Essence out, please pin the image below and definitely let me know in the comments how it worked for you! 💜

MISSHA Artemesia Review

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