How to do a French Twist (Step-By-Step with Pictures & Videos!)

In this tutorial guide, I show you how to do a French Twist step-by-step, whether you have long, medium-length, or short hair.

I'll also show you an easy French twist hack, so you can easily do a beautiful DIY French twist on yourself!

The French twist looks incredible elegant, and is perfect for any dressy occasion, but did you know it is also a great everyday hairstyle? Yep, it is so easy (way easier than it looks!) and so comfortable, that it will quickly become your go-to hairstyle.

How to do a French Twist for Long Hair

Check out this video tutorial by my daughter on how to do an easy French twist with long or extra long hair.

How to do a French twist Step-by-Step, with Pictures

Here is how to do a French twist updo,  step-by-step with pictures, so you can see each step close-up. This method can be used in long or medium length hair.

1. Gather Hair Into A Low Ponytail

how to french twist

The first step is to gather all of your hair into a low ponytail and twist it up with one or two fingers.

how to french twist

2. If you have long hair, fold extra hair around the twist

how to french twist

If you have medium to short hair then all of your hair should already be in a twist. If you have long hair like my daughter, then take that extra hair and fold it around the top of your twist until you've tucked all of the ends in.

3. Run clip along the scalp

how to french twist

Once you've tucked and twisted your hair into the shape you want, grab your Flexi clip, which the perfect clip for a French twist.

Take the pin of the Flexi clip, come in on one side of the twist, and run the pin along the scalp.

4. Come out the other side of the twist, and lock into place

how to french twist

Come out on the other side of twist, then put the pin through at the second loop and secure it in one of the notches on the Flexi clip.

That is how you do a DIY French Twist!

How to do a French Twist with Medium Length Hair

My hair is not as long as my daughter's hair, so I do my French twist a little differently than she does. There is no one right is whatever works for you! 

Here is my French twist tutorial on how to do a French twist with medium length hair:

1. Gather hair into a low ponytail
2. Twist up
3. Tuck in the ends along one side of the twist
4. Slide clip along the scalp and secure

How to do a French Twist on Short Hair

Doing a French twist in short hair is a bit trickier, but can be done! As long as your hair can gather back into a twist, you can use the same method as the video tutorials in this post. You may need to enlist the help of a few bobby pins, though, it all of your hair doesn't quite reach the clip!

Check out my post 21 Best Bobby Pins for Fine Hair and Thick Hair! to shop for some beautiful plain and decorative bobby pin styles, as well as see more hairstyles you can do with bobby pins.

How to do a French Roll Updo

(Easy French Twist Hack)

This is a fun, easy variation on how to do a French twist, also called a French Roll Updo.

In this method, you use your index finger like a "gun" to quickly wrap the hair around, twist, and secure. Super easy!

How to do a French Twist with a Clip, a Swerve U-pin, and a Leather Hair Barrette with Stick

All of the French twist tutorials above have been done with the Flexi hair clip by Lilla Rose. In this video below, I will show you how to do a simple French twist  on yourself using a Flexi clip, a Swerve U-pin, and a Leather Hair Barrette with a Stick.

These are all great "French twist tools" to have in your hair accessory toolbox!

To learn more about the Flexi hair clip, click HERE.

To learn more about about the Swerve U-pin, including other beautiful styles you can do with it, see my post How to Use a Large U Shaped Hairpin

To learn more about how to use the the Leather Hair Barrettes in other lovely hairstyles,  see my post How To Use Leather Hair Barrettes With Sticks

French Twist Clips

The Lilla Rose Flexi clip is the best hair clip for French twists, as it is so easy to use, and gives a super secure hold that lasts in your elegant French twist updo all day.

This unique French twist tool comes in 7 sizes, so fits all types of hair, from baby-fine to super long and thick, as well as all lengths, from short to long to medium length. 

It is so much better than doing French twists with claw clips, as it is easier, more durable, more comfortable, and more secure. It will not pull your hair or give you a headache like claw clips might do. 

Learn more about the Flexi French twist clip HERE and find your perfect size HERE.

Where can I buy Flexi French Twist clips?

To shop for Flexi French twist clips, simply click the button below, then click on "SHOP" > "Hair clips".

More Easy French Twist Tutorials

To learn how to do a Half-up Half-down French twist, see my post How to do a Half-Up Half-Down Twist

To learn how to do a French twist Ponytail, see my post How to Do a French Twist Ponytail

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how to do a French twist

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