Ultimate Guide to Farmasi Foundations (VFX Pro, CC Cream, Primer, Concealers & More!)

Considering buying some of the super-popular Farmasi foundation that you've been seeing all over social media*, but have no idea which foundation or shade is right for you?

Then you've come to the right place!

This post will tell you everything you need to know to choose the best Farmasi foundation that is perfect for YOU, including how to do a Farmasi foundation color match, so you get the right color for your skin tone.

I will also tell you all about the Farmasi Primers and Farmasi Concealers while we're at it.

(*If you've been hiding under a rock the past couple years and don't know what I'm talking about, see my post, Is Farmasi Makeup Worth It?)

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Quick Quiz to Find the Perfect Farmasi Foundation for You:

To determine your perfect foundation, first you need to ask yourself these three "foundational" questions 😉:

1. What is your skin type?

Normal – If your skin is fairly even and balanced throughout the day with no dry spots and no shiny spots, then you have normal skin.

Dry – If you tend to have dry patches on your skin, or your skin feels tight and dry, especially without a moisturizer on, then you have dry skin.

Oily - If your skin tends to be shiny all over, then you have oily skin.

Combo - If your skin is fairly normal, but you tend to have shiny areas in your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) then you have combo, or "normal to oily" skin.

2. What type of coverage do you prefer?

Light - for a more natural, no-makeup look

Medium -
normal coverage

Full -
if you want to cover more redness or blemishes

3. What finish do you like to your foundation?

Matte - no-shine finish

Dewy -  luminous finish

Satin/Velvet - in-between finish; not matte, not dewy

Farmasi Foundation

Okay, now that you know your skin type, the coverage you like, and the type of finish you prefer, it is time to find your perfect Farmasi Foundation!

In the chart below, find your skin type, coverage and finish to choose a foundation that is a match!

Product Name

Skin Type




BB Cream

normal to


light to medium



CC Cream

normal to





VFX Pro   Foundation

all skin types


natural, velvet


Stay Matte Foundation

normal to oily 




BB Cream Powder Foundation

all skin types





Alright, hopefully the Farmasi foundation comparison chart above helped you narrow down your choices. Read on to learn more about all of the Farmasi foundations, who they are best for, and their benefits. 

Farmasi BB Cream

Farmasi BB ceam


Farmasi BB Cream (Beauty Balm) provides makeup and skincare in one simple step (my teen and young adult daughters love this!) Its ultra-lightweight formula helps to cover up skin imperfections without clogging pores. It delivers moisture to your skin and gives a smooth, semi-matte finish. It is great for normal to oily skin.

Pro Tip: Wear BB cream alone for a natural look, or under VFX Pro Foundation for a flawless, full-coverage look.

SPF 15.

Comes in six shades.

Farmasi BB Cream Color Swatches

Farmasi BB cream color swatch

Where to buy Farmasi BB Cream

Simply click the button below to buy the full size version of the Farmasi BB cream.
Price: $18.90

Farmasi CC Cream 

Farmasi CC cream

Farmasi CC Cream (Color Control) provides even skin tone. Its lightweight formula helps to instantly cover skin imperfections and balances uneven skin tone. It's color-correcting properties are great for ladies who have problems with redness or hyperpigmentation. It gives more of a natural finish with its medium coverage and is best for normal to dry skin types, as it is more moisturizing than the BB cream.

SPF 25.
Comes in six shades.

Farmasi CC Cream Color Swatches

Farmasi CC cream color swatch

Farmasi CC Cream Reviews

Jennifer / 

Farmasi CC Cream review

This is my go-to foundation! It sits beautifully on my oily skin type. But it’s also very nourishing and hydrating. Wonderful coverage. I’m a low maintenance girl that likes my skin to still feel like my skin, and this does that for me. I love it!


farmasi cc cream review

Such an incredible foundation!! Great for those who have sensitive rosacea too. Works better than Clinique’s special foundation designed for redness!

Where to buy Farmasi CC Cream 

Simply click the button below to buy the Farmasi CC Cream. Price: $19.90

Farmasi VFX Foundation

Farmasi VSX Pro Foundation

VFX Pro Foundation is a high-coverage professional foundation that is great for all skin types. It minimizes pores and creates a flawless, smooth surface on the skin, while evening skin tone like a photo filter. It contains special light-reflecting nano-particles that disperses the light, which blurs the imperfections, providing a silky velvet complexion, and gives an airbrushed look. Its semi-matte finish prevents the skin from shining, with its oil-free and vegan formula.

Pro Tip: Use one layer of VFX Foundation for medium coverage and two layers for full. You can also use BB Cream first, then VSF Pro, for a flawless full-coverage look.

Comes in 17 shades

Price: $29.90

Farmasi VFX Foundation Color Match 

Farmasi VSX Pro shades tones

Farmasi VFX Pro Foundation Color Swatches

VFX Pro Foundation comes in 21 shades, so you can get the perfect color match for you! Below are a couple VSF Pro Camera Ready Color Swatches on two different types of skin, so you can get an idea of what they look like on real people.

farmasi vsx pro foundation color swatches
vfx pro foundation color swatches

Farmasi VFX Pro Reviews

erica / 


Look no farther for the perfect full coverage foundation!! It's the best and the price is even better!!


farmasi VFX Pro Foundation Review

Amazing coverage! Non cakey, long lasting AND does not leave marks on my clothes or mask. I am in love with this foundation. ♥️

farmasi vsx pro before after car accident

"Look what these amazing Farmasi products did for me after my car wreck last week! Concussion and hematoma on the head, but look at this coverage of the VFX Pro Liquid Concealer and VFX Pro Foundation!
Left pic is me at 2 this afternoon, the right pic is me about an hour ago when I took my makeup off! This is how great VFX Pro really is!"
~ Rebecca Q.

Where to buy Farmasi VSX Pro Camera Ready Foundation

Simply click the button below to order the Farmasi VFX Pro Foundation. Trust me, you'll love it!
Price: $29.90

Farmasi Stay Matte Foundation

Farmasi Stay Matte Foundation

Farmasi Stay Matte Foundation is a mineral-enriched oil-free formula that is completely matte, with a full-coverage, pore-minimizing, matte finish, that is great for oily to normal skin. It gives great shine control and a flawless finish without feeling like there is a mask on your face! Stay Matte Foundation is perfect for those with really oily skin or those who want a super-matte finish.

Price: $14.90

Farmasi Stay Matte Foundation
Color Swatches

Farmasi stay matte foundation color swatch

Farmasi Stay Matte Foundation Review

AMAnda / 

Farmasi Stay Matte Foundation review

As a naturally oily person, this foundation was a life changer! It goes on really well and covers without being heavy or cakey.


Farmasi BB Cream All-in-One Powder

Farmasi bb cream all in one powder

FARMASI Makeup BB All in One Powder is a lightweight, long-lasting foundation that gives full coverage with flawless finishing.  It gives a very smooth and natural look.

Farmasi Foundation Color Match

Okay, you've chosen your perfect Farmasi foundation. Congrats! Now all you need to do is find your perfect shade!

To get a perfect Farmasi foundation color match, the first step is knowing your skin undertone, and if you are warm (golden), cool (pink), or neutral.

What is your skin undertone?

Cool (Pink) - You have a rosy, flushed complexion and burn easily or are sensitive to the sun. You prefer and look best in silver jewelry and clothing colors such as blues, reds, pink, white, and jewel tones like emerald green.

Warm (Golden) - You have a tan or golden complexion and tan easily or rarely burn. You prefer and look best in gold jewelry and clothing colors such as yellows, oranges, browns, earth tones, corals/peach and cream tones.

Neutral - You look great in both gold and silver jewelry, and all colors of clothing complement your skin.

farmasi skin tone chart
Farmasi find your skin undertone

Congrats! You did it! You found your perfect Farmasi foundation and color match! Now to choose the perfect primer and concealer!

Farmasi Primers

VSX Pro Camera Ready Primer

Farmasi VSX Pro camera ready primer

Farmasi VSX Pro Camera Ready Primer provides a base for your foundation which helps it go on smoother and last longer. Its clear and lightweight silicone-based formula is mattifying and pore-minimizing.

It has Farmasi's popular photo filter technology, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores, by instantly blurring them.

Farmasi VSX Pro Camera Ready Primer is great for all skin types, but best for oily skin, as it provides a matte finish.

Retail Price: $17.90

VFX PRO Camera  Ready Strobe Cream

Farmasi VSX Pro camera ready primer strobe cream

VSX Pro Camera Ready Primer Strobe Cream is an illuminating and hydrating primer that you can wear under your foundation to provide a smooth surface and make it last longer, or you can wear it alone to give your skin a beautiful natural glow.

It also has Farmasi's popular photo filter technology, which helps blur and reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores.

VSX Pro Strobe Cream is best for normal to dry skin, as it is moisturizing and hydrating.

Price: $17.90

Vfx Pro CC Cream Green

Farmasi CC cream green

The VFX Pro Green CC Cream is a color-correcting primer that evens skin tone with green pigment, to combat redness in your complexion.  It helps to create a smooth surface to prepare your skin for a flawless makeup application with photo-filter technology. 

Vfx Pro CC Cream Purple

Farmasi VFX pro cc cream purple

The VFX Pro CC Cream Purple is a color correcting primer that is amazing at brightening dull, yellow skin!  Who would've thought a little purple pigment could do that?

It also smooths the surface of your skin to prepare it for a flawless makeup application.

Farmasi Concealers

Farmasi Full Coverage Cream Concealer Stick

Farmasi concealer stick

The Farmasi cream concealer stick gives high coverage with a lovely smooth, soft creamy texture. It hides imperfections such as dark circles, pores, lines and wrinkles. It also equalizes skin tone and provides antioxidant benefits.  

Stick Concealer Price: $12.90

Farmasi Concealer Stick Color Swatches

Farmasi concealer stick color swatches

Farmasi VSX Pro Liquid Concealer

Farmasi liquid concealer

The Farmasi VSX Liquid Concealer gives a lighter coverage of blemishes and dark eye circles and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It has a powdery, creamy texture and comes in 11 shades.

Farmasi Liquid Concealer Color Swatches

Farmasi liquid concealer color swatches

Farmasi Liquid Concealer Review

Jennifer / 

Farmasi customer

I’m really impressed! I heard this concealer could help “plump” under my eyes and it did a great job at doing so. I would say my eyes look significantly brighter AND smoother, which is a huge win for me! Thank you so much!

Where to Buy Farmasi Foundation

To easily shop for Farmasi makeup online and have it delivered right to your door, simply click the button below! After giving this affordable, quality, non-toxic makeup a try, you'll see for yourself why everyone is switching to Farmasi, and agree that Farmasi makeup is totally worth it!

Farmasi Foundation FAQ

Is Farmasi Foundation Paraben-Free?

Yes, all of the Farmasi cosmetics products, including all Farmasi foundations, are paraben-free.

Is Farmasi Foundation Phthalate-Free?

Yes, all of the Farmasi cosmetics products, including all Farmasi foundations, are phthalate-free

Is Farmasi Foundation Gluten-Free?

Yes, all Farmasi cosmetics products, including all Farmasi foundations, are gluten-free.

Is Farmasi foundation tested on animals?

No, none of the Farmasi cosmetics products, including the Farmasi foundations, are tested on animals.

To learn more about the Farmasi products and ingredients, see my post, Is Farmasi Makeup Worth It?

Learn more about Farmasi products

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Thank you!

Thanks for checking out the Ultimate Guide to Farmasi Foundation! I hope it helped you find the perfect Farmasi foundation for YOU! 

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