Ultimate Guide to Farmasi Mascaras

Farmasi mascara is a high-quality, yet affordable eye mascara that is taking the makeup world by storm, as ladies are discovering how much better it is than the other brands they have used in the past.

The only problem with Farmasi mascara?...Too many choices!

You may have checked out the website, wondered, "Which Farmasi mascara is the best?" or "Which Farmasi mascara is right for me?" and now are paralyzed with indecision.

I get it! That's why I decided to write this ultimate guide to Farmasi mascara, including a nifty mascara comparison chart, before-and-after pictures, reviews from others as well as my personal favorites and top pick, so you can make the best choice for you!

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Farmasi Mascara Comparison

farmasi mascara comparison

Farmasi Extreme Curl mascara is known for its volume and curl. It has a curved brush to give a "push-up" effect as it will lift your lashes up at the root and curl them to open and brighten your eyes. It has extra black pigments for a dramatic look.

Farmasi extreme curl mascara before after

I absolutely love this before and after photo of Marisa O. using the Extreme Curl mascara. She looks like a completely different person! 

I decided to include her whole testimonial below, since you may be interested in her complete Farmasi regimen she did to get this gorgeous look, especially if you are looking for the best Farmasi makeup for the mature over-50 woman.

(To learn more about the Farmasi primers and foundations, see my post Which Farmasi Foundation is Right for Me? [Ultimate Guide to Farmasi Foundations])

farmasi extreme curl mascara before after

Here is another before-and-after photo of eyes before Extreme Curl Mascara, and after. Quite a difference, don't ya think?

Limitless mascara ties for my favorite Farmasi mascara. It really lengthens, lifts, and separates your lashes. It has a unique curved bristle brush that makes the mascara go on very cleanly and smoothly without any clumping.

It contains Capixyl ™ Complex, which nourishes and conditions lashes. I had to look this ingredient up, as I'd never heard of it before, but apparently, it is used for hair growth, and yes, eyelashes qualify as hair!

According to the site PharmEasy, "Capixyl acts by reducing the substances that damage the hair (free radicals and dihydrotestosterone) and promotes the growth of proteins required for hair growth. It has a direct effect on the hair, such as strengthening hair follicles, anchors them firmly, and improves the health and vitality of hair."

 Limitless mascara is also ophthalmologically tested and paraben-free, so is the best choice for sensitive eyes.

Farmasi limitless mascara

Love the #beforeandafter photos above, with one eye "before" and one eye "after."

Farmasi Limitless Mascara Reviews

My favorite mascara! Makes my eyelashes look full and long! Plus it's good for sensitive eyes and lasts all day! ~ Destiny

I love the following testimonial and before-and-after pics from Bethany. Not only can you see the gorgeous lashes she got with Limitless mascara, but she also had a total makeover transformation by using other Farmasi products as well. She has included all the products she used below.

(To learn more about the Farmasi primers and foundations, see my post Which Farmasi Foundation is Right for Me? [Ultimate Guide to Farmasi Foundations])

Farmasi makeup before and after

"I suffer from an autoimmune disorder called Lupus. It attacks my skin & causes redness and inflammation. This is my before & after for my wedding anniversary this weekend." ~ Bethany R.

Products used:

Vfx Pro Primer

Eye Shadow Primer

Stay Matte Foundation - 03

Face Perfecting Powder - 05

Ink liner

Express Liner-white

Mono Brow Powder

Limitless Mascara

Brown Sugar Cream Shadow

Matte Liquid Lipstick-Mauve Pink

Seriously, Limitless mascara is one of the best, if not THE best, mascara out there.

You can't go wrong if you choose this one...you will love it!

Farmasi 3d Effect mascara gives an amazingly full, three-dimensional look for your lashes. 

3D mascara before after farmasi

Wow! Look at these pictures of one eye with 3D mascara, and one without...quite a difference!

farmasi 3D effects mascara

Farmasi 3D Effect Mascara Reviews

I love this mascara, it goes on smoothly without clumping. I will buy it again & again. ~ Brenda S.

It is smooth and doesn’t clump. Clean off is easy and it doesn’t harm my lashes like other products. I really love this mascara! ~ Jolynn T Herr

If you like the look of false lashes, but don't really want to wear them (I know I don't!), then you definitely should give the Farmasi Double Lash Extend mascara a try.

It features a unique two-part twisting silicone brush wand that volumes, lengthens, and separates lashes to give quite the stunning look.

You get 2X the volume and length!

farmasi double lash extend length volume mascara

How to apply Farmasi Double Lash Extend Mascara

To apply the Double Lash mascara, you do two simple steps:

Step 1: Comb through lashes from root to tip with the main applicator to lengthen

Step 2: Coat lashes with second applicator for volume

Some people prefer using just the lengthening applicator,  some prefer using just the volume applicator, and some prefer using the volume applicator first, THEN the lengthening brush. You can see the variations in the photo above. I recommend experimenting to see which  you like best!

Here are more before-and-after photos of real customers using the Double Lash mascara:

farmasi Double lash extend mascara
Farmasi double lash extend mascara gray hair
Farmasi double lash extend mascara before after
farmasi double lash mascara before after

Double Lash Extend Mascara Colors

Farmasi Double Lash Extend Mascara comes in black, brown, and electric blue.

Farmasi Double Lash Extend Mascara Reviews

Absolutely love this!!!

"Best mascara I've used, it has a volume brush to give your lashes the fullness and the length brush that extends them tremendously. Love it"  

~ Michelle H.

"I use this product to extend the lashes even more! It's like falsies in a bottle for sure!!" ~ Elias

The Farmasi Double Lash Extend Mascara is the best mascara for that "false lash" effect, without false lashes.

Farmasi Zen mascara is the best overall Farmasi mascara. It performs well in every area, for great lashes every time.

It has extra dense black pigments that give an incredibly striking, yet natural, appearance. With its combed plastic mascara wand brush, it extends lashes noticeably and gives the perfect amount of volume for practically perfect lashes in every way.

The Zen mascara is the best mascara for the price, so you can't go wrong with choosing this one!

zen mascara before after
Farmasi zen mascara before after
zen mascara comparison

Is Zen mascara good?

Zen mascara is the best mascara for the price.  It gives both length and volume without clumping and contains extra-dense black pigments for a look that is striking yet still natural. It is the perfect everyday mascara.

Farmasi Zen Mascara Reviews

I heard about this product from a friend. I loved how natural her lashes looked. Ordered this not expecting the same results, I was wrong! With the very first application, I too had beautiful long natural looking lashes. Played with the coverage and was able to make the lashes thicker too.

Good for any type of desired lashes. 
Carolyn G

Yes! Love it!

...This turned my invisible eye lashes into long ones! Chemo took a toll on my eyebrows and lashes, and being a blonde does not help the matter either. This works like it says! Very impressed and happy with this product. ~ Anita Reffitt 

The Farmasi Eyebrow and Lash Serum is not technically a mascara, but I had to include it in this post since so many ladies swear by it for strengthening, thickening, and lengthening their eyelashes.

It is formulated with the Capixyl ™ Complex, which helps to strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows.

According to the Farmasi website, "Eyebrow & Lash Capixyl increases avarage length of eyelashes by +29% after 8 months."

Farmasi lash serum

Farmasi Eyebrow and Lash Serum Reviews

"I'm fair haired and in my 50s so my brows and lashes are pretty much non-existent. I've been using this for about a month and yesterday realized I didn't need as much eyebrow pencil filling! My lashes didn't need as many coats of mascara! Now that makes me happy!" 

"I’ve used other lash and brow serums before, but none have worked like this one! In just 5 days there was a very noticeable difference! I am so excited to keep using it and continuing to see the results." ~ Ruby

Best Farmasi Mascara

Best Farmasi Mascara Overall

The best overall Farmasi mascara is the Zen mascara.
You cannot beat the quality for the price. The Zen mascara is by far the best value of the Farmasi mascaras.

You get all the stunning volume and lengthening of the higher-priced mascaras at an extremely affordable price.
This is what makes Zen the most popular and best-selling Farmasi mascara.

I have tried many of the Farmasi mascara, and love them all, but Zen is my everyday "go-to" mascara, so I will have to give it my top recommendation. If you are trying Farmasi mascara for the first time, you can't go wrong with Zen.

Best Farmasi Mascara

for Length and Volume

For that show-stopping false eyelash effect, the Farmasi Double Lash Extend is unbeatable.

Best Farmasi Mascara

for Healthy Lashes

Limitless Mascara is the best Farmasi mascara for healthy lashes, as it contains Capixyl ™ Complex, which nourishes, conditions and strengthens lashes. It also is ophthalmologically tested and paraben-free, so is the best choice for sensitive eyes. It also gives amazing results for length, separation, and volume.

Farmasi Mascara Reviews

The best ever

This has got to be the best brand of makeup i have ever bought will not be buying anything else but Farmasi.  ~ Amy C.

At last a mascara that is a keeper!

After years of trying numerous brands of mascara and always being disappointed with the results, FARMASI is by far the best I have ever used! FARMASI ZEN mascara is a winner!

Ronnie H.


I have purchased 3 different mascara in the past month. All of which I have used in the past.

I finally thought what's to lose trying one I had not heard of.

This is the best ever and I'm 59 years old. No CLUMPS, NOT DRYED OUT!

It goes on smooth, your lashes aren't stiff no smidges, great length.

You have a very happy customer especially since I only use mascara, concealer, lip gloss and brow liner.

This is one of only a few reviews I have done and it was well worth my time! ~ NatCurl

Farmasi Mascara Wands

All of the Farmasi mascaras have differently shaped wands, for different effects, whether it be lengthening, curling, or volumizing. Sometimes it can be just personal preference, and which shape you are comfortable applying your mascara with.

Farmasi mascara wands comparison

Farmasi Mascara FAQ

Is Farmasi mascara waterproof?

All Farmasi mascaras are water resistant, not waterproof. This means that they are easy to take off at the end of the day without having to use any special mascara removers (or worse, by scrubbing all your lashes off) but they will not easily run when you are out dancing in the rain. 

"I love this mascara! It is now my go to everyday mascara. I love how it doesn't clump up on my eyelashes when I put it on. I like how when I get hot and sweaty outside it doesn't run down my face." Josslyn

Can you put mascara in your hair?

Yes, you can put mascara in your hair to touch up roots or to cover grey hair, if it matches the color of your hair. A better choice, however, is to use mascara specifically formulated for hair.  

Mascara for hair applies easier and dries soft and natural, unlike regular eye mascara that can be stiff when it dries. It also washes out more easily.

Another benefit of using hair mascara rather than eye mascara in your hair is that it comes in many different shades and colors, so that you can easily find one that is a perfect match for your hair. You can also get hair mascara in bright colors, to add highlights or fun bold streaks of color to your hair.

To learn more about hair mascara and see the 21 colors available, check out my post 15 Genius Ways to use Hair Mascara: Easily Cover Grey Hair and Roots, add Highlights, Tame Flyaways, and More!

Where to Buy Farmasi Mascara

To shop all the Farmasi mascaras, simply click the button below. 

Farmasi Resources

To learn why Farmasi makeup is the better choice for healthy non-toxic living, see my post Is Farmasi Makeup Worth It? Why All the Hype?

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Farmasi mascara guide

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